Walmart Warehouse Jobs Application Guide

    What Walmart does is no small task. And it is only made possible by a team of hard-working professionals in a job category like no other: Walmart Warehouse Jobs. Hardworking professionals operate in fast-paced, friendly warehouse environments to ensure that thousands of items are delivered to Walmart stores, as well as homes spread across rural towns and major cities.

    What is it like to work in a Walmart warehouse?

    Walmart Warehouse jobs

    Warehouse jobs are guided by a certain process. It all begins with the unloader and processor offloading inbound goods. The receiver then scans the goods into inventory while assigning them a suitable spot inside the warehouse. Next, the inbound lift driver and stocking associate places the goods on the shelves. The latter are also responsible for ensuring that the product shelves are continuously stocked for the order fillers.

    Order fillers are responsible for collecting completed order details, gathering the specified goods from the shelves, crossing them out the warehouse inventory, and sending them to the packers. The packers ensure that the goods are packed safely to endure the hurdles of travel while also double-checking to see whether the goods match the order details. Finally, the goods are loaded into trucks and driven to the required destination by Walmart truck drivers.

    How do you apply to Walmart warehouse jobs?

    All Walmart warehouse jobs can be found at Walmart’s official careers page. The easiest way to find them is to click the “search job title or keyword” section, type in the word “warehouse” and hit the search button. You can also specify the location you want to work in. All warehouse related jobs will then show up in the search results. If a job position interests you, all you have to do is click on it to see the application details.

    Kickstarting the application process is as easy as hitting the “Apply” button. On average, it will take you an average of 30-45 minutes to fill out an application. You should be prepared to complete certain assessments when filling out your online application.

    Walmart warehouse job positions

    Let us now look at some of the Walmart warehouse job positions you can apply for right now:

    1. Walmart Warehouse Associate

    The responsibilities include but are not limited to receiving & unloading shipments, counterchecking the goods against the purchase orders, filling them into the warehouse inventory, auditing the goods to meet the set metrics for productivity, and reporting any issues. The ideal job candidate must be well-versed in tech (like tablets and Smartphones) and have excellent analytical & problem-solving skills.

    1. E-commerce Warehouse Worker

    An E-commerce warehouse worker can be placed virtually anywhere in a Walmart warehouse setting. Possible areas of work include order-filling, packing, loading and much more.

    1. Walmart Warehouse Clean-up crew

    General duties include ensuring that sufficient boxes are available for order fillers, housekeeping & safety roles, and moving empty pallets to the pallet processing area.

    What are the requirements for Walmart warehouse jobs?

    Working in a Walmart warehouse is different. All job candidates must have the ability to:

    • Work comfortably in varying indoor temperatures. Concentration and constant manual dexterity are expected at all times.
    • The ability to lift goods of up to 50lbs for extended periods, sometimes entire shifts.
    • Walk, stand, bend, or sit for long periods. The capability of mastering repetitive hand motions is also required with time.
    • Ability to wear protective gear such as safety glasses, helmets, and safety shoes at all times.

    Walmart Warehouse Interview Questions

    These are the interview questions you are likely to come across if you apply for a Walmart warehouse job position:

    Walmart Warehouse Interview QuestionTips for answering
    Have you ever worked in a warehouse before?>Walmart job recruiters prefer candidates who have worked in a warehouse environment before.
    Tell us about workplace safety?


    >Talk about workplace safety precautions, safety gear and the like
    Tell us about a time you encountered a conflict at work and how you resolved it?


    >Be prepared to answer this question with a real workplace example.
    Do you have any medical conditions?


    >You must be healthy to work in a warehouse environment. But be honest to avoid health complications on-the-job.
    Are you available to work during weekends and overnight?>Walmart job recruiters prefer flexible individuals who can work any shift.

    Does Walmart Warehouse Jobs require you to pass a drug test?

    The answer to this question is yes. You must pass a drug test to be hired at a Walmart warehouse.

    How much do Walmart warehouse employees make an hour?

    According to salary data collected from Walmart workers, the average hourly pay for the Walmart warehouse worker is $16, with the highest earners taking home up to $21 on the hour. Here are some of the salaries for some of the most common job positions at Walmart warehouses:

    • Walmart Order Fillers hourly pay: $19
    • Walmart Freight handlers hourly pay: $18
    • Walmart E-commerce warehouse worker hourly pay: $14
    • Forklift Operator: $14/hr

    Do I need a license to operate a forklift?

    Yes. As per OSHA safety requirements, you need a license to operate a forklift in a warehouse environment.

    What are the benefits of working in a Walmart warehouse?

    On top of very competitive salaries, Walmart warehouse workers also enjoy a good selection of work benefits which include:

    • Health plans. Some of them include dental and visual plans for you and your dependents.
    • Financial benefits such as 401K and stock purchase plans.
    • Education plans.
    • Walmart warehouse jobs also qualify you for store discounts both in-store and online.