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    Video gaming is less a pastime across the United States and more of a national institution. You might even call it an obsession. In any and all cases, it’s safe to say that the gaming retail industry has been forced to up its game in a huge way—not least because of the way in which the Internet has put so many High Street gaming chains totally out of business. How has Gamestop managed to survive? Simple really. It separates itself from each and every one of its rivals by offering a unique and all-encompassing service package. It’s about so much more than just sales of the newest games with Gamestop. Here’s a nationwide powerhouse that also offers a highly-prized trade-in scheme covering every platform out there. From the newest consoles to the handhelds of the ’80s, there’s only one place to go for your gaming needs. This is precisely what makes Gamestop such a solid, dependable, and exciting choice for anyone looking for a career in gaming retail.

    Gamestop Job Application Online

    Here’s a company that’s not only surviving in the face of such turbulent times, but is also expanding and flourishing. As such, there’s never been a better time to fill out a Gamestop application and perhaps secure yourself a Gamestop career that could take you so far. There are literally dozens of positions that are up for grabs at hundreds of retail stores across the United States, so no matter what your training or specialty is, you’ll find the career post for you.

    So whether you’d like to see your Gamestop application take you right to the top, or you’d prefer something more casual on a part-time basis, the form is your first step on the journey.

    Regardless of the position you’re vying for, you’ll find all of the information you need to apply along with the official Gamestop application online at the firm’s main website. Simply head over to, and you’ll be presented with a series of buttons, which include Home Office Positions, Distribution Roles, Internal Candidates, and the digital version of the application form itself.

    Here you’ll find the full job description for each role you’re interested in, so you can determine which position you’d be best suited to before getting started.

    Gamestop Careers and Income

    As stated above, one of the best things about making a Gamestop job application is just how many career paths it can open up to you. Of course, the majority start out at the level of game advisor, which essentially means a frontline role in dealing with customers and providing the unique service package for which Gamestop is famous. It’s an interesting role that extends way beyond simply stocking shelves and taking cash. It’s more about being an all-encompassing oracle of knowledge and advice for every customer who walks in.

    If you have a passion for gaming, then the Gamestop application really is for you. Even at an entry-level, you’ll be paid in the region of $10 per hour for reveling in your own interests.

    As far as management opportunities go, the sky really is the limit. If you’ve already got the relevant skills, qualifications, and experience, you can use your Gamestop online application to apply for a supervisory or management role right from the get-go. You’ll of course need to be fully qualified, but if you’ve got the right stuff, you can start much higher up the ladder. Duties range from general shift supervision to dealing with complaints to recruitment and right through to the planning and organization of new store units all around the country. Of course, the rewards can be huge—an assistant manager with Gamestop may be paid in the region of $25,000 per year, while those at senior management level usually take home in excess of $50,000.

    And, once again, it’s all for doing a job they’re genuinely passionate about.

    Apply at Gamestop – Basic Advice

    You can give your Gamestop application online form by following a few basic tips from the start. For example, as you’re filling in a pretty simple digital version of the Gamestop application form, there’s literally no excuse at all for not producing a flawless application with zero typos or errors.

    In addition, it’s always a good idea to study up a little on the latest gaming news and developments prior to your interview as there’s a good chance you’ll be quizzed.

    Be as honest as possible in the answers you give as it’s likely you’ll be required to, in some way, verify what you put in your Gamestop job application form if and when called in for an interview.

    If called in for an interview, be sure to print off a copy of your completed application form and take it along with you. You might not end up needing it, but it’s good to have it with you just in case you do.

    Obviously, you cannot fake an interest in gaming and pass yourself off as an expert if you’re nothing of the sort. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot fill out a Gamestop employment application as this is a company that takes huge pride in offering some of the best training and development opportunities in the business. So if you’ve got the drive, the determination, and passion to learn all there is to know about gaming, you’re still in with a good shot of securing a position.

    Apply at Gamestop – Advanced Tips

    If looking to really stand out from the crowd, you can make an impact from the beginning by heading into your chosen store prior to your interview and introducing yourself. In addition, particularly if looking to apply at management level, take along as much evidence as possible of your qualifications and a full up-to-date CV.

    Think about where your specialization lies, and try your best to focus on it. Say for example you’re a lifelong fan of Nintendo and have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Zelda and Mario titles. This is something you should be bringing to light. They’re not expecting applicants to be 100 percent versed on every console and every game ever made, as much of a bonus as it would be, so think about where your knowledge lies and go with it.

    In addition to the above, you have to remember at all times that when reaching out to Gamestop for company roles and careers, it’s about so much more than just handing over games and taking cash for them. Instead, you need to understand that it’s a hugely interactive business, which, just like the games themselves, needs plenty of input to get anything out of. You’ll be advising customers, offering guidance on new games and consoles, promoting in accordance with your own knowledge, and generally serving as a gaming oracle.

    And finally, despite the fact that Gamestop has a notoriously laid back and friendly environment in each of its stores across the United States, this doesn’t mean you can treat the interview as a casual affair. Quite the contrary, you should approach it with the respect and courtesy it deserves, meaning appropriate attire and an appropriate attitude.

    Gamestop Benefits

    Gamestop is more than proud to shout about the benefits its employees are lavished with, which include:

    • PPO medical insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision coverage
    • Prescription drug
    • Paid holidays, sick days, jury duty, and bereavement
    • Paid vacation
    • Personal days
    • Flexible spending accounts
    • Company-paid short- and long-term disability benefits
    • 401(k) plan with company matching contributions
    • 100 percent vested upon enrollment
    • Tuition reimbursement
    • Employee discounts of 15 percent at Gamestop stores
    • Business casual work environment

    It really could take nothing more than a simple Gamestop employment application to open the door to all of the above and so much more. Gamestop has a nationwide reputation for being one of America’s finest for supporting and developing its employees, which continues to grow and strengthen each and every year.

    Things to Know About Gamestop

    You wouldn’t know it by looking at it today, but the world’s largest gaming retail chain of its kind actually started life as the smallest of software retailers just a decade and a half ago. Gamestop was born as a company called Babbage’s, which, in 1999, was sold to Barnes and Noble and would go on to experience spectacular growth and expansion.

    As of right now, there are about 6,500 Gamestop locations spanning no less than fifteen global countries. More than forty-five thousand people call Gamestop their place of employment, and the figure is climbing higher every day as the firm continues to grow and expand.

    Gamestop is a company that does all it can to nurture the talent it has and to promote from within its own ranks. As such, even if you don’t start out at a management level or if you don’t have the required skills, it will still work in your favor to communicate your intent to go the distance. They value long-term employees above and beyond all others, as is the case with the vast majority of businesses recruiting today.

    While so many gaming retailers and chains have been forced to fold, Gamestop has harnessed both the power of the Internet and the ongoing demand from consumers for upgrades and exchanges to continue its spectacular growth year after year.

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