What to include in a courtesy clerk resume

    Even without prior courtesy clerk experience, knowing what to include in a courtesy clerk resume could land you the job. This is because it is one of those jobs where experience doesn’t matter. If your resume displays that you are a fast learner, self-driven, and have a flexible schedule, you will most definitely be shortlisted for that interview. Read on to discover exactly what to include in a courtesy clerk resume.

    what to include in a courtesy clerk resume

    Courtesy Clerk Cover Letter Sample

    To increase your chances of landing the job, do not forget to accompany your job resume with a cover letter. It is more or less of a summary of your entire resume and if done correctly, it might be the only thing you need to land the job. See it as a chance of revealing who you truly are to the interviewer. A job winning cover letter must include:

    • Your contact details

    You can choose to use your name as the heading. Include your physical address, phone number, email address right below it.

    • The body

    If you know who you are addressing it to, you could include their name in the salutation (i.e. Dear Mr. Johnson). If you do not, just salute them as Dear Sir or Madam.

    In the first paragraph, you can state how you came across the job post, why you want the job, and why you think you are a perfect match for the job. In the second paragraph and third paragraph, state any previous training/education and work experience that might be relevant for the job post.  Here is a good example:

    “Having worked as a retail intern last year, I am quite familiar with the inner workings of a retail department store. This hands-on experience coupled with an inborn passion for customer care will make me a great candidate for the courtesy clerk position.”

    Show that you want to discuss details about the job in person at the end. Here’s an example:

    “You can reach me through the number below. I am always available so there’s no need to worry about my availability. Looking forward to your call!

    What to Include in a Courtesy Clerk Resume

    The following are the sections to include in your courtesy clerk resume:

    The Heading

    The heading should be something out of the ordinary. It should be something capable of lifting off your resume from the stash. Avoid something plain like “Desmond Dolph”. If you have done a course in marketing, for instance, think of something catchier like “Desmond Dolph, Upcoming Marketer”.

    Under the title, include your physical address, phone number, and email address.

    The Resume Objective

    In this section, you should clearly illustrate why you are applying for the job. It should not exceed two sentences. Here is an example:

    “I want to use my rare customer care skills and profound clerical skills to make your store the number one customer destination.”

    Professional Summary

    This section should highlight skills that are relevant for the job. Skills to include are:

    • Integrity
    • Physical strength
    • Flexibility
    • Patience

    Core Qualifications and education

    This section should be separated into two, the core qualifications and the education section. The core qualifications section should highlight all those attained qualifications relevant for the courtesy clerk job. Points to mention here are:

    • Knowledgeable about inventory control, pricing, bagging, and basic computer procedures
    • Exceptional customer support skills
    • Outstanding communication skills
    • Mastery of all store safety and janitorial procedures
    • Demonstrated ability in time management skills and working efficiently without supervision.

    The education section should detail any completed degree or diploma.


    This section should include all past work experience relevant for the courtesy clerk job position. Each should be described in detail.

    Other Experiences

    If your experience section is not so strong, you can include volunteer experiences or internships that might not be directly related to a courtesy clerk job position.  You should only include experiences that display your ability to deliver results in an organizational set up with little or no supervision.


    Now that you know what to include in a courtesy clerk resume, it’s time to get writing and hop on to that job search knowing that you are already a winner!