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    Do you have a soft spot in your heart for softball?  How about soccer, basketball, the Olympics or boxing?  When it comes to choosing a place to work, you should care about whether or not you will find something about it that you like and in a sporting goods store, liking sports is the first priority to finding a happy job-home.  According to employees who currently work for Modell’s, it’s a great environment with customers who actually need your assistance.  Even former employees speak highly of their coworkers and managers.  One wants to go back to get the “free lunch” again.  Submitting an application for Modell’s is the first step to getting a job with the oldest family-owned and operated sporting goods retailer in the U.S.   The corporate offices are in New York City with stores throughout New England, Virginia and Washington, D.C.  Modell’s employs more than 4,000 people and you could join the team by filling out Modell’s application online form with a simple click of your mouse.

    Modell’s Job Application Online

    Modell’s application online couldn’t be made any easier.  Go to the Modell’s careers page and click on the “click here” link in the job category that interests you.  For store personnel like sales clerks, department and receiving managers, the application opens immediately.  Print the form, fill it out and hand-carry it to the nearest Modell’s store.  For store management and positions in the corporate office, the window will open to a list of current opportunities.  You can either apply online or send a friend who is also job-hunting a notice about the job.   Either way, you can change your future by taking advantage of a Modell’s career.

    Modell’s Careers and Income

    Modell’s still promotes from within but also hires from without.  There are even positions for college interns who are exploring business opportunities and would like to learn how a family operated business competes in the age of multi-national corporations.  Modell’s hires part-time and full-time as well as seasonal workers.  The only way to know if you have a job with Modell’s is to submit a Modell’s employment application.

    Apply At Modell’s – Basic Advice

    After printing the Modell’s application fill it out completely leaving no blank spaces.  If there is a question or section that does not apply to you, simply put in “n/a” so that the manager knows that you did read it.

    Whatever you do, make sure that the application is clean when you turn it in.  Nothing good is going to happen for you if the application has smeared ink, baby food residue or paw prints on it.

    If you are seeking a corporate or management position, generate a new resume keeping in mind that a resume is not the same as an application.  It is not a list of previous employers with job titles and descriptions.  A resume is supposed to show that you have special expertise in some area that qualifies you for the opening.

    Apply At Modell’s – Advanced Tips

    The Modell’s online application for corporate applicants gives you a choice of creating a resume through their system or uploading a resume through your computer or other sources.  Take advantage of the options and present a specialized resume for the position requested.

    Even though Modell’s is a sporting goods store, dress appropriately for the position you seek.  Check out Modell’s windows and you’ll get a good idea of the type of apparel that they sell and wear something in the same vein.  Be well groomed and try not to drown yourself in cologne.

    It wouldn’t hurt a bit if you became familiar with the Modell’s website and at least know the name of the CEO.

    Modell’s Benefits

    Modell’s offers comparable benefits to those of other successful retailers.  But, Modell’s also offers three very unique benefits rarely if ever found in a multinational corporation:  discounts on tickets to various events, anniversary discounts for employees and Modell’s store discounts on a regular basis.

    Things to Know about Modell’s

    Modell’s established a community share program from the very first year that it was in business – that would be 1899.  The focus has always been on supporting sports that bring families closer together and teaching kids how to become team players in a world that needs cooperation and consideration.  Check out their Corporate Giving page and be prepared to discuss it during your interview.

    The CEO was appointed by the mayor of NYC to the New York City Sports Commission and is now serving as Chairman.  He is also serving on several other boards that benefit the residents of the city and knowing a few of the details that you can talk about during your hiring process could give you an edge.

    Modell’s career page

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