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    Claire’s ApplicationClaire’s Application – Claire’s Employment

    Claire’s is a fashion retail store – not just a store that sells fashionable clothing.  They really emphasize style.  If you enjoy assembling stylish outfits from head to toe and love to dress in a more trendy than traditional way, you might end up paying more to work at Claire’s than you intend.  Changing the displays and creating new window fashions is one of the fun parts of this job in all the Claire’s stores.  And, if its corporate work that you want, you have the option to work in a global environment – pick your nation of choice if you adventuring is one of the keys to your career path.  All you need to do to get started is go to Claire’s job pages, complete the Claire’s online application and submit it for review.  If you find nothing that you like right now, follow Claire’s Facebook page since they post job openings on the wall as they come up.

    Claire’s Job Application Online

    In order to submit an application for Claire’s, you first need to go to Claire’s careers search page to search for the type of position you are interested in.  Check out each of the three options – Support Office, Regional and District Sales management and Stores roles to find those that you qualify for.  Since Claire’s has stores and corporate offices in many countries, you will be asked to choose the country or the language among other drop down box selections.  At some point, in order to submit your Claire’s online application, you will need to create an applicant account with a password.  You can apply for more than one position and more often than one time.

    Claire’s Careers and Income

    The Claire’s Job Application will let aspirants have an excellent opportunity to work with an international retail chain. Claire’s application form is available online on their website but entry-level applicants can take the printed form to their local Claire’s and it will be accepted.

    Apply At Claire’s – Basic Advice

    Businesses love to believe that applicants want to work in their particular store – not just any store.  Knowing this, it is advantageous for you to take the time to review the company’s website, see what they sell and know something about the company.  Claire’s Careers page has enough information to give you a taste of the unique aspects and differences that the company offers.  Talk about these types of things when you are called into an interview.

    If you have been buried in the basic activities of life and have had little time to pay attention to the fashion trends, do yourself a favor and go find out what is going on.  Check out pages in fashion magazines and photos of “street fashion” online.  Be prepared to discuss how you would put together a Mod look with a fashion forward edge using Claire’s inventory.

    Apply at Claire’s – Advanced Tips

    Claire’s Online Application process is a bit lengthy. They usually respond to job applications in a few days and then schedule an interview. However, there are chances that hiring team at Claire’s may take a long time to get back to you.  Occasionally, they hold an application for months in their pipeline before scheduling an interview.  To avoid hanging on for months hoping that you might get called back, put a “this application expires on ____ [date]” somewhere on the application even if only in the comment fields.

    Claire’s makes a point that it wants to help its employees “shine”.  What do you need to learn or become better at doing that working at Claire’s will help you achieve that?  Discuss these hopes and desires in your interview.

    Take time prior to your interview to review the Claire’s website looking for clues that will tell you the type of culture they are developing.  Where does the company place the greatest emphasis – “fun place to work” or “customer experience”?

    Claire’s Benefits

    Claire’s employees enjoy satisfactory wages and employee discounts. Claire’s provides a flexible work schedule, paid vacation and 401 (k) retirement plans. They also provide medical, dental, disability and life insurance to all their employees.

    Things to Know about Claire’s

    Katy Perry’s PRISM collection is going to be carried at Claire’s stores throughout the world.  Follow up on this collection to know what it’s all about.

    Claire’s tweets regularly. Tweets often include special sales notices for their followers only.  These are not advertised sales.

    You can submit an application form through this page:

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