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    Job hunting and treasure hunting have a lot in common when you think about it. And, finding a job that you can afford to keep, learn new skills, and hone your talents is a real treasure.  When more than 53% of a company’s employees have worked for the same corporation for more than 10-years, it’s a pretty good bet that the leaders are offering more than a paycheck. Ross strongly believes in the person’s ability rather than his background. If you are interested in retail sales and don’t have an aversion to career advancement, you can grab a Ross application and submit it for any number of entry-level positions.

    So, what is it that Ross does better than other stores with similar products?  Well, they invest in their own people and in the communities where they have stores.  Unlike many big corporations with stores all across the U.S., Ross has stores where Spanish is the first language.  But, since they don’t discriminate because of language, Ross has classes for English speakers to learn Spanish – for those stores – and Spanish speakers to learn English – for their other stores.  This means everyone wins.  If you are willing to work and want to become a Ross employee, go to the jobs page and submit a Ross job Application Online.

    Ross Job Application Online

    Ross offers an instant Ross application to fill out for all opportunities.  Start by going to the jobs page, click on the search jobs button and select the job category and state where you want to work.  A window will open to list all the current openings in that state.  You can, also, add your town if you want.  There are positions available in every state right now from retail associates to maintenance mechanics to strategy director at the corporate level.

    Ross Careers and Income

    Some of the executive managers started as retail associates and worked their way up the ladder and Ross still encourages associates who want to create a career with them.  While full-time positions are not available in all stores, there are more opening up every month and members of the Ross team have first choice for to increase their hours.

    Apply At Ross – Basic Advice

    If you are in college now, there are Ross careers in corporate offices in four locations as well as buyer/merchandiser career opportunities available.  Prepare a current resume and demonstrate your skills in communication, creative thinking, problem solving and strategic action.

    Make it clear during your interview if you have specific days/nights that you have a conflict that would prevent you from working.  For example, if you are applying for a position as a stock person, you need to know that stockers work during the hours that the stores are closed and once inside, you will be locked in until the next morning.

    Apply At Ross – Advanced Tips

    In both your resume [or application] and your interviews, blow your own horn “politely” of course by discussing some of your experiences that would show  how you resolved a customer problem resulting in increased customer loyalty.

    Ask your interviewer if his/her department participates in volunteerism or local events that serve the needs of the community at large.  Suggest that you would enjoy being part of that effort or in establishing one if that would be an option.

    Ross Benefits

    Ross offers comparable benefits plus a few unique twists of their own.  The Spanish/English classes are an example of that as well as scholarships for employee’s children who are in college.  Submitting an Application for Ross is easy and the benefits exceptional.

    Things to Know About Ross

    Ross has internships available for college students in all job categories, which are designed to teach you various aspects of a particular field in the real world.  For example, for a student majoring in Merchandising to become a buyer, Ross has a 9-week internship program in New York, Los Angeles and Boston where you will get hands on experience working in the garment district and going to trade shows.

    Ross is opening 95 new stores in 2014.  As of March, 37 locations have been opened and the others are on schedule.  This means added opportunities up and down the line for new positions and promotions.

    You can find Ross employment Application form here


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