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    Payless Shoe Source is a company that provides footwear on discount. This company has its headquarters in Kansa and was founded in 1956 by two brothers Shaol and Louis. Collective Brands, Inc. owns this company now and it became public in 1961 as the Volume Shoe Corporation that merged with May Department Stores Company way back in 1979. This company was known in the U.S for providing discount sneakers that had Velcro Straps in them instead of laces. The company changed the name to Collective Brands Inc. after it was taken over by the Stride Rite Corporation in 2007. Later, Golden Gate Capital and Blum Capital took over it in 2012. The company has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1956 to about 4523 stores branched out in 24 countries. As the company hasn’t stopped expanding, they need employees regularly who are willing to lend their services to the company.

    Payless Job Application Online

    As the company has 4523 stores in 24 countries, they require people constantly. You can submit a Payless application through the website. The process of Payless application is simple and thousands of people all over the world apply to the company using the Payless application. One just has to fill up the Payless application online and attend an interview to get hired. They require candidates who are looking to build a good career with strong leadership skills.

    Payless Careers And Income

    If you are looking for a lucrative career then Payless career options are very good. You can fill up the Payless job application and apply for any position that suits your requirements. The positions include Sales Associate, Field Auditor, Financial analyst, Store Manager, Stock room associate, Quality Assurance Specialist, merchandiser, Demand Planner, Outside Sales representative, Buyer, Trend assistant, Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager, Inside Sales Representative, Business Analyst, Designer, Staff Accountant, Human Resources Representative, Merchandise Planner, Marketing Associate, Administrative Assistant and Support associate for product planning. With so many positions, the company hires regularly, giving a chance to candidates to get hired. Anyone who is about 18 years old can apply through Payless online application. The company has its stores branched out in various locations all over the world and you can select any position and location you want when you apply through the Payless application form. Candidates looking for entry level jobs can also apply to the company. There are various positions waiting to be filled and if you are a sales associate, you will be expected to handle customers and therefore, the company hires candidates who have a pleasant attitude while handling customers. Sale associates usually earn about the minimum age pay for their work. If you want something lucrative, then you can apply for the managerial positions available in the company as assistant managers usually earn about $9 to $12 per hour. Store managers make about $50,000 every year, depending on the location of the store and the experience of the employee. Apply through the Payless job application form to know more about the process.

    Apply At Payless – Basic Advice

    Once a candidate fills out the Payless application online form, an interview will be scheduled if the hiring management is impressed. As the Payless employment application is your first impression on the hiring management, you need to fill the application for Payless in a proper manner, to the best of your abilities. Make sure you fill in all your personal details and specify your flexibility of work schedule. After you are scheduled for an interview, take a print out of the application form to be fully prepared. You can also carry your updated resume and other certification to provide information about your experience. As this company’s business depends on customer satisfaction, they expect individuals with excellent communication skills.  Select a position based on your skills and experience realistically. Also, make sure that you work around a flexible work schedule to provide more to the company. If you fill the application form completely without making an error, you could be called for an interview, bringing you a step closer to get hired by this prestigious company.

    Apply At Payless – Advanced Tips

    If you are looking to get hired for any of the managerial positions, then you need to possess string leadership skills as managers are expected to hire and train other workers. In addition, managers are supposed to handle their team and also handle customers if required. However, the salary offered is great and if you get hired, then it’s a right step towards building a great career. Firstly, make sure you dress well wearing formal attire as that exudes confidence. Be prepared to answer any sort of questions asked by the hiring management. In addition, make a list of questions you need to ask and don’t hesitate to ask them as it shows that you are serious about the job. Also, conduct an online research about the company before you attend an interview as it shows that you are very serious. Just filling the application form is not enough but you need to know more about the company’s mechanisms and history to make sure that you get hired. Though it might be tempting to exaggerate about you previous experience during the interview, try to be honest and confident.

    Payless Benefits

    Along with offering flexible schedules and good salaries, the company offers other additional benefits that include future planning and retirement planning like 401(k) plans. They also offer insurance coverage and other programs to help you manage your work and life. Apart from that, they offer paid time off and employee discounts. Employees eligible to receive educational benefits also receive reimbursements for tuition offered by the company. Health benefits include dental, vision and medical plans to help the employees. They also provide name tags that are complimentary to employees after they are hired.

    Things to Know About Payless

    This company has a long history that goes way back to 1956. It was founded by two brothers and though the company started small, it has grown to more than 4500 stores in 24 countries. The company is proud of its achievements and expects applicants to know more about the company’s history and policies.

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