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How to make your Job Application stand out

    Knowing how to make your job application stand out will always put you at a forefront in that job search. This is because employers are always looking for that one job application, unique and impressive in all ways, to award the job. Every other ordinary resume that fails to impress most probably ends up in the trash pile. Want to discover unique ways on how to make your job application stand out? Read on!-

    How to make your job application stand out

    • New No rules
      Gone are the days when all job applications had to follow the same structure in terms of content, language, and structure to the letter. Today, the road is wide open for everyone who wishes to be creative in his/her own way. 
    • The cover letter comes first
      A cover letter gives you a chance to say something meaningful about yourself. You are always advised not to leave it out when preparing your job application. The cover letter shows an eye for detail if it addresses the main skills listed by the job add.
    • Away with too much personal info
      Personal information on every job application is a must-have. This definitely means that it is not that important and putting so much effort this section will more or less be a waste of time. Skip details like your marital status, ethnicity, race, and place of origin. Only include the necessary information such as your name, current address, website and your career objective as an individual.
    • Focus more on skills
      The interviewer will keenly be interested to know the skills that you have acquired, your strengths, and your weaknesses as well. Your aim should be to give the reader a clear view of your skill-set while highlighting key talents and abilities such as your acquired languages. Important to note, however, you should only include those skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for.
      Make sure you have a weakness that you can talk to including how you mitigate this weakness. We all have them, be honest.
    • Experience matters
      Experts in job search matters will tell you that your past experience matters a lot. On many occasions, it is the only thing you need to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals.
    • Your job application should bring out your personality
      A well structured job-application has the ability to reveal who you are to the employer even before they meet you. In fact, more and more companies are choosing to employ people based more on personality than on other factors such as education and experience. You can bring out your personality by showcasing previous volunteering events, your social media projects, an awesome blog that you operate or any other or any other personal interests.
    • Cool job applications
      Nowadays, there are no limitations whatsoever when it comes to putting in some design elements on your CV. There are several tools to help you assimilate amazing infographics for your background or any other section are available at your disposal. If you unable to do it on your own, thousands of professionals who have an eye for design are also available for hire. If you are applying for a job in the car industry, for instance, why not spice up the background with some cars? Free images are available from Pixebay
    • Creative ways to get the employers attention
      Spicing up your job application with modern fonts, backgrounds, and cover page designs will give your job application a better chance of being lifted from the pile. For example, you can decide to use a different font for the “about me “section to make it stand out from the rest of the job application.
    • Do your homework
      Before crafting a job application, you are always advised to do your homework. Spend some quality time seeking to know more about the company’s culture, mission, and values. This information can be found on the company’s website, social media page, issued pamphlets, and magazine releases.

      While going through the info about the company, come up with questions about the company’s operations. On the same, try to come up with answers as to why they do this.  By doing so, your job application will clearly show that you understand what they do. By deeply understanding their operations, you will also be better placed at explaining how and why you fit in the organization’s mission.
    • How unique are you?
      Most companies today are not overly interested in how you are educated or how good you are at what you do. Although skills are important, depending on the job, the employer wants to see how you handle yourself in a fast-paced, dynamic culture like the one they have already built.  

      They need to know- are you always eager to learn? Are you capable of driving a team? Do you know how to handle failure? Do you use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage? In short, they need to know how you stand out from the rest. 
    • Don’t collide with the company’s values
      Interviewers are always keen to find a candidate whose values coincide with those of the organization. Before crafting your job application, think of how you can merge what you believe in with the company’s values.
    • Be honest
      “I cheated in my job application and got the job”. You probably have heard of this statement before. Thinking of trying it? Better not! Because the chances of landing the job when you lie in your job application are very slim. Even if you get the job, you might end up having a hard time because you lied about possessing some skills which you do not.

      If you don’t have any working experience, it’s not necessarily a disaster. Most companies recruit first-time job seekers for on-the-job training programs. If there is a career gap in your job application, probably from being fired, there is no need to worry. Just indicate what you learned from your mistakes and how you adapted to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
    • The best strategy, ask in advance
      If you have the means, the best way to know what to include in your job resume is directly asking the hiring manager what he/she wants to be included in the job application and how they want it outlined. This way, you will stand out as the candidate who considered all the requirements that were set.By saying less, you actually say more
      Try not to make your paragraphs so long. Identify those phrases that can be broken down into just one word.

    The above guide is a general job application guide. Irrespective of the role or position you are applying for, the guide will sure come in handy.                                                                                                                                                                                                           But let’s get more specific and consider how to make your job applications stand out for specific positions.

