Utility Job Application- Priceless Careers for Mobile Techies

    The Utility job application program offers numerous opportunities for aggressive techies eyeing a career in the mobile industry. Do you want to learn more about utility careers and what the job recruiters look for? Read on!

    What is Utility Custom Mobile Product Development?

    Utility Job Application

    Utility is a first-in-line tech company specializing in custom mobile apps and web-based software. They have recently collaborated with top brands such as Airbnb, Toor, Kickwheel, Samsung, NBA, and Verizon on $500000+ projects, delivering top-tier results each time. Utility was founded by world-class digital leaders from companies such as McCann Erickson and Major League Baseball.

    Why Utility Careers?

    Utility’s mobile industry-oriented work environment possesses all the tools required by mobile experts to get the job done. Investing so much towards redefining what they believe is the world’s most useful technology makes the brand rank among the very best in the industry. Getting a job here is simply priceless!

    Utility Job Application Positions

    The job positions offered at Utility are countless. Some of the top positions offered include software engineer, product strategist, UX/UI designer, web developer, and mobile app developer.

    How do you get a job at Utility?

    All the jobs that are currently open for application at utility are available at their jobs page. If you want to apply for a particular job listed here, just click the “apply now” button. This will redirect you utility job application page where you are required to enter details such as your name, your email, the position you are applying for, write a paragraph about yourself (or better yet link out to your LinkedIn profile), and then upload supporting documents. Any queries and concerns about Utility Careers can also be sent in via join@utilitynyc.com.

    Here’s a secret: before you start applying for a job at Utility, sign up for a LinkedIn profile first. Why? A good number of employees report that they were initially approached by the job recruiters or directly by the CEO through their LinkedIn profiles. Apparently, the company has a high preference for candidates with an updated LinkedIn profile.

    Utility internships

    The application link for Utility internship jobs can also be found on the jobs page. Clicking the “apply now” button will direct you to a page where you have to enter your personal details and upload supporting documents as well. Click the “send” button after entering all the required details.

    What do Utility Job Recruiters look for?

    Utility believes in a family-like working atmosphere where people are driven by a common goal. Job candidates must, therefore, submit applications showing that they are capable of working comfortably with assigned teams to deliver results.

    Utility Locations

    Other Utility locations besides the NYC headquarters include Austin (TX), Miami (FL), and Los Angeles (CA).

    Utility Job Positions

    The job positions offered at Utility are countless. Some of the most interesting areas of work include Accounting & Finance, Delivery, Engineering, Animation, Mobile App Development, Virtual Reality, Web Software Development, Event Technology Solutions, Responsive Website Design, UX/UI Design, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, Android Development, iOS Development, E-commerce Development, API Development, and Support. Some of the job positions offered in line with these fields include Senior Project Manager, Motion Graphics Designer, Project Engineer, Electrician, Accountant, Product Strategist, iOS Developer, Digital Producer, Payment Processor, Senior Full Stack Developer, Sales Representative, and Delivery Driver.

    What type of company is Utility?

    Utilitynyc is a private-owned company established back in 2013. The company employs 300+ employees.

    How long does the Utility hiring process take?

    Successful candidates normally receive several phone interviews to discuss the position and are eventually summoned for an interview in person. The entire hiring process takes 4 weeks approximately.

    Utility Interview Questions

    Before being summoned for an interview in person at Utility, the candidate has to go through a series of interviews with the CEO or the assigned job recruiter. In each case, expect the person carrying out the interview to be candid about both the challenges and opportunities that the company has come across.

    Rather than being a Q&A session, interviews at Utility take the form of an engaging discussion. You will also receive some hard-hitting questions, of course. But in the end, you will feel that you are on your way to joining a very intelligent group. Some of the general interview questions to expect include:

    • Tell us how about your past experiences, knowledge, and education and how that can be applied here.
    • What tools and tactics can you employ to solve these problems? This question usually comes after the interviewers have read out case scenarios of problems you are likely to encounter on the job.
    • What is your biggest fear?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • What should we expect you not to do?

    Specific interview questions for Software Engineers include:

    • What makes you passionate about your job?
    • How do you prioritize tasks?
    • Do you honestly want to be an engineer?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    With that info, you are good to go! Fill the online Utility Job Application today!