Robeks job application

    If you are passionate about beverages or just desperately looking for a job to jumpstart your career, you should definitely check out Robeks job application online. Robeks, a chain of smoothie outlets, has quite a good reputation when it comes to offering a wide range of career options to choose from. You are almost assured of a job every time you apply. Want to learn everything about Robeks job applications? Read on!

    Robeks job application procedure

    The job application procedure at Robeks is quite simple. All you have to do is visit a Robeks outlet near you and fill the official job application form. Online applications have also been made available for people who find it more convenient to apply from home.

    Robeks job application

    Robeks locations

    Robeks is a privately owned American drink company that specializes in making smoothies. The company has so many outlets today. It started out in California in the late 90s. Currently, Robeks has more than 90 locations in the US and in other countries such as Japan and Qatar.

    How to apply at Robeks online

    On their homepage, click the locations tab and enter your preferred location. If you live outside the US, click the int. locations button. Doing this will load out the Robeks outlet closest to the location that you entered. Clicking on it will bring you all the details of that particular outlet and the open job positions that you can apply for. If there is no information on job positions, you can contact them using the contact information provided or visit them in person to inquire.

    Robeks hiring age

    As a US-based company, the policy requires applicants to be 16 years of age for them to be considered for a job position.

    Robeks working hours

    Robeks operates from 7am to 8pm on weekdays, 9am to 8pm on Saturdays, and from 10am to 7pm on Sundays. The daily mission is to quickly prepare nutritious smoothies in order to offer a variety of healthy options for busy individuals.

    Robeks career options and skills

    The company is always on the lookout for individuals who have experience in making healthy, delicious drinks that will keep customers coming back for more. To work here, candidates must prove that they possess deep knowledge about all types of fruits, beverages, and all their supplements and accompaniments.

    Food preparation skills also come in handy because some of the outlets feature additional items on their menu such as burgers, sandwiches and even complete dishes or breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Robeks jobs

    Robeks salary

    Robeks offers decent salaries to all their employees regardless of the position. Entry level positions attract hourly wages of at least $10 per hour. Managerial and supervisory positions, on the other hand, attract an average monthly salary of at least $6000.

    How much does Robeks pay hourly

    Open Robeks job positions that you can apply for include cashier, smoothie maker, restaurant manager, food preparation specialist, customer service specialist, prices coordinator, and human resource manager. Let us have a look at some of the most common job positions.

    • Robeks Customer service specialist

    This position is sometimes referred to as the team member. General duties include taking orders, serving customers, clearing the bills at the cashier’s desk, and collecting customer feedback. Candidates who wish to apply for this position must be able to stand for long hours, be well groomed, and have exceptional customer welcoming skills.

    Although there is no specific work experience or educational requirement, managers prefer candidates with a high school diploma. Employees earn $8 per hour.

    • Robeks Smoothie maker

    Everyone good in the art of making smoothies is qualified for this job position. Additional duties include cleaning the blending equipment and food preparation. The starting pay will not be less than $8 per hour.

    • Robeks Restaurant manager

    In some outlets, the human resource manager is also the restaurant manager. The primary duty is to oversee everyday duties to ensure that all the policies are being adhered to by every employee. Additional duties include training team members, directly serving customers, answering customer questions, directly serving customers, taking inventory, and accounting for all the cashier drawers.

    To qualify, candidates must hold a high school diploma, have at least 2 years experience in food service or retail, and be a holder of a degree in management. Average hourly positions range from $12-$25 depending on experience and the store itself.

    Robeks interview

    Commonly evaluated areas include work history, food safety and preparation, and customer service skills. The interviewers will also use role play to assess your patience level and politeness when dealing with agitated customers.

    Benefits of working at Robeks

    Besides the good pay, employees enjoy a wide range of benefits which include paid off days, medical insurance, on-the-job training, and 401k retirement plans.  Other minor benefits include discounted smoothie prices and provision of casual uniforms.

    Now that you have gone through our Robeks Job Application guide, it’s time to apply for that job position you have always dreamt of.