Walmart Overnight Stocker Job Description for Resume

    Some people would rather work through the night and have the day for themselves; if you are this kind of a person, you should definitely be looking at a Walmart overnight stocker job description for resume. It will not only give you all the details about the night-job but it will also give you tips on what exactly to include in your job application resume to make sure that you ace that job.

    Walmart overnight stocker job description for resume, a summary

    Walmart store outlets are nearly impossible to stock during the day because it would interrupt normal daily activities. Stocking must, therefore, be done during the night. This is where Walmart overnight stockers come in. They clean and stock the shelves by night to ensure that the store is ready for shopping the next morning.

    Walmart overnight stocker job description

    Walmart overnight stocker requirements and skills

    Although there are no specific higher education requirements for this profession, candidates are expected to have attained their high school diploma or any of its equivalent. On top of this, the suitable Walmart Application candidate should meet the following requirements:

    • Possess basic knowledge of the retail process

    The stocker will be expected to understand and follow the retail procedure right from offloading deliveries and storage to displaying on the shelves.

    • Have excellent customer care skills

    The overnight stocker will come across customers before the store closes. He/she must possess the skills necessary for assisting customers who come in during this time.

    • Be a quick learner

    Believe it or not, you are a solid candidate for the job even if you have a complete amateur at overnight stocking procedures. All you have to do is demonstrate that you are a fast learner.

    • Teamwork

    Due to the huge workload, it would be absurd to think that you are capable of working alone as an overnight stocker. You will work with other stockers to ensure that you complete the assigned tasks by morning.

    • Strong communication skills

    To communicate effectively with customers and other employees, the overnight Walmart stocker must possess exceptional communication skills.

    • Ability to train

    As a permanent overnight Walmart stocker, you will definitely come across many new people including new employees or interns. The ideal candidate must, therefore, demonstrate the ability to train others on the stocking procedures.

    • Basic computer skills

    Walmart stockers use computers to maintain the store’s inventory records. The suitable candidate must possess basic computer knowledge.

    • Flexible and reliable

    The ideal candidate must have a flexible schedule. An overnight Walmart stocker must also possess a high work ethic; not a person who just decides to cancel on his/her shifts without permission.

    • Strong physique

    Most of the tasks involve heavy lifting. Ideal candidates must be capable of lifting and maneuvering loads of up to 50 pounds.

    Overnight stocker responsibilities

    The primary duty of an overnight Walmart stocker is to stock and clean the store’s shelves. Other duties include:

    • Offloading and storage

    Some trucks deliver supplies to Walmart stores during the night. Overnight stockers offload, sort and store these deliveries in the storage room.

    • Updating inventory records

    After receiving or removing goods from the store, the overnight stockers must then accurately update the inventory records.

    • Customer assistance

    The overnight stocker assists the customers who come to shop during the night by helping them locate where certain goods are stocked, their prices, and any other information that they might require.

    • Getting rid of expired/damaged products

    Some products, especially agricultural produce, can go bad while on display. It is the duty of the overnight stocker to spot and get rid of damaged goods.

    • Pricing

    The stocker must ensure that the prices on goods are updated as per the system. He/she must then ensure that the price tags are properly displayed.

    • Arrange shopping carts and baskets

    The overnight stocker ensures that all shopping carts and baskets are at their designated area at all times.

    Overnight stocker salary

    The average hourly pay for an overnight stocker ranges from $13 to $17.

    Now that you have gone through our Walmart overnight stocker job description for resume, it’s time to browse the available Walmart overnight stocker jobs and apply to the one that suits you.