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    Those that are fond of sports or tend to live an athletic lifestyle will often gravitate toward jobs that will let them appreciate this interest while they are on the clock. Finish Line is a popular company amongst athletic individuals because they work to provide premium brands to the public for a variety of different types of activities. When you fill out a Finish Line online application you are working to join a team that values presentation and works to provide customers with a high quality experience every time they visit. You will need to work hard to show your passion for this equipment and providing excellent customer service if you are interested in joining the Finish Line team.

    Finish Line Job Application Online

    You can fill out a Finish Line job application on the official company website. Just scroll down to the bottom of any page and look for the “careers” link that is under the “get to know us” menu that is on the information bar. When you get to the employment page there will be links to different employment opportunities including those in Finish Line stores, the Finish Line outlets in Macy’s, corporate opportunities and customer care or distribution center positions. For the latter two you must be able to report for work in Indianapolis, Indiana to be considered.

    When you click on the type of job you are looking for you will be taken to a page that gives a basic overview of the type of work you will be expected to do as well as a list of basic and management level jobs that are available in this area. You can then click the “apply online” button at the bottom of this paragraph to get started with filling out your application. The website will automatically note the location you are logging in from and give you a list of positions that are available at the Finish Line stores closest to you. Click on the job you want to apply for to start your application. If you wanted to look at jobs in other areas, look at the “other categories” menu on the right and pick the jobs you were interested in or click the “see all open jobs” link to see what else is available.

    When you pick a job that you want to apply for, you will be given a summary of the job duties that are required. If you believe you are a good fit for the job click the “choose a location” button to narrow down the Finish Line departments near you and consent to the pre-application disclosure. You can then either cut and paste or upload your resume for consideration. If you don’t want to attach a resume you can fill out your personal information in a form that is provided.

    Finish Line Careers And Income

    You can apply to Finish Line by using a Finish Line application online or by stopping into a local store. There are a variety of positions available at Finish Line including customer service strainer, customer service shift supervisor, application development internship, allocation manager, financial reporting manager, assistant manager, sales associate or store manager. For all of these positions you need to be 18 or older to apply.

    When you fill out a Finish Line application online form you will be asked what kind of hours you are available to work. In addition to shifts during regular store hours there may be shifts before and after posted store times for setup, inventory, cleaning and other duties. Many jobs at Finish Line start at minimum wage, but supervisory roles can make more. Managers in training can make around $25,000-35,000 a year. The specific salary offered will vary by location and experience. Managers at different locations can make over $50,000 a year based on the same qualifications.

    Apply At Finish Line – Basic Advice

    Those that fill out a Finish Line application online should remember that they will be spending a lot of time interacting with people while they are on the job. You will be expected to ring up purchases, help people select merchandise, greet customers and assist others around the store, even in entry level positions. You will need to be friendly and courteous to both customers and other employees if you want to succeed or move up in this store.

    People that are filling out an Finish Line job application form should emphasize any other experience they have working in retail or sports related venues. Additional experience could make you eligible for more advanced job titles or an increase in your pay. If you have any experience setting schedules, managing pricing, setting up displays or similar thins, this will be taken into consideration when the manager determines where you can start within the company. Most entry level positions pay minimum wage, but if you do not need much training or supervision you might be able to start at a higher pay level or take on hours that are at busier parts of the day