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    Sears ApplicationSears Application – Sears Employment

    Sears or Sears, Roebuck & Co., as it is more formally known, has a long history. The company was originally founded by Alvah Curtis Roebuck and Richard Warren Sears in 1893 as a mail order catalog which would allow people around the country to purchase goods that could be shipped through railroad lines. By 1925, the company started to open local stores, and was renamed Sears Holdings in 2005 when it was purchased by Kmart.

    Sears Job Application Online

    There is a Sears application form available online that you can use to start the application process, however, this form is designed to be printed out rather than submitted electronically. Once you print and fill out a Sears job application form, you can submit it at your local Sears store to be considered for a position. You may want to contact your local store and ask about vacancies before you fill out and submit a form so that you can tailor your application toward a specific opening.

    Sears Careers and Income

    Even if you are being promoted internally, you still need to fill out a Sears online application to be considered for the job. There are a variety of positions available within a Sears store including cashiers, store managers, service supervisors, assistant managers, hardware associates, automotive technicians, customer service associates, shipping or receiving associates, sales associates, department supervisors, auto parts associates, support associates, customer service representatives, beauty sales coordinators, office leads, human resources, tire and battery installers, area merchandise coaches, office associates or service technicians. The availability of these positions may vary based on the location you’re applying at.

    When you fill out an application for Sears, you should specify whether or not you are looking for full-time work. There are part-time positions available in different areas of the store. You may be asked to perform a variety of duties while on the clock based on the number of customers in store and what other team members are working that day. Most positions at Sears start at minimum wage. Sales associates can earn up to $10 an hour based on their experience and store location. Those in a manager’s role can earn $20,000-80,000 annually based on their location and experience.

    Apply At Sears – Basic Advice

    When you fill out a Sears job application, it is important to be truthful as you discuss your experience. You may be asked to perform jobs, such as mechanics, that require you to have hands-on, specialized knowledge. If you are asked to demonstrate your experience during an interview, it is important to have an accurate representation of your aptitude on your application. You cannot show your attitude or eagerness for the job on the Sears employment application form, so when you drop off your resume in person, it is helpful to relay how excited you are for this opportunity in order to get more consideration for the job.

    It is also important to have strong communication skills if you are applying for a job at Sears. You will need to work with people every day, and in some cases it will be up to you to explain technical subject matter to customers in a way that it easy for them to understand. The more experience you have working with people in a retail environment, the easier it will be for you to adapt to the standards that Sears operates with.

    Apply At Sears – Advanced Tips

    When you fill out a Sears application form for a management position, it is important to reflect any experience you already have in the application and on your resume. You will be expected to hire people and provide training while they are on the job, so it’s important to have similar experience in these fields. It’s also important to have a good attitude and be willing to continue to perform customer service duties while taking on a manager’s role. Any time there is a concern in the store, you will be expected to smooth things out with the customer to help retain their business.

    After you fill out a Sears application online form for a manager’s position, you will need to attend an interview. It is encouraged to dress professionally for this interview. Not only will this make HR take you more seriously, but managers at Sears are expected to dress in certain attire each day, so it is helpful to show that you have respect for this policy. Creating a strong presentation will also give you more of a sense of authority and will be helpful as you attempt to show the company that you are ready to take on managerial responsibilities.

    Sears Benefits

    A Sears application is the first step toward a strong career path. There are part-time and full-time positions available which will help you select the schedule that is most appropriate for your needs. There are health and wellness benefits available to some candidates. You may also become eligible for bonuses throughout the year. There are retirement plans including a 401(k) package available to employees. Some are eligible for disability or life insurance. All employees are eligible for paid time off as well as store discounts. You may take unpaid time off as well if necessary to help you keep a stronger work/life balance.

    Things to Know About Sears

    It is helpful to be familiar with any company you apply to, and this is especially true when you submit a Sears application. When the company started, Sears took pride in offering quality goods to their customers that they could not have otherwise enjoyed. Today, the same principle of providing quality goods to the masses is what keeps Sears Holdings going. The company is proud of their history and achievements and uses this as a motivator to encourage new employees to do their best.

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