Raytheon Job Application online- More than 500 open jobs waiting to be filled!

    If you have been looking for an organization that has endless job opportunities, you should definitely check out Raytheon job application online. More than 500 jobs worldwide are waiting to be filled!

    What is Raytheon known for?

    Raytheon job application

    Raytheon, headquartered in Waltham, is always looking for experts in cybersecurity, civil law, and defense. Their mission is to retain their position as a global leader in the provision of Missions System Integration (MSI), warfare electronics, precision weapons, sensing, imaging, C5I products, command control, and Effects Support Services. Raytheon employs over 64000 people.

    Raytheon entry-level jobs

    Raytheon is one of the best places for starting a remarkable career. Their global platform gives you an opportunity to get hands-on with the challenges facing the world today.

    If you are a recent graduate or currently in college, there are many full-time and co-op jobs that you can apply for in fields like finance, business, engineering, trade, security services, HR, IT, and supply chain. The fact that all their entry-level jobs offer competitive salaries and paid holidays is very impressive.

    Popular job titles for the entry-level category include IT intern, Proposal Coordinator, tech student, aviation summer intern, Systems Engineering intern, Sensors Research intern and many more.

    Raytheon production and maintenance jobs

    Raytheon has a worldwide customer base that relies on them to offer superior products in civil government, cybersecurity, and defense. They, in turn, rely heavily on competent production and maintenance teams to deliver exactly that. Being offered a job in this category means that you will be mandated to ensure fabrication compliance, precision machining, and overall operational efficiency throughout the organization.

    Raytheon professional Jobs

    If you are a qualified professional in communications, business development, engineering, cybersecurity, contracts, HR, finance, IT, security, legal, or supply chain, Raytheon has the job you need to take your career to the next level.

    Raytheon Veterans program

    Raytheon is a renowned worldwide as a supplier of military tech to the US military and all their affiliations. To honor the good work of the army, they invite all veterans to bring their skill and precision in business and engineering to the private sector. 

    How to get a job at Raytheon

    Despite the wide variety of open job opportunities, securing a job at Raytheon is very competitive. There are over 1000 applicants every day. The following tips could help increase your chance of being selected:

    • Make sure you have security clearance

    Security clearance is one of the most important criteria that Raytheon uses to separate the masses. Make sure you include your security clearance when you are uploading your CV. If you do not have security clearance at the moment, make sure you include interim clearance at the very least.

    • Recent graduates have a better chance

    Unlike other organizations, recent graduates have a better chance of securing a job than their more experienced counterparts.  To get yourself at the top of the list, make sure you have impressive internship experience and do good research about Raytheon on their website and social media pages.

    Raytheon job interview questions

    Getting selected for an interview means that you are almost there.  Follow these tips for success:

    • The recruiters are not eager to hear about your qualifications and learned competence. Instead, they want to hear examples of how you have handled real-life challenges in the past through innovation.
    • Make sure you point out the lessons that you have learned in the past especially when dealing with failures in the workplace.
    • Point out the unique things that make you a superior candidate for that particular job position.
    Raytheon jobs

    How much do Raytheon engineers make?

    Raytheon prefers hiring young engineers who have a potential for growth and advancement in their careers. Raytheon engineers make annual salaries ranging from $90k-$120k per year. The following are hourly payments for some of the popular engineering job positions:

    • Welder- $24/hr
    • Machine Operator- $16/hr
    • Machinist- $25/hr
    • Sheet Metal Mechanic- $21/hr

    Raytheon locations

    Raytheon has a strict commitment to exploring new territories. They are currently stationed in 19 countries which enable them to expand their national security and technology needs to over 80 countries.  Raytheon worldwide affiliations are spread all over the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.