A Comprehensive Guide for your Walmart Application

    Walmart gets thousands of job applications, and that’s no surprise. That’s what happens when you’re a multinational retail corporation operating chain of hypermarkets since 1962.

    So, it is clear that getting a job at Walmart may not be a walk in the park – there is stiff competition. But not to worry as this article will guide you on the important steps to take on your Walmart application and how to win that job at Walmart.

    By the way, there are about 1.3 million people working at Walmart and there are always about 15,000 – 50,000 openings in the megastore. So the chance of having a suitable job opening is very high.

    Walmart application

    Types of Walmart Jobs

    Of course, there a lot of positions at Walmart. Some of the known retail jobs at Walmart fall under these four categories:

    > Store Management Jobs

    Do you have what it takes to manage a million-dollar business? Do you have the qualification, skills and experience for this? Then checkout the store management jobs at Walmart.

    Some of the management positions at Walmart include; store manager, Co-manager, assistant manager, asset protection manager, area manager, market managers, among others.

    > Sam’s Club Management Jobs

    Does career without boundaries sound like your kind of thing? You get to take on new challenges every time. Here are some of the available positions in the Sam’s Club Management; manager in training, fresh manager, fresh manager II, developmental club manager, supply chain management and so on.

    > Sam’s Club Jobs

    There are several opportunities under this category of jobs at Walmart. Perhaps the best place to direct your Walmart application if you want to increase your chance of getting hired.

    The positions available under this category of Walmart jobs include; customer service associate, maintenance associate, merchandise and stocking associate, fresh food associate, freight handler, power equipment operator, maintenance technician

    > Hourly Retail Jobs

    Last but not the least, here is Walmart hourly retail store jobs where 510 people get promoted every day with 36% of such promotions going to first-year associates.

    The hourly retail job positions at Walmart include; cashier and front end, food & grocery, general merchandising, online order filling and delivery, stocking & unloading, auto care center, fuel station among others.

    Applying for a Job at Walmart

    Your approach to Walmart application will vary depending on the role you are shooting for. However, irrespective of role, the first step to applying for any job at Walmart online is to visit Walmart career page and read up on the available positions and other instructions.

    The jobs are listed under five major categories which each having its subcategories. The five categories and their categories are as follows:

    • Stores & Clubs (Sam’s club jobs, Sam’s club management jobs, support services, Walmart Management jobs and Walmart store jobs)
    • Walmart Corporate Jobs –  Accounting and finance, Administrative and support services, Asset protection, Aviation and travel, Business operations, Corporate affairs and communications, Customer service and call center, Data analytics and business intelligence, Engineering, Supply chain and logistics, Real estate, construction and store planning, project and programme management, Merchandising and online operations, Legal, compliance and ethics, Internship, Installation, maintenance and utilities, Human resources, Global investigations and security.
    • Healthcare – Walmart health, Pharmacy, Optical, Healthcare – other, Corporate healthcare roles
    • Technology – UX design, Software development and engineering, Project and program management – technology, Product management – technology, Information technology, Data science and analytics, Cybersecurity.
    • Distribution Centers and Drivers – Distribution centers, Drivers and transportation

    What you want to do here is first identify the broad category that resonates with you; then click to find the subcategories from where you would then find the available positions.

    An important point to note is the location. Don’t forget to browse by location and be sure the job opening is in your city or nearby to you before kickstarting your Walmart application.

    Do not forget to carefully read instructions too as they are the first test of your ability to pay attention to details. For instance, it’s on Walmart’s website that you don’t need a CV or resume to apply for hourly roles. However, you’d still be required to provide your work experience in the course of the application.

    On the other hand, if you’re applying for a role under the Healthcare category for instance, you’d need your standard resume.

    Step by step Walmart application guide

    Now, here is a comprehensive guide on how to about your job application at Walmart.

    Step 1 – Apply online

    It all begins at Walmart career page where there are always loads of job openings. After browsing job openings by department and location, apply for the jobs that resonate with you. Yes, JOBS because Walmart can train you to fit into a lot of positions and the more positions you apply for, the hire your chances of being invited for interview.

    Then, visit https://storejobs.wal-mart.com/HiringCenter/createAccount to sign up for Walmart’s online application. Enter your email address as the username and create your password.

    Go to https://careers.walmart.com/stores-clubs/walmart-store-jobs to finish your application. Set aside 40-60 minutes to complete the online application. And by the way, you are free to reapply every 60 days.

    Things to arm yourself with when applying:

    • Professional references and phone numbers
    • Job history
    • Career accomplishments

    Step 2 – Complete the assessment

    After providing your basic information in the first step, you now have an assessment to take. You’d be asked to answer 65 questions in 30 minutes. The test will include questions on how you interact with customers and coworkers. You may see maths and reading comprehension questions, depending on the position you apply for.

    Note: When there are questions on how strongly you disagree or agree with something, avoid picking neutral answers.

