What Skills are Needed for Fast Food Workers in 2021?

    With applying for a job in a fast food restaurant, you will be faced with a huge amount of competition. Whether opting for an entry level job or a management position, there are several skills which the recruitment team are on the look out for. What skills are needed for fast food workers is a common question in job market. These skills are mainly transferable, and that means they will see you through life in general, but it’s important to remember to highlight these skills on your application.

    Try imagining yourself in the position already, i.e. you have the job and you are thinking about the role. What are you going to be dealing with on a daily basis? Do some research and find out how you think your day is going to go. From there, list the skills you use to do your job. Basically, you need to list them on your application, to show the recruitment team that you are the guy or girl for the job. From there, you will be probed on the skills you mention at your fast food restaurant interview.


    What Skills are Needed for Fast Food Workers in 2021A High Level of Customer Service

    Dealing with a huge array of different people on a daily basis requires excellent customer service skills. This includes politeness, positive body language, eye contact, knowing the right words to say and what not to say, remaining calm under pressure, and thinking on your feet to ensure a good outcome for the customer. You are the face of the fast food chain and the customer’s opinion of the chain is going to be based on how you treat them. Recruiters understand the total vital importance of customer service, and this is the number one skill you need to display.


    The Ability to Thrive Under Pressure

    Picture the scene – Saturday afternoon in a busy city centre fast food chain. Pandemonium! The ability to keep calm under pressure and get the job done without having a meltdown is vital. Just saying you can do it is not enough, you need to be able to explain when you have done it in the past, and display it in not only your interview, but when you get the job too.

    Fast Food Workers in 2021Working Well as a Team Member

    Fast food chain workers all work together as part of a well oiled team machine, and that means you need to be a great team player. Whilst getting your part of the job done, you need to work selflessly to ensure the bigger picture is met. Mention that you would help out a colleague who was struggling, whilst also ensuring that your part was done; mention that you are approachable, friendly, have a good sense of humor, and that you enjoy team success, over individual success. Remember, the cliche is true – there is no I in team.


    Previous Experience of Handling Cash/Card Transactions


    If you have worked on a till before, be sure to mention it, and any experience of working with cash. Whether you are working in the kitchen or not, you will be asked to work on the till at some point, as fast food restaurants tend to rotate staff to ensure everyone is trained up in several roles. If you haven’t had previous experience on tills, mention that you are a quick learner and you grasp new technology easily, whilst also having basic numeracy skills.

    Basic Food Hygiene Skills

    You will no doubt be trained up in basic food hygiene certification, and if you have had this before, be sure to mention it. If not, mention about food hygiene and hygiene in general. Learn about cross contamination and make sure you mention this on your application and at interview.

    teenage Fast Food Workers in 2021Conflict Resolution Skills

    The ability to handle conflict under pressure is vital in a fast paced environment. You need to display your skills in handling problems calmly, e.g. how to deal with an upset customer within a busy restaurant setting. Mention that you would stay calm, ensure the customer knows they are being taken seriously, and that you would call for a manager if the situation remained unresolved. Basically, we are talking about ensuring the customer is satisfied, but without disrupting the experience of the other customers in the restaurant.

    The Ability to Communicate at All Levels

    Communication skills are vital and you need to mention and display this. Recruiters are looking for someone who can communicate effectively with people at all levels, so we are talking about customers, colleagues, and management. Mention manners, politeness, being able to explain your point clearly, and ensuring that any important information or points are passed over to the correct person.

    The Ability to Follow Instructions

    Fast food restaurants have set instructions and manuals that deal with certain situations, as well as the process of working. You are going to be dealing with food and that comes wth a whole host of hygiene and processing rules. The ability to follow instructions to the letter, without deivating, is vital. Mention that you grasp instructions quickly and that if you are unsure, you always ask for clarification.

    An Eagerness to Learn

    You don’t necessarily have to call this a skill, but it is a quality you need to display. Fast food restaurants are always on the lookout for the next management candidate, and if you can show an ability to learn quickly and a desire to progress, you will certainly put yourself ahead of the competition.

    If you can display these transferable skills both in your application and at interview, you will certainly stand yourself in much better stead in terms of employment. All of these skills are vital for any type of employment, but in terms of the fast paced environment in a restaurant such as this, the ability to think quickly on your feet, whilst following instructions and communicating effectively, these are vital points to press home.