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    McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable names worldwide. They are the largest hamburger fast food chain in the world and are operated in three ways – through franchises, affiliates or by the corporation itself. As you may already know, McDonald’s is always employing and the chain of restaurants recently employed 62,000 new employees in their first national Hiring Day. There are various employment opportunities and these range from restaurant positions to corporate level jobs. If you are looking for a job, you may want to begin preparing your McDonald’s Job application.

    McDonald’s Job Application Online

    McDonald’s has a vibrant online careers portal that is always filled with employment opportunities. Your application for McDonald’s can be done in two ways: you can fill out an online application form, which is accessed when you click on any vacancy, or you can print out the form and deliver it in person to the McDonald’s you wish to work at.

    The McDonald’s online application process is pretty straight forward. The site allows you to narrow down your search to a specific job in your state and city. You will first have to provide your personal information. This includes your full name, the last four digits of your social security number, date of birth and email. When you submit this information, you will be taken to the main application form which will seek to find out more information about your background, qualifications and education level. The form will also require you to provide your availability.

    You will provide information on your employment history. This includes companies you have worked for, for how long, what your salary was, and your reasons for leaving. A separate list of employers can be attached as well.

    If you are ex-military, you need to provide your branch of service, rank, and the dates you started and were discharged.

    The company is an equal opportunity employer and while they will ask for your ethnic information, this is only to help them provide opportunities for all. With McDonald’s application online, you don’t have to complete your application in one sitting. You can save the application and return to complete it at a later date or time, as long as it is within the submission deadline.

    You must bear in mind the local labor laws when submitting your application. In some locations, McDonald’s hires teens as young as 14 years old.

    Mcdonalds job application

    McDonald’s Careers And Income

    McDonald’s management level employees are tasked with ensuring that the restaurants are well managed. Restaurant managers also handle administrative duties such as hiring and training new employees, and creating work schedules. They are the link between the restaurant and the corporate office/franchise owners.

    The average income for management personnel varies depending on whether you are employed by a franchise store or the corporation itself. Location and experience also matters. On average, managers earn an annual salary that ranges from $20,000 to $40,000.

    Apply At McDonald’s – Basic Advice

    McDonald’s is a major employer and they have perfected the art of filtering through applications to identify the right people for the job. Competition is stiff and it is advisable that you follow up on your application. In addition to submitting your McDonald’s application form, you may need to go a step further and drop into the specific restaurant and let the manager know of your intention and application. You don’t have to follow up in person; you can simply place a call. This dedication goes a long way with the hiring manager.

    Don’t just apply blindly. It would be a waste of time to both you and the hiring manager if you apply for a job you can’t geographically get to. Always ensure that you filter your job search by location. Luckily, the McDonald’s job application page now makes it much easier for you to not make such a mistake since you have to search by location.

    McDonald’s allows for printable applications and you can choose to print out the application form to hand deliver it. If you opt to complete your application online, you can apply for multiple job postings with the same form.

    Apply At McDonald’s – Advanced Tips

    When applying for managerial positions at McDonald’s, it’s important to note that you need to have professional qualifications. It also helps to have experience. The fast food chain actually notes on their site that 75% of the managers started as crew members. The opportunity to grow is therefore available.

    Another important point to remember is that managerial positions require more information than entry level positions. In most cases, you will be required to upload a professional resume when you apply. Make sure your resume us updated. Add your new work experiences, additional skills, and update your education information. When it comes to resumes, the simpler they are, the better. Hiring managers have a good number to filter through, so make it detailed without making it too long. The work experience must be relevant to the position you are applying for and, being a chain of restaurants, you will need to include your competencies as far as customer service is concerned. If you do get an interview, prepare well in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute. Look up possible interview questions and answers to give you an idea of what to expect.

    Professional attire is key and while employees at McDonald’s are known to wear a casual uniform, this doesn’t mean that you can walk into the interview room wearing jeans. This is a managerial position and you need to look the part. Casual business attire would work since you don’t want to look too formal.

    Carry your original documents with you even if not requested. This is to support the information provided in your McDonald’s application and shows that you are fully prepared for the interview.

    You must be prepared to undergo a background check, drug test and credit check as well since you will be handling a lot of money at the restaurant. The franchise owner or corporation wants to know if they are dealing with someone who is financially responsible. If you have any credit problems, you need to explain them before they are found out.

