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    Target ApplicationTarget Application – Target Employment

    That the Customer is King may sound cliché, but this is exactly how Target treats everyone who walks inside its doors – like royalty. Making each guest feel pampered and well attended to keeps them coming back to Target each and every day. Imagine the fact that there are hundreds of other places that a customer can go to, yet they choose to go to your store for their everyday needs; that certainly means something.

    Target is a discount retail store chain with over 1,900 stores in the United States and Canada. It is a growing Fortune 500 company with annual sales in excess of $72.6 billion. In 2010, Target ranked 22nd in Fortune Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies”. More than excellent sales, products and customer service, Target also believes in good corporate citizenship and being involved in community improvement. Since inception, Target and their predecessors have donated 5% of their pre-tax profit to charities in their communities. The company has also generously participated in dozens of different projects and endeavors aimed at charity work and improving the lives of local individuals.

    In terms of reputation, Target is noted as an upscale discount store with close attachment to the community and to their employees. Customers are called Guests and employees are known as “Team Members”. Read below and get your Target application in today!

    Target Job Application Online

    Aspiring Target Team Members have the opportunity to get hired all year round. Applicants who want to apply can simply submit their Target online application through the Target Careers webpage: https://corporate.target.com/careers. If you’re an individual who wants to change your life around by being part of the Target family, you are advised to read the articles on the Careers page for tips on how to get hired. The process isn’t complicated at all, but it will vastly increase your chances if you follow all requirements. Submit the necessary documents on time and include an active phone number. This is where Target will reach you if you have been selected for an interview. Besides the job openings posted on the site, visitors are welcome to browse other jobs and opportunities to join Target. An advantage of filling out a Target application online is the ability to browse job openings and matching skill sets with these job requirements. Those applying can fill out a Target application multiple times for different job positions and for different outlets. This is especially ideal for individuals who wish to work in a different area, or a different state altogether.

    Target Careers And Income

    As an upscale discount store, the company’s target market is upscale customers. Called Guests, they are expected to be knowledgeable about the products and the retail cost of the items. Target staff are expected to be as knowledgeable as their customers and be truly helpful in assisting them in making the right choices. A Target Team Member should know which jacket is in season and what difference a lined dress would make in a formal gathering. The idea behind this approach is to build a lasting rapport between Target and their clientele, and to make customers feel that their patronage is appreciated. This is in stark contrast to the shotgun approach in large commercial malls where the customers are hardly given any attention and the focus is all on sales.

    Unlike other companies, Target supervisors are called Team Leaders, managers are Executive Team Leaders or ETLs, and store managers are Store Team Leaders or STLs. Regional managers and upper management are called District Team Leaders or DTLs and Group Team Leaders or GTLs. Regional Vice Presidents are sometimes called Regional Team Leaders or RTLs. Higher up are the corporate-level executives. These are individuals who are movers and shakers in the field. If you aspire to be one of them someday, make sure that you think outside the box and have a truly innovative spirit. There’s plenty of opportunity for growth at Target. When filling out your application for Target, you have to remember the distinction between these positions. Be honest in assessing your skills and experience. If you feel you aren’t ready for a management position, opt for something lower. With the right attitude, hard work and dedication, you will eventually find yourself in this coveted role.

    target application online

    Target is one of the best places to work at and advance your career. The pay scale for supervisory and management level jobs are subject to experience, and store location. But remember that this is an upscale company, so your remuneration and benefits are also better than market standards.  Supervisory positions and lead sales associates can expect to earn between $25,000 and $30,000 annually, while Executive Team Leaders can earn between $30,000 to $35,000. This does not include perks, bonuses and generous gifts given by the company for stellar performance. Target Store Team Leaders earn roughly $100,000 yearly. When filling out a Target application for a particular job, the applicant can specify which store location he is interested in, as well a second and third choice. If there are no openings in the areas you want, Target will inform you and offer alternatives.

    Apply At Target – Basic Advice

    Target is a company dedicated to providing upscale brands at a discount. For prospective applicants, they should be customer-oriented, and have an understanding of the Target market. As an upscale shop, the customers are expected to know what they want and expect great customer service. They want value for their money and want your full attention the minute they walk inside the store. This may result in more customer frustration than at other stores. The successful Target employee should be able to handle customers who are more specific in their requests. For entry-level posts, people skills come in very handy and patience will get you ahead. It would be to your advantage to mention these skills on your Target application.