    Most times, the approach to job applications may differ depending on the position or the organization.

    Several applications come in for every position advertised and only outstanding job applications get the recruiters’ attention.

    Are you interested in any of the positions below or you already want to apply for any of them? Read on to see how to make your job application stand out.

    Pet Store job application

    A job in a pet store will require you to be involved in the daily management of the store, Depending on the position you will take, you will join other staff, from the entry-level clerk to the store manager in the day-to-day running of the pet store.

    Pet stores sell pet supplies such as medicine, food, toys, educational videos and books. So, you will be relating customers who would come in; responding to their questions and offering all the animal care services available.

    Again, depending on your position, you may be charged with the responsibility of keeping animal cages and aquariums clean, as well as look after the health of the pets on sale. Also, you’d keep records of products available, make new orders from distributors and ensure proper record of all of these.

    • What are the qualifications to Work in a Pet Store?

    Before submitting your pet store application, you need to be sure you have the qualifications and requirement for the job.

    While different pet stores may have some additional requirements, the qualifications stated here are almost universal.

    The major qualifications for a pet store job depend on the position you are shooting for. Managers are required to have a bachelor’s degree and years of experience in a managerial position.

    The other jobs in a pet store don’t require as many qualifications as the manager. In some cases, formal education is not required.

    However, the organization may insist that you undergo training before taking up the position. For instance, the role of a stocker will require you to lift 65 pounds regularly. Hence, if you are applying for this position, the recruiter may have to test that you’re physically fit.

    Pet care providers are the ones who interact with customers often and give suggestions on pet care. If you are applying for this position, you should have expert knowledge of types of pet and other relevant information.

    Irrespective of the position you are applying for in a pet store, you must possess great customer service and communication skills.

    Knowing all these qualifications and requirements will help you in preparing a job application that would stand out.

    • How to make your pet store application stand out

    Bearing in mind all the other job application tips, take note of the few additional points below so your pet store job application can stand out from the rest.

    Pet stores like to employ those with flexible schedules. And when it’s a management position, they lookout for those with the abilities to long hours. Knowing these and making sure to emphasize them in your application is the first step to a successful job application that would lead to interview invitation.

    Also, ensure to show passion for detail-oriented care and commitment to driving sales numbers. Of course, the organization, like any profit-oriented organization needs sales to be up and that’s part of the reasons they want to bring you on board.

    Drug Store applications

    Working in a drug store or managing a drug store is an important and sensitive job. Your application must reflect that you understand this and that you’re equal to the task.

    There are different responsibilities and positions in a drug store, so the role you want to apply for will determine how you approach your application.

    First, there is the retail pharmacist who provides general healthcare advice and give prescription and non-prescription medication to the public.

    To be a retail pharmacist, you have to be a trained pharmacist.

    The other position in the drug store is a pharmacy clerk who basically provides support and clerical services in a pharmacy. Their job includes providing general customer service, carry out administrative tasks and help in dispensing of pharmaceutical medications.

    Other positions in a drug store include pharmacy assistant and pharmacy tech (for pharmacies with website and other technological support).

    • What are the qualifications to work in a drug Store?

    If you applying for the position of retail pharmacist, then be sure to have completed a four-year degree course (MPharm) and at least a year working experience in similar position. And oh, not forgetting the registration exam conducted by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

    Adding a masters degree to the above will sure give you an edge over other applicants, though it’s usually not a major requirement.

    Other soft skills to possess and to make prominent in your job application include attentiveness, responsibility, excellent interpersonal skills, commercial awareness, confidence, organisational skills and so on.

    • How to make your drug store application stand out

    To apply for a drug store job, you may be required to send in your both your Resume and a cover letter. And that’s great as you have double opportunity to be outstanding.

    However, try to avoid repetition in CV and cover letter. There is no point repeating the same thing you said in your CV in your cover letter. If you an achievement that’s really outstanding, put it in your CV and do not repeat it in your cover letter. Be creative.

    Also, use an active voice when your talking your achievements and avoid passive tone. And similarly, avoid making general statements that could apply to any applicant (the recruiter has probably seen it 20 times already).

    Remember; while your CV shows your qualifications, skills and experience, your cover letter is an opportunity to demonstrate it. And you do this with your choice of words and by providing peculiar examples.

    Fast Food job applications

    Eyeing a fast food job? Here are some of the responsibilities you may have to take when you get the job:

    Preparation and cooking of food

    Receiving food and drink orders

    Attending to customers

    Welcoming customers

    Operating cash registers and taking payment from customers by credit card or cash

    Ensuring dining areas and kitchen are clean, and clearing tables, getting rid of trash cans, and vacuuming or washing floors.