    Be charming. Smile and just be you. If you are nervous, compose yourself. Be careful not to talk too much. Be subtle and always remember to include teamwork in your statements.

    Body language is essential and tells how you perform under pressure. Avoid getting distracted and maintain eye contact. Be audible and ask the interviewer to repeat the question or rephrase it if you didn’t understand it the first time.

    McDonalds application

    McDonald’s Benefits

    Your McDonald’s application could see you enjoy a wide range of benefits. Due to the fact that the fast food chain employs different kinds of employees, their benefits vary. Major benefits are enjoyed by full-time employees, including those at entry level.

    McDonald’s employees wear uniforms and these are provided by the company. The employees also enjoy flexible work schedules and can select how many hours they want to work in the week. There are meal discounts available for employees and free meals as well. These are provided for all employees, including part-time employees.

    If you are using the McDonald’s application online form to apply for a full-time position, these are some of the benefits you may enjoy: health, dental and vision insurance, prescription drug coverage, life insurance, educational assistance, 24-hour nurse line access, 401(k) retirement plan, disability insurance, paid vacation and much more. The company also continuously trains their employees and some of these trainings are paid.

    As mentioned, these benefits will vary depending on your job title, level of experience and other factors. McDonald’s has gained a reputation for being a top employer and they have a wide range of benefits.

    Things To Know About McDonald’s

    McDonald’s is one of the major employers in the country. Every year, the chain of restaurants collectively employs thousands of new employees. This is a sign of their exponential growth. With so many job seekers interested in working at the restaurants, competition is cutthroat on all levels of employment. You need to put your best foot forward with your McDonald’s employment application. It helps to have a good understanding on the company’s past, present and future. Below is some advice that will help you shine through the interview process.

    50% of McDonald’s franchise owners started off by working in restaurants. In fact, 30% of all franchise owners started as McDonald’s entry-level crew members. 90% of the 14,000 McDonald’s in the US are managed by franchisees. The rest are run by McDonald’s Corporation. In other countries, things are very different and less than 30% of McDonald’s are franchised. Many are operated through joint ventures with governments, local entities and individuals.

    Over 75% of restaurant managers started their McDonald’s careers by working at the counter, which goes to show that career growth is almost assured. Unlike most fast food chains, McDonald’s not only earns revenue through franchise fees and marketing, but the corporation also reserves the right to collect rent and this is calculated from a percentage of sales.

    McDonald’s is commitment to providing excellent service not just to their customers but to the community as well. The corporation is involved in a Joining Forces Coalition initiated by the White House. The initiative seeks to create employment for veterans and their families. Veterans can get managerial opportunities with an accelerated program. A recruitment program for Veteran spouses is also underway.

    McDonald’s was most recently recognized by G.I jobs for being a Military Friendly Employer.

    McDonald’s is committed to giving their employees the value of education, and they have a continuous learning culture which provides education programs for employees. Employees can join the Hamburger University which offers comprehensive training and equips their trainees with tools and skills to become management staff.

    There are McDonald’s restaurants in 118 countries and these serve approximately 68 million people every single day.

    The corporation manages more than 34,000 McDonald’s worldwide.

    In some locations, there are simply ‘Walk-Thru’ services as opposed to ‘Drive-Thru’. This is evident in high density areas.

    McCafe’s were introduced to accommodate the major demand for coffee shops. This concept was first started in Australia and most Australian McDonald’s feature McCafe’s within the restaurant. The number of McCafe’s has exceeded a thousand over the years.

    Norway is known to have the most expensive Big Mac in the world, with India having the cheapest.

    McDonald’s is known for their great service and atmosphere. Analysts say they should be recognized for their role in increasing the standard of service in the restaurant market. In Hong Kong, McDonald’s was the first ever restaurant to offer consistently clean restrooms for customers.

    The corporation is always seeking new business ventures and entered into a partnership with one of the largest oil companies in China to open drive-thru restaurants.

    McDonald’s plans to open the world’s first vegetarian only McDonald’s in India.

    In the near future, you may see McDonald’s serving breakfast all through the day. Last year, they launched the ‘After Midnight’ menu in various location with contained some breakfast and lunch items.


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