    When it comes to store performance, inventory control and merchandising are also coveted skills. This is a learned skill which can be acquired with training and an immersion in the store environment. Attention to detail is required for this particular task, and so is being conscientious and highly organized. Work experience in a retail or discount store, or inventory functions in a warehouse, or a prior job in merchandising would be an advantage when applying for a job at Target. It is recommended that applicants mention relevantt job experience in their Target job application as well as references who can vouch for your work. Expect Target to give your references a call for an assessment of your performance.

    More than great skills, Target Team Members are expected to be courteous and able to assist with customer needs. This is your most important duty when inside Target premises. The stores are designed around the concept of giving more space for the staff, guests and merchandise. There has been an initiative to move away from the old box design of large retail chains. This should be a cue to applicants that Target is not just selling products, but also an experience in shopping. When a guest walks in, greet them and immediately ask how you may be of service. However, it is important to know boundaries. If you feel that the guest is becoming uncomfortable from of your presence, take a few steps back and allow him or her to explore the store in private. Expect to be called when the guest is ready to make a purchase or inquire about a particular item.

    Additionally, Target employees should be generous and service-oriented. Although the company has made efforts to have a positive effect on the community, it also does so on a broad front. Target has always donated 5% of their pre-tax revenue to charitable purposes. This attitude also reflects on every employee, and they are expected to carry this corporate responsibility by being responsible citizens as well. The Target employee may also be asked to participate in outreach activities such as preparing meals for a shelter or soup kitchen, or assisting underprivileged children.

    Apply At Target – Advanced Tips

    Target management has taken pains to create a culture of corporate responsibility. This extends from corporate headquarters, to community charity, as well as employee well-being. The company benefits help ensure that employees are healthy and debt-free. This in turn helps the company by ensuring employee loyalty. Being on the list of most admired companies is not an accident, but the result of corporate responsibility and policies that help the customer, the community and the employee.

    Job titles are also an indication of how the company treats their employees. A team mentality is crucial. Applicants can emphasize their team-spirit attitude in their Target application online form.

    Prior work experience in team management, store management, inventory control, and product merchandising are an advantage. Good customer relations and people skills will come in handy once hired. Applicants are advised to include these skills and experiences in their Target application form.

    Target Benefits

    Compared to the retail store industry, Target offers a comprehensive suite of benefits competitive with others in the field. Perks and benefits include various insurance options meant to help keep employees debt-free. Insurance packages include health insurance with dental and vision plans, as well as life insurance and disability packages. Other benefits include paid vacation, personal, and holiday time off. Target also has matching 401(K) retirement packages for qualified personnel.

    Target also employs personnel whose only job is to assist team members with their benefits concerns. They help ensure that employees make the most of company benefits.

    Things To Know About Target

    Although the first Target discount store opened for business in 1962, the company itself was established much earlier. Target started out as a division of Dayton’s, which in turn was founded in 1902. From 1902 to 1962, Dayton’s acquired various businesses and chains, and only became a retail chain after opening their second store in the late 1950s.

    Target became Dayton’s top subsidiary by the mid-1970s and continued to grow further as a discount retailer with acquisitions of other regional chains. By 1979, there were 80 Target stores with a revenue of $1.12 billion.

    By January 2000, the now Dayton-Hudson chain of stores changed their name to Target. At the time, Target was contributing 75 to 80 percent of Dayton-Hudson revenues. In a way, it could be said that Target was larger than their parent company. It was time to change the company name to the more well-known retail store chain name.

    With headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target, the mother company, has several other subsidiaries, which include Financial and Retail Services (FRS), Target Sourcing Services (TSS), Target Commercial Interiors, Target Brands and Target.com. It also operates two forensic laboratories which were created to help with in-house security. The forensic labs have also helped police authorities for free.

    As a corporate entity, Target has grown by seeing opportunities in existing infrastructure and regional businesses. Acquiring these companies and assets has helped the company’s growth through the years.

    Target needs fresh talent and individuals who are hard-working and driven. They want people with passion and a vision to get ahead in life through honest and dedicated hard work. If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, go to the applications page and send your application to Target. You could be the next person to be part of this ever-growing family.

    Target careers page: https://corporate.target.com/careers


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