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    Journeys is among the most popular retailer of shoes in the United States. The company offers a wide range of branded shoes for children and grownups alike. Besides shoes, Journeys also has apparel and accessories on offer for the customers as well which include belts, hats and sunglasses among other items. There are Journey stores present in all the states of US and their number is growing with each passing day with new stores begin opened to expand the company’s reach. The new and old stores have to be manned by staff which is why there are jobs available at Journeys all year round and job seekers are welcome to send in their applications. This is the reason why Journeys is the preferred employer by most fresh pass outs.

    Journeys Job Application Online

    Since the company has been expanding at a rapid rate, it has to make regular additions to its workforce so that it can continue to provide its customers the high quality customer service for which Journeys is known for.  To apply for a job at Journeys a person simply has to complete a Journeys application that is available on the Careers page of the company’s website. Before filling out the Journeys application online however, it is advisable to have a look at the job requirements that are listed with each job title and make sure that you fulfill each of them.

    The Journeys job application process is handled by wfa.kronostm and is not that hard to understand and complete. You simply have to register yourself in the company’s database and then search for the job titles that you are interested in before applying for them. If you wish to manually complete the application for Journeys then there is an option available for this as well.

    Journeys Careers and Income

    Journeys careers include job positions in different fields and at different levels. There are vacancies available for the posts of sales associates, trainee managers, store managers, trainee district managers, district managers and regional vice president. The sales associates at Journeys are offered the opportunity by the company to become managers if they work hard because of the company’s policy to recruit managers from their own staff. The people vying for a post of a manager must have a good deal of experience in the field and meet all the academic requirements as well.

    Store and district managers at Journeys can expect to earn a handsome salary that could be around $25,000 to $60,000. The post of regional vice president has an even higher annual salary to offer that is punctuated with lots of ancillary benefits as well.

    Apply At Journeys – Basic Advice

    Journeys Application is a step in the right direction for an individual who is looking to carve out a career in the retail industry and has a passion for shoes and customer service. Journeys knows how important fresh blood is for their workforce and has therefore made the application process a lot easier. One of the tips that is most important for an applicant to remember when filling out the Journeys application form is to not lie about his credential or work experience as it is only going to hamper his chances of landing a job at the company.

    When called for an interview at Journeys, the applicants must make sure to carry with them a printed copy of their online application form as well as an updated resume. Moreover, they should also go to the interview well-prepared and read up on the company’s background so that they remain confident when answering the questions asked of them about the company and its history.

    Apply At Journeys – Advanced Tips

    The Journeys application form is just a way to show the HR managers at the company about your academic and professional accomplishments. However, it is your confidence and intelligence during the interview that is going to win you the managerial post at the company. In order to pass the interview with flying colors, you must have to answer each question asked of you without hesitation and to the best of your ability. Moreover, be prepared to answer questions about your previous job as well since the interviewer might be interested in knowing about the duties you performed at your precious company.

    Journeys Benefits

    Journeys application online form can help you in landing a job in one of the finest retailer companies in the US. The Journeys employment application is going to enable you to receive the following benefits.

    • Employment discounts
    • Long and Short term disability
    • Life Insurance
    • Personal accident insurance
    • 401(k) retirement plan
    • Vacation packages
    • Community service hours

    Things To Know About Journeys

    Journeys is one of the best retailers of branded shoes, apparel and accessories in the US that has stores located in all the states of the country. The stores of the company are located in other countries like Canada and Puerto Rico as well.

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