Bechtel Job Application- Careers in Construction

    Bechtel is one of the most esteemed global engineering, construction, and project control companies. Since the late 1800s, they have been collaborating with clients in the infrastructure, security, nuclear, & mining spheres to put up phenomenal landmarks across all 7 continents.

    If you are a construction guru who has been looking for a company driven by quality, integrity, ethics, and safety, Bechtel is one of the few companies matching that description. Here is what you need to know about the company, their careers, and their job application process.

    Where is Bechtel Located?

    Founded in San Francisco CA, Bechtel is headquartered in Reston VA. Due to their global customer base, their job locations are spread all over the globe, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, and London.

    Bechtel Job Application

    Bechtel open job positions

    All the open job positions at Bechtel can be viewed from their official job search page as well as their other official channels such as their official LinkedIn page. For your convenience, the top 10 most recent jobs are always listed on the job search page, but you can alter your search further using the keyword and location filters.


    How do you apply for a job position at Bechtel?

    After finding a job position that suits your preferences, click on it to see the required qualifications, as well as the job knowledge, dimensions, & duties. Kickstarting the application is as easy as clicking the “apply now” button.

    How long does the Bechtel Job Application Process take?

    Successful hiring at Bechtel is a 4-step-process. Of course, the duration these steps take vary from one job position to the other or the mode of application, with recruitment through Bechtel job fairs taking less than a week. Let’s look briefly at these steps:

    ·         Resume Evaluation

    Bechtel’s HR Department will review your application to evaluate whether you are a suitable match for the organization. The main checking areas will be your educational background & experience.

    ·         SST Test

    The SST (Situational Strengths Test) is sent mostly to orient you to the Bechtel working environment. Once the assessment is completed, a report consisting of your strengths and potential areas of improvement is generated and sent back.

    ·         Phone interview

    If you are still interested in working for the company after completing the SST, a member of Bechtel’s University Relations Team will reach out and set a date for a pre-screen phone interview. He/she will inquire more about your educational and professional background.

    ·         Final interview with the hiring managers

    You will then be summoned for a face-to-face interview with the hiring managers. This will be an opportunity to show the hiring managers exactly why they should hire you.

    How do you check the job application status at Bechtel?

    Unlike most companies, it shouldn’t take very long to hear back from the recruiters after sending in your application. If it’s taking too long to hear back from them, it’s probably because you did not qualify, but you can always check the application status on their online job application portal or reach out to their HR department to make an inquiry.

    Bechtel Interview Questions

    For engineering and craft jobs, you should be ready to perform a verification competency test on machinery & equipment. You should also be ready to answer common interview questions such as:

    • What do you know about Bechtel?
    • Have you ever experienced failure? How did you respond? Or explain a time when you had to make a critical decision?
    • How do you manage conflicts in the workplace?
    • Do you know how to create a project schedule?
    • How do you feel about relocation? Or how flexible are you?
    • Why is this company a good fit for you?
    • Are you strict with deadlines?
    • What salary do you expect?

    Bechtel Careers

    Bechtel careers are split into 3 categories. These include:

    ·         Bechtel Professional Careers

    This is the main category with open job positions in fields such as business and corporate services, construction, engineering, supervision, procurement, environmental health & safety, IT, and project management.

    ·         Bechtel internship and starter job positions

    Bechtel’s graduate hiring program showcases positions for those graduating in a couple of months or those that have recently graduated, and are looking to launch their career. Some of the fields accommodated here include construction, engineering, project management, finance, HR, IT, and Supply Chain.

    ·         Opportunities for craft professionals at Bechtel

    This category highlights craft-centered job roles such as pipefitter, electrician, civil worker, trade assistant & welder.

    You can find more specific categories such as Bechtel Construction jobs, Labor Relations, MET, Plant Design, Night Jobs, Nuclear Jobs, Procurement, and many others here.

    How much do Bechtel Jobs Pay?

    Here are the expected salaries for some of the popular job positions at Bechtel:

    Job PositionSalary
    >Principal Software Engineer$172000/yr
    >Engineering Manager$160000/yr
    >Process Engineer$134000/yr
    >Field Engineer$128000/yr
    >Mechanical Engineer$123000/yr
    >Electrical Engineer$106000/yr
    >Project Controls Engineer$770000/yr
    >Pipe Fitter$52000/yr
    >Piping Designer$65/hr


    What is it like to work at Bechtel?

    After being hired at Bechtel, you might be surprised by the loyalty of the company to what is outlined in their vision, values, and customer relations guidelines. Brendan Bechtel, CEO at Bechtel, will give every client a copy of their vision, values, & covenants and say, “this is our ultimate measure of success. If you notice that our employees are not living up to that, just give me a call and we will fix it!”


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