Sprouts Careers

    If you are looking to join in on healthy living, you might want to look at the Sprouts careers that are available. Sprouts have been around for a while now and pride themselves on providing healthy and natural foods to their customers.

    Apart from the food that you can buy from Sprouts, they also offer a number of different careers in all fields of their operation. The good news is that they are constantly looking for individuals who want to join their team of professionals. Whether you want to be a butcher, a baker or work in the office, there are ample Sprouts careers to choose from.

    Sprouts Careers and Job Description

    Store positions with Sprouts

    If you are not one for the outdoors, there are a number of Sprout careers available indoors. When you apply for an in-store position, you can expect to be part of a vibrant team that takes charge of the retail department. Positions are available from stocking shelves to manning the registers. Here you represent the face of Sprouts and work to maintain the image of Sprouts and their excellent service.

    You will never have a dull moment if you decide to join the culinary team at the Deli department. Here you will delicately prepare food that meets the highest of quality standards and gain valuable experience in the food preparation industry.

    The produce clerks have their hands full at one of the most popular departments in-store. Not only will you be responsible for the produce displays, but there is also an educational twist. Here you will have the opportunity to educate the customers on the value of benefits of fresh produce every day.

    If you have managerial experience and skills, you can jump right into management. However, you won’t be stuck behind a desk all day. Sprouts managers are hands-on individuals that see to it that every branch runs smoothly. Sprouts managers are involved in every aspect of the store, from customer relations to staff management. Here you will have the opportunity to showcase your managerial skills and push the envelope in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. You will never have a dull moment as there are ample opportunities to learn, grow and serve.


    Sprouts careers aren’t limited to store-based positions alone. If you are more for working behind the scenes, you can join any number of the product supply chains that provide the natural and healthy produce that makes Sprouts so unique. Whether you manage deliveries or ensure product quality, you can be assured that form part of a team that takes pride in their service.

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    The office

    The success behind Spouts lies in the work that happens at the office. At the Sprouts Support Office, HR, IT, finance and real-estate come together in a well-oiled machine that powers the storefront. Here you can hone your creative skills in the merchandising department or crunch the numbers in accounting.

    There are numerous positions available where you can work in a dynamic team and collaborate on the success that is Sprouts.

    Every successful company has a tech wiz that takes care of the systems of the operation. Sprouts is no different. As a Sprouts Support Desk Technician, you will be required to provide hardware, software and systems support to ensure that communications between all the departments run smoothly. You will need to provide remote support for all team members at the office, stores, the distribution centers and the remote field locations.


    When you sign up for one of the Sprouts careers, you can be assured that you join a company that looks after its people. They offer competitive salaries, ample benefits which includes staff discounts and ample opportunity for advancement.

    Some of the perks that you receive when joining the Sprouts team include:

    • Medical, dental and vision insurance
    • Vacation and holiday time off
    • Paid parental leave
    • Short and long-term disability
    • Commuter benefits
    • Scholarship program

    When you decide to pursue any of the Sprouts Careers, you won’t just be taking a job, but you will enjoy the benefit of working with a likeminded individual that place a high value on health. Here you will also be inspired to make healthy choices of your own as you interact with colleagues and customers alike.

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