    It’s very easy to look at a fast food job and conclude that it’s just about “slapping beef patties on the grill”. Far from it. You’d be involved in all aspects of customer service as well as maintenance.

    • What are the qualifications for a fast food job?

    Preparation for a fast food job usually require only short term education and on-the-job training. In some cases, formal education is not required at all. That explains why the industry has alot of students in his workforce.

    However, some fast food restaurants require you have some form of education and work experience. Having those two will sure make your job application for a fast food job stand out.

    The fast food industry does not have any recognized professional certification so you don’t have bother yourself about that.

    • How to make your fast food job application outstanding

    The fact that fast food jobs don’t always require formal education means a lot of people are always applying for them. In other words, the entry barrier is quite low so restaurants get tonnes of application every other day. This is an additional reason to ensure your job application is outstanding.

    Make sure you don’t leave out any important information before submitting your application. If you have previous related experience, it’s important to state it and explain how it makes you a fit for the job.

    Avoid providing false information as they fast food recruiters have experience assessing applications so they can easily spot falsehood.

    Restaurant job applications

    Since they are within the same industry, a restaurant job and a fast food job are similar in a lot of ways. Working in a restaurant, your responsibilities revolve around attending to customers as well as serving as link between customers and the business owner.

    • What are the qualifications for a restaurant job?

    If you plan to get a job in a restaurant as a server, your qualifications requirements include academic achievements, customer service skills, work experience and ability to resolve conflict.

    Other skills and qualifications to have include:

    Previous experience in similar role

    Great communication skills

    In-depth understanding of the different cuisines types and winery

    Top-notch interpersonal skills

    Foundational bookkeeping knowledge

    Know how to operate point-of-sale (POS) systems

    High level of physical fitness to work on feet for long period

    Ability to work well under pressure and limited time

    Discipline to arrive on time for shifts

    Willingness to work different hours, days and shifts, weekends inclusive

    Polite and accommodating

    • How to make your restaurant job application outstanding

    Where a lot of people get it wrong in applying for any job is obeying the instructions in the job ad. A lot of people don’t read the ad properly so they end up missing important points when sending their application.

    To avoid this, make sure you read the job advert carefully and understand all the instructions.

    After reading the job ad carefully, then go on to update your resume to reflect the main requirements stated in the job ad. Be sincere though, and avoid the urge to exaggerate because the recruiters can tell.

    Before you submit, carefully read the application again and get rid of all spelling and grammatical errors. They can decrease your chances of being invited for interview.

    Don’t forget to stress your relevant past experience and explain how it makes you a fit for the role. Recruiters love applicants with experience so make sure to use it to your advantage.

    Retail industry job application

    As a retail sales associate, you’d be involved in all sales activities which begins with welcoming customers down to receiving cash and handing customers’ orders to them. In between that, you’d have to provide information about different products to customers, including the price.

    You’d have to provide opinions and offer advise on brand decisions.

    You also have the responsibility of keeping stock of all goods in the store and recording sales.

    • What are the qualifications for a retail industry job?

    Below are some of the requirements and qualifications to note when applying for a job in the retail industry

    Basic knowledge of sales principles & customer service

    Excellent communication skills

    Understanding of of customer & market dynamics

    Telephone etiquette

    Multi-tasking skills

    Ability to work as part of a team and take initiative independent of direct supervision

    Enthusiasm towards the job and friendliness towards customers

    Willingness to work different hours, including overnight shift

    High school diploma or its equivalent; college degree is preferred

    A degree in Marketing, Communication or other related field would a plus

    Problem Solving

    • How to make your retail industry job application outstanding

    When applying for a job a job in retail industry, here are the four major things employers are looking out and you include them in your job application:

    Your personality and customer service skills

    Your communication skills and appearance (are you well presented?)

    Your ability to relate with people

    A related job experience (even if it’s volunteer roles)

    Grocery store job application

    Your job as a grocer store attendant is to maintain the store and see to its day to day running.

    To succeed on this job, you have to show great commercial awareness, organizational skills and courtesy.

    • What are the qualifications for a grocery store job?

    The major requirements for this job include:

    High school diploma or its equivalent

    Not less than 2 years’ experience in similar position

    Proven retail experience or customer service is a plus.

    Ability to pay attention to detail

    Good people and communication skills

    • How to make your grocery store job application outstanding

    To make your grocery store job application outstanding, pay close attention to the job ad and make sure you include most of the requirements there in your job application.

