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Job Applications for Graduates

    Job Applications for Graduates

    How to Start?

    After studying for and earning your degree or diploma, the next step you want to take is to look for job opportunities. The first step towards a successful application is a good resume. Make sure to note your academic achievements in your resume, and make sure that every detail you put in is 100% accurate. That way, you can be assured that the company will take your application seriously.

    job applications for graduates

    Before you begin attending job fairs and applying for work at various companies, you should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Choose a career based on your college or university degree. This will make it easier for you to trim down your choices and will make it easier for you to adjust and adapt to different working conditions.

    For example, let’s pretend you studied Information Technology and decided to work at a call center that manages inquiries about parts and other services by a brand that makes electronic gadgets. You will be able to assist clients in their problems because you have already practiced doing so during your internship or college course. In relation to this, it’s better to have recommendations from your college professors or superiors from the company where you had your internship as this will enhance your chances of getting your desired position.

    Preparing Your Applications

    Today, most companies especially in the IT industry, prefer to hire new graduates because they are still fresh from their studies and they are still willing to learn more. However, being a fresh graduate alone does not give you any advantage over other applicants. One of the major keys in a successful job application – especially for graduates – is the ability to show your future employers that you deserve the job. You must able to show them that you are reliable. Show that you are worthy of their trust by making sure that all details in your resume, application letter and other documents are complete and accurate. Be prepared to prove that you are skilled enough to work for them, not just by putting down all of your achievements in your resume but by practicing your skills for any tests and training that you will be required to take.

    Before you decide where you will apply, make sure that you do your research or ask for recommendations from friends or professors. You can check out various websites such as jobstreet.com to see a detailed list of job openings and respective job descriptions. That way, you’ll have a better idea about what documents to bring aside from your resume. Such websites will also list if a company hires fresh graduates with no prior industry experience.

    During the Application

    When you have chosen your desired position, that’s where the application process begins. After you have emailed your resume or submitted it in person, you will have to wait for a certain number of days before you receive an email or a call from the company asking you to come in for an interview. If you are a walk-in applicant, sometimes you can be lucky enough to get and interview and be hired the same day. You may also be asked to take various skill tests, both written and computerized.

    You may also be asked to undergo medical examinations to make sure that you’re healthy and fit enough to survive various working conditions. If you choose to work at a call center, your written and oral communication skills should be always perfect, especially if you are regularly talking to clients either by phone or chat. Moreover, don’t mention anything about the salary you were expecting unless they ask you, as this will make them feel you’re truly interested in the job, not just in the paycheck.

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