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Student Job Applications

    Student job applications are a godsend for most students. This is because the money they get from parents and guardians might not be enough for the basics, not to mention that everyone craves for a good time with friends, especially when you are in college.

    Besides the money, there are so many other advantages gained from working while you are a student. You get on-the-job training in critical skills such as customer care, pressure handling, problem-solving, good communication, dispute handling, and teamwork. On top of this, you also get a chance to apply what you have learned in class.

    Student job applications template

    Most organizations usually have their student job applications template ready for students to fill out. Here’s the basic layout:

    • Personal DetailsIn this section, you must include your name, mailing address, location, phone number, your exact age, email, and social security number. 
    • Personal statementThis is a well-structured, detailed case that explains why you think that you are the most suitable candidate for the job. 
    • Preferred job typeIn this section, you must detail the type of job that you prefer, your availability, and how soon you want to start.
    • check Additional infoIn this section, you should include information that could increase your chances of getting the job such as whether or not you have been employed before and your driving license details.
    • check EducationHere, you must include all your educational achievements up the moment that you are applying.
    • check Workplace ExperienceEvery job experience is important when it comes to student job applications. If you have worked a paying holiday job or as a volunteer trainee, you must give the details here. Include the contact details of referees from the organizations because most employers will want to get confirmation of whether or not you worked there.

    How to get a job as a student with no experience

    The application process is usually long, but can you can always save your application progress to continue later. If you are seeking to benefit from student employment services without any prior job experience, here is what you must do for success:

    • Be well connectedTo be aware of ongoing student job applications, you must be well connected in all social networks. 
    • Think of it firstMost teenagers cannot wait for legal age so that they can start applying for jobs. Applying for jobs like crazy without thinking it out first is where most of them go wrong. Even if it’s a starter job, you need to carefully think of the answers you give in your student job application. Start by gathering all the information you will need including your academic certificates, work history and the contact information of all your referees. Ensure that you also do good research on the organization itself and the position that you are seeking.
    • Be honestLying in student job applications will not do you any good. Avoid lying about skills, work experiences or qualifications that you do not possess because most employers ask verification for these before they can hire you.
    • check Know your strengthsThe employers will be looking for the best candidate in terms of skill. To sell yourself out to the employer, you must highlight those attributes and skills that make you stand out from the rest. 
    • check Remember to update your social media pagesWhen assessing the suitability of students for a job position, employers can decide to review students’ social media accounts and pages. To be safe, you can update the privacy settings of your social media. Alternatively, you can remove all content that could influence the interviewer’s decision negatively.
    • check Always include a cover letter in your job applicationA cover letter will give you a chance of introducing yourself to potential employers. In your cover letter, explain why you want to work for that particular organization. Instead of reiterating what is already on your resume, describe your previous achievements as a student and what you want to do for the organization as well. This could make you stand out as a better candidate. Your cover letter should not exceed three paragraphs. Do good research about the company so that you can decide on the tone to use. 
    • check Proofread your job applicationBefore sending out your job application, make sure that it represents what you intended. On the same, make sure that there are no grammatical errors. 

    How to choose a career path

    Although there are no restrictions, it can be easier to focus on a job directly related to what you are studying. Whatever job you choose, however, there is always something to learn when you are a student.

    Coming up with a target list of companies you would like to work for could help you a lot. Based on your grades or area of study, your school can help you pinpoint suitable companies to work for. After getting your list of companies, visit their careers page to get information on open student jobs. Ensure that you also subscribe to their mailing service so that you can get notifications when new jobs are posted.

    Online job applications for students

    Most student job applications will be done online. On most employers’ sites, you can save the work as you go meaning that you can save your work to resume later. Typing into a word processor and then pasting into the online form is not advisable because some of the characters used might not be compatible.

    How long does it take to get a call back after applying

    While some employers will send you an email confirming that they have received your application, others may not get back to you at all. Either way, all you can do is keep your hopes up while still continuing with the job search.

    Student job interview tips

    If your job application impresses the reader, you will be called for an interview. You will be competing with other students for the role you applied for, many of which have the same qualifications as you. This means that you must bring out the traits, skills, and attributes that make you unique.

    Now that you have read our guide on student job applications, it’s time to kick-start your career while you are still a student!