    You already know that the grocery store is within the retail industry so you can refer to the retail industry job guide above for further help on making your grocery store job application outstanding.

    Shoe store job application

    As a shoe sales associate, your job is in shoe stores and you have the responsibility of helping customers find the best pair for them.

    From welcoming customers to making recommendations, you need a high dose of customer service skills to succeed on this job.

    • What are the qualifications for a shoe store job?

    May be you should start by reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight to better understand your this. By the way, Phil Knight is the Founder of Nike, the popular shoe brand.

    That said, here the major skills and requirements for a shoe store job:

    Working experience in a shoe company

    A strong background engaging with customers as well as proven records of hitting sales targets

    Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

    Excellent oral and written communication skills

    A results-oriented individual who has the ability to work flexible schedules

    Ability to work with a team

    • How to make your shoe store job application outstanding

    The most sought after skill for a shoe store job is communication. Make sure to stress this in your application.

    Others inlcude the ability to sell, attention to details, organizational skills and computer literacy. Try to acquire these skills, especially computer literacy, before sending your job application. And don’t forget to stress them in your job application.

    Sporting Goods job application

    Your sporting goods job is to sell sporting wears and other sporting goods. Also, to advise customers on athletic equipment.

    • What are the qualifications for a sporting goods job?

    Here are the popular requirements for a sporting goods job:

    Flexible availability – including nights, weekend, and holidays

    Ability to adjust priorities and manage time wisely in a fast paced environment

    Passion for Team Sports

    How to make your sporting goods job application outstanding

    Tailor your resume to include relevant experience, starting with the most recent

    Review the job description on the company’s career site and be ready to discuss why you’re the best candidate for the role

    Research the company. Be ready to answer the question: “Why are you interested in in us?”

    Practice! Put your game face on and prepare for common interview questions, such as: “Tell me about yourself.”

    Familiarize yourself with behavioral-based interviewing. Be ready with specific examples reflecting the key requirements for the role.

    Speciality Retail job applications

    To some extent, your duties in a specialty retail position depend on what product you are selling. In addition, knowing your customer base well will ensure that you'll reach your sales goal at the end of the month.

    What are the qualifications for a specialty retail job?

    High school diploma or equivalent

    Significant experience in a retail sales setting is strongly preferred

    Basic reading, writing, math, and computer skills

    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    Positive and friendly attitude

    Reliable and punctual

    Basic bookkeeping skills and able to run the cash register

    Familiarity with POS software is a plus

    Commitment to accuracy during all transactions

    • How to make your specialty retail job application stand out

    The Specialty Retail industry job application process varies exponentially depending on where you’re looking to apply. That being said, if you’re looking to land a role in an industry area you’re genuinely interested in, you need to ensure you communicate your passion from day 1.

    And this doesn’t mean reeling off fact after fact about the products. Be ready to talk about why it is your passion and what it is in particular that draws you to it.

    Plus, make sure you can speak at length about how you would benefit the company and not how working there would make you happy—it’s not all about you!

    Transportation industry job applications

    There are different roles in the transportation industry. But let’s focus on transport/logistics manager.

    In this position, your job is ensure that haulage and public transport get to their destinations safely, on time and in the most cost-effective way.

    What are the qualifications for a transportation industry job?

    Below are some basic skills and qualifications needed for a transport//logistics manager position.

    Ability to appraise and use IT packages and electronic communication methods.

    Tact, diplomacy and calmness, especially when dealing with tired drivers and disgruntled customers.

    An analytic mind and good numeracy skills.

    Excellent geographical knowledge.

    Good people management and coordination skills.

    Excellent financial acumen.

    Excellent negotiation and communication skills.

    Extensive knowledge of the transportation industry.

    Good intuition to make crucial judgment calls.

    • How to make your transportation industry job application stand out

    Gain relevant industry knowledge; positions are rarely granted to those without this.

    Business industry job application

    Your job as a business manager is to develop business management goals and objectives, and design, implement business plans and strategies towards attaining the set goals.

    • What are the qualifications for a business industry job?

    Proven experience as business manager or relevant role

    Excellent organizational and leadership skills

    Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities

    Thorough understanding of diverse business processes and strategy development

    Excellent knowledge of MS Office, databases and information systems

    Good understanding of research methods and data analysis techniques

    BSc/Ba in Business Management or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus

    Carry out your research prior to applying and make sure you know all you need to know about the organization.

    Numbers are important when talking about previous experience. Your job involves growing the business the employer would be keen to see how you have done it in the past.

    And there you have job application guides for different industries. Simply choose the guide that suits the industry you’re applying to and work with it. 

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