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    If you regularly go shopping for office supplies, then you must have encountered the brand OfficeMax. OfficeMax and Office Depot are owned by the same corporation and use the same website for posting open positions. This is important to know when you go to submit an application for OfficeMax since you need to click on the correct store icon. Working at OfficeMax does require that you know something about various office supplies and how to recommend the right product for the right job. Something as simple as the weight of printer paper can help in keeping a printer from jamming, and using the right size of mouse prevents strain on the hands for an office worker who is constantly on the computer. Team players and people willing to invest some time into knowing the product line, working one-on-one with customers, and going above the required expectations to help out are what OfficeMax is looking for. If you think that working in a retail store selling office supplies and equipment could lead to a career move for you, just fill out the OfficeMax application online and prepare for an interview.

    OfficeMax Job Application Online

    Submitting an OfficeMax online application is already possible. You just have to go to the OfficeMax Careers page where you will see the positions available. Click the OfficeMax icon and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a button that says Search and Apply for Jobs at OfficeMax. Click that button and you’ll be off and running as soon as you fill in the mandatory keywords, your city and state, and whether or not you are currently employed. The one advantage here is that you don’t have to create a password and username to see what is available in your area. When you find a job that you want, fill out the OfficeMax application online form and submit it as directed.

    OfficeMax Careers and Income

    Use the OfficeMax employment application process that is applicable for the type of job that you seek. For corporate and management positions, especially upper management, prepare a resume that corresponds to the latest needs of OfficeMax and demonstrates clearly how your experience and education can enhance the quality of their operation.

    Apply at OfficeMax- Basic Tips

    Basically, you will need to be sure of what position you wish to apply for. Additionally, since OfficeMax is everywhere in the United States, be flexible and be ready to be assigned in any branch with any duty. This goes for both corporate positions and in-store positions. In addition to this, study the history and background of OfficeMax. This is one key in getting positive results during the interview. And lastly, answer the questions of the interviewer in a friendly manner and with a positive attitude.

    Apply at OfficeMax- Advanced Tips

    Make sure that you have sufficient experience in working with a retail office and have the recommended education for the position that you are applying for. This specific tip goes especially for those who are applying for managerial positions or other corporate posts.

    OfficeMax Benefits

    Some of the benefits a successful candidate will enjoy once the applicant lands a job with OfficeMax include the competitive salary. In addition to this, all employees are backed with health insurances and other incentives. Furthermore, there will be paid leaves and flexible accounts. Of course, the higher your position is, the more benefits and perks you will receive from OfficeMax. There will be employee assistance plans and life insurance plans too.

    Things to Know About OfficeMax

    Today, OfficeMax runs their stores in one thousand locations that are scattered all around the United States. In relation to this, they have an efficient online store, which allows more and more people to buy the things they need for their businesses and offices without leaving their homes. Additionally, aspirants can also apply even if they are only sixteen years old. OfficeMax never runs out of slots for qualified candidates, and they continue to hire because they continue to expand.

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