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    Champs Sports is a mall-based specialty retailer that has inherited the pioneering tradition of setting trends and creating modern retail store models that most Americans know of today. Currently, it has 552 in-mall stores located throughout the United States and its territories (Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) plus Canada. Each store has a unique and uniform average size of 3,500 to 4,500 square feet as avenue to sell complete varieties of products in most sporting activities. You can kick-start your career by preparing for your Champs Sports application.

    Champs Sports Job Application Online

    There seems to be no end to numerous job opportunities that Champs Sports has in store for lucky applicants. Your Champs Sports online application should start at the right channel. Here is their jobs page as an official subsidiary of Foot Locker: Access is free for all, and there is a two-way easy filtering method available for searchers—by location or by position. To proceed, you must first register for an account. Fill up all necessary items and highlight skills that you have.

    The most common jobs for every Champs Sports application are in line with sales since it is a retail company. This includes positions allocated for key holders, sales associates, cashiers, general managers, management trainees, and stockroom employees. It is a prerequisite for applicants to be at least eighteen years old and above to be considered for further processing.

    Champs Sports Careers and Income

    For Champs Sports job application for management-level employees, the company requires that an applicant has relevant industry-related experience and qualities ranging from excellent leadership to organizational skills. Assistant managers typically get $15,000 a year and make up to $25,000 in annual salary while general managers usually get $45,000 a year, on average. This is provided that an applicant satisfies required certifications and qualifications. Job duties for management-level employees include answering phone calls, training new hires, delegating work, arranging employee schedule, placing orders and coordinating with the corporate offices of Champs Sports.

    Apply at Champs Sports – Basic Advice

    It must first be duly noted that Champs Sports stores do not accept walk-in applicants in its mall stores, so only online Champs Sports applications will be honored. The company relies on customer satisfaction, and since the general orientation is into sales, every applicant must showcase excellent communication skills, upbeat personality, and helpfulness. It will help boost first impression if you come early for an interview, while dressed in appropriate attire. You can also wear merchandise sold at Champs Sports to show additional patronage and interest. It is important then that every Champs Sports application form filled online is complete with updated contact information, in case the local employer seeks to contact you for further assessment. While answering questions, be concise and brief. Bring up your past work experience, be confident, and wear your smile.

    Apply at Champs Sports – Advanced Tips

    Attitude and expertise are two of the most valuable assets any manager can have. Those seeking for Champs Sports employment for managerial positions must possess previous management and retail experience. As for attire, you should come in a more formal garb to depict the higher-level position you’re aiming at. Before a one-on-one interviews held at stores, you must first pass a phone interview. Topics to be included in both phases are basic experience, career goals, knowledge of labor management, customer service, and ability to set goals and drive sales numbers. Most interviews for the executive positions end with negotiations regarding annual salary, so better arm yourself with comparative knowledge of ranges within industry competition.

    Champs Sports Benefits

    Champs Sports careers start with employees who love being with different sorts of people. This opportunity will be achieved on a daily basis with constant interaction from potential buyers. The list goes on with 401k benefits for qualified employees. It doesn’t stop there. Champs Sports All-Star Training and Development program will give you tools to become better at your craft. On top of it all, flexible schedule, paid time off, competitive salary rates, and room for advancement to higher positions is always a part of employment at Champs Sports.

    Things to Know About Champs Sports

    Champs Sports is now heavily marketed to high school athletes with the tagline “We Know Game.” It distinguishes itself from other retail stores by offering only specialty items that relate to footwear, apparel, and accessories in use for sports. To better proclaim their tagline as sports enthusiasts and know-hows, the company frequently sponsors sporting events such as the Florida Citrus Sports annual college football game. They also have specialty stores specific for Nike products called Nike Yardline, specializing in NFL apparel. It is also in partnership with SWAG Magazine to reach young sports enthusiasts who want to know a different side of the favorite athletes they idolize.

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