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Zaxby’s Application

    Zaxby’s ApplicationZaxby’s Application – Zaxby’s Employment

    The restaurant business is an active and interesting place to work. If you fill out a Zaxby’s application, you are trying to join a company that has been providing good food to the public for over 20 years. People that are looking for a Zaxby’s application form are encouraged to be efficient, organized and cheerful because they will, when hired, be dealing with a high volume of people every day. If you are the type that likes interacting with others and feels motivated by a fast-paced environment, you will likely have a lot of success here.

    Zaxby’s Job Application Online

    You can find a Zaxby’s online application by heading to the official company website and clicking on the “careers” tab at the bottom of any page. This will take you to a brief outline of the positions available. There are three levels of positions at Zaxby’s: kitchen and counter staff, store management and corporate. You can fill out a Zaxby’s application online form for management or staff level jobs online, but those interested in working in the corporate office will need to send their resume and materials to the email address provided for consideration.

    If you are applying online for a position in a Zaxby’s restaurant, click the link in the center of the page – this will take you to a map, and this map will let you select the area where you are applying. You can enter your zip code or click on a state to find a list of Zaxby’s nearby. You can then obtain the contact information for the location you are interested in to see if they have any positions open and how they would prefer for you to apply.

    Zaxby’s Careers And Income

    There are a variety of positions available at Zaxby’s and each of these will have different pay scales and responsibilities. You should learn a bit about the different positions that are available for your skill level before you fill out a Zaxby’s job application, to make sure that you will be considered for the position you are interested in. Jobs available at Zaxby’s restaurant locations include crew members, counter and kitchen staff, staff accountants, opening specialists, cooks, cashiers, head cashiers, assistant managers, customer service representatives, sales associates, general managers and district managers.

    Jobs like hostesses, servers, kitchen help or cashiers are considered to be entry-level jobs. When you fill out your application for Zaxby’s, you should write down any experience you already have with that type of work as it may make you eligible for a higher position with the restaurant. Entry-level jobs start at minimum wage but do have room for advancement. Experienced cooks will typically earn around $8 per hour to start. The head cashier can also expect to earn a higher salary than those in the entry-level position.

    People applying for management positions will make a bit more, but will be expected to take on more responsibility at the restaurant. Most people without experience will not be considered for these kinds of positions. An assistant manager at Zaxby’s can make from $25,000-$35,000 annually. A manager will usually earn around $45,000 a year. It is important to remember that all Zaxby’s locations are independently owned and operated so specific pay rates and policies might vary based on where you are applying. Wages will also vary at Zaxby’s locations in different states.

    Apply At Zaxby’s – Basic Advice

    According to the law, you need to be at least 16 to handle food that will be sold to the public, so anyone below this age will not be able to fill out a Zaxby’s application online. The restaurant is open from 11am to 10 pm every day, so you may be asked to work a variety of shifts in this time frame based on the needs of the restaurant. This may include prep time and clean up time before or after restaurant hours.

    Zaxby’s takes the presentation of their restaurant very seriously, so thoseapplicants that reflect the same will be given more attention. It is generally considered best to visit a Zaxby’s in person to apply as you will be able to speak directly to the hiring manager. This will also let them size you up for hygiene and presentation, which are both very important in a career where you will be serving food to the public.

    Because you will be working in a fast paced environment where you will be regularly working in front of customers, experience will be considered a key asset when you apply. Any experience in food service or fast food should be noted on your application to get consideration over other applicants. People that have more experience may also be eligible for higher-paying jobs, helping you work up to positions with more responsibility over time.

    The hours that you get at Zaxby’s will also vary based on whether or not you are going through training, need more flexibility in your work schedule, or whether or not you are planning to work full or part time. You should make note of these things when you apply to help give the hiring manager a feel for whether or not you would be a good fit for the team. In general, those that are more flexible will be more likely to be hired in at Zaxby’s.

    Apply At Zaxby’s – Advanced Tips

    If you are filling out a Zaxby’s application for a management position, you will need previous experience in some sort of leadership role to be considered. Zaxby’s specifically says that they are looking for people that are well-organized, bright and professional. Having leadership experience is a plus, especially if that experience is from the restaurant industry. In many cases, Zaxby’s likes to promote from within so if you have already been working with the chain and you feel as though you have a strong presence within the company, you should feel encouraged to apply for a higher position.

    There are also some positions within the corporate office with the company. If you are interested in these positions, there is no Zaxby’s job application form available so you will need to draft a resume and cover letter to send to the company. The proper email address for these queries is provided on the careers page of Zaxby’s website. The corporate office is looking for people that are quick to learn and willing to take risks. Experience with QSR is preferred. The website does not provide much information about what jobs are available at the corporate level so you will need to send an inquiry if you are looking for something specific.

    Zaxby’s Benefits

    A Zaxby’s application will not provide you with much information about the benefits that the company offers, but you can always ask when you meet with a manager from the company in person. Zaxby’s has a good reputation for offering high quality benefits to their employees and treating all members of their team fairly.  They are currently looking to expand to 11 new states and perhaps internationally, so there will likely be many vacancies in the coming months and they are working to recruit high-quality staff to fill them.

    If you are filling out a Zaxby’s employment application for a part-time job, you will get free job training as well as a lot of flexibility in your work schedule. You do not need to purchase uniforms or name badges like you would at other restaurants. All employees are also given meal bonuses while they are on the clock.

    Employees at Zaxby’s are also eligible for paid vacation, sick pay and holidays. You can sign up for a bonus plan or 401(k) retirement option if you are interested. There is also a health insurance plan available to employees if you are interested in these benefits. The specific bonuses offered will vary based on the location where you apply.

    Things To Know About Zaxby’s

    The Zaxby’s careers page is mixed in with the store locator for the brand. If you are interested in applying for a job, make sure you don’t accidentally click on a link for online ordering or the official page for that location. Instead, stop into your local Zaxby’s or call the phone number provided so that the team can tell you how they usually process applications and what positions they have available.

    All Zaxby’s are independently owned and operated, which means that while they follow some corporate standards and use corporate recipes, they also have the freedom to make changes to individual store policies. If you are interested in moving into a supervisory or management position at your local Zaxby’s, it will be helpful to learn more about how this restaurant likes to do things so you can have an edge over others that are less familiar.


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