    Step 3 – Call the store you applied to

    This may not be all that necessary, but not a bad idea. If you applied to a retail store, you can call and ask to speak with a hiring manager. Tell the person you applied online and you just want to make sure your application was received.

    Step 4 – Walmart Interview

    You will have two interviews. The first one will most likely be in a group setting. Appear as professional as possible, looking polished and neat. Above all, be prepared to answer common interview questions such as:

    • Tell us about yourself
    • How were you able to handle difficult situations in the past
    • When you were faced with something you did not agree with at your previous job, what did you do to change it?

    If you pass the first interview, then you would get an invitation for a second interview. If you make it to the stage, congratulations are in order as you are getting closer to landing the job.

    You’d most likely still answer some questions similar to the ones in the first interview. What you say is important and so is how you say it. Present the best version of yourself to the hiring managers as you answer the questions.

    Step 5 – Background check

    Walmart will check your criminal, credit and personal background checks before giving a final nod. This may be as simple as your hiring manager calling your references or maybe more thorough, depending on the role you’re applying for.

    Step 6 – Pass a drug test

    This is it! You have the job already! Just this final test and you’re in!

    You have to pass a test that examines urine for any controlled substance. So, stay clean and avoid drugs. And oh, Walmart conducts tests periodically, even after you have been hired.

    Stay away from drugs, especially days before you drug test. But if you think it’s too late for that (short notice), then take plenty of water days before the test.

    How long does Walmart application take?

    Irrespective of the position you’re applying for, Walmart estimates that you’d need about 40-60 minutes to complete their online application. That is if it’s your first time applying for a job at Walmart. Subsequent applications will take less time than that.

    Meanwhile, the application and interview process can be concluded in three weeks. Walmart would let you know whether you’re selected or not.

    Cover Letter & Resume Tips for Walmart Application

    Do you want your Walmart application to impress? Then one thing to do to get that is to ensure you include the keywords in the job ad in your resume. Also, don’t forget to demonstrate the application of such keywords in your cover letter.

    When asked about the cover letter for Walmart application, Walmart’s senior manager of recruiting said

    the body of a cover letter is most important. It should include short paragraphs as to why you are interested in and qualified for the job you are applying to. Paragraphs should be persuasive to convince the person reading the letter that you are a good fit for the position.”

    Also, find a way to link your experience to the position.

    Walmart job application

    How to handle talking to Walmart Recruiter

    Depending on the position you are applying for, you may have a chat with a recruiter before meeting with a hiring manager. Among others, the recruiter would ask basic background questions while the interview with a manager would involve more critical thinking.

    When you are talking to a Walmart recruiter, make sure you have practical examples ready on how you have demonstrated your strengths. If you have potential weaknesses too, be honest about them. There is something endearing about such honesty. Don’t forget to add what you are doing to improve in those areas of weakness.

    Finally, another major way of impressing a recruiter at Walmart by asking relevant questions about Walmart. It shows that you did your homework and who doesn’t like such people!?

    On Walmart’s website, here are some suggested questions to ask your recruiter:

    • What have you enjoyed most working here?
    • What skill sets are you currently missing on your team that you would like to have?
    • I’m very interested in this area of the company—what advice can you give to help me succeed?

    Walmart Interview Questions

    As you most likely already know, the questions you’d be asked at a Walmart interview will depend largely on the role you’re applying for. For instance, if you’re aiming for a job that require you meeting with customers often, you should expect questions on how you’d handle tough customers and similar stressful situations.

    On the other hand, for an eCommerce role, you should be expecting questions on innovation and technology.

    Notwithstanding, these are the five almost consistent Walmart interview questions according to reviews on Glassdoor:

    • Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond to achieve a goal
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Was there a time you showed leadership or took control of a situation?
    • Describe a situation where you had to take control to help a team or small group to come up with a solution to a problem
    • When you were faced with a problem in a group setting how did you handle it?

    Additional tips to help you stand out

    Here are some few additional tips to make your Walmart application outstanding and to increase your chances of getting a job at Walmart:

    • Keep an open schedule

    When you fill out the online application and even during interview with hiring managers, make sure you are flexible with your schedule.

    • Go to the store and network

    Remember the advice on calling in earlier? That’s cool, but you can take it a step further by going to the store to network with the people working there. Let them know you applied for a role ther and find a way to talk about your skills and strengths in the position. If you can find a manager, that’s even better.

    • Try to be as friendly as possible

    Walmart care about their customers and want to know if the people they are hiring will be friendly to them. Be as friendly as you can be when you go for your interviews and when you choose to for networking. Let them see that you have positive attitude in you.

    • Send applications to multiple stores

    Increase your chances of getting the job by applying to multiple Walmart stores around you. Just pay attention to distance because you don’t want to get a job where it would be difficult to commute to.

    So, there you have a guide on how to about your job application to Walmart. Shoot your next Walmart application working with this guide you can be sure of landing the job. Congratulations in advance.

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