Hewlett Packard job application online- How to apply

    If you have been looking for ways to improve your career, you should definitely check out the Hewlett Packard Job Application Online. Hewlett Packard, popularly known as hp, offers you many job positions that make you part of inventing what’s next. Before you take a look at the job positions that are currently open, read this to learn more about the company and the job positions offered.  

    Hewlett Packard job application

    Hewlett Packard job application

    HP is a diverse company that hires people from all backgrounds. Worldwide jobs that are currently open include sales coordinator, Device as a Service (DAAS) Engineer,   Web Quality Analyst, Project manager, Services Principal, Notebook Product development among others. Let us have a closer look at some of these:

    • Sales Support Coordinator III

    This job position requires high-level problem solving and judgment skills. Tasks for the Sales Support Coordinator position include data entry, handling customer accounts, distribution & pricing, backlog, and other tasks as assigned.

    Requirements for the position include a university degree (or any equivalent) and experience in a related field (typically 2-4 years). Skills required for the job include good communication, a deep understanding of the organization’s internal processes & compliance issues, analytical skills, teamwork, and time management.

    • Device as a Service (DAAS) Engineer

    As a DAAS Engineer, your job will involve identifying weaknesses and coming up with new processes to combat them. You will also be required to hold meetings, do research, and act as the project manager. The right candidate for the job has the ability to structure bundles of information for a given framework.

    Requirements for this position include a university degree, 5 years work experience, active participation in the PM community, PMP certification, ITIL certification, and ITSM knowledge. Skills for the job include excellent diagramming skills, good communication, and business process mapping & re-engineering.

    • Web Quality Analyst

    General responsibilities of this job position include ensuring compliance with customer quality assurance requirements, improving the general customer experience, providing inputs to the innovation team, working with global partners, UAT testing, identifying new opportunities, providing KPI forecast to management, and mentoring team members.

    This job position requires a university degree, 10 years experience in project management or any other related field, and a PMP Certification (added advantage). Skills for the job include strategic approach, a clear understanding of HP’s project management methodologies, strong collaboration skills, and working with minimal supervision. 

    HP Careers for Freshers

    Even for newbies, Hewlett Packard doesn’t settle for mediocrity. This is because innovation at HP happens when everyone on the team is all in. As a fresher, you should not let them down by thinking less of yourself. Job positions for freshers at Hewlett Packard include:

    • Entry project management officer

    Responsibilities for this job position include managing internal project operations, handling the budget, financial forecasting, managing the relationship of stakeholders, and project team management. The preferable candidate must hold a university degree, possess some work experience, be an active participant of the PM community, and be in the process of earning a PMP certification.

    • Software developer intern

    The candidate will be required to generate codes, test them, and also come up with their documentation. Preferred candidate must possess knowledge in Cloud-based SaaS, DevOps, performance & scalability, and metrics. The candidate must be enrolled for 2 years in a recognized institution and be majoring in computer science, computer engineering or any other related field.

    • Notebook product development

    The candidates for this position must have completed their third year in university, preferably pursuing a technical course.

    Hewlett Packard Hiring Process

    When applying for a job at hp, make sure you choose a job that matches both your competences and aspirations. Quite different from other companies, the interviewers at hp will keenly be interested to know what differentiates you, what you are passionate about, and what drives you to do what you do.

    Their job search function on their website is able to identify job seekers by both location and category after they fill out their candidate profiles. If it doesn’t suggest jobs that match what you are looking for, you can also search for specific keywords using the search button and then hit apply. It will take a few weeks (depends on the job position) to know whether you aced the Hewlett Packard Job Application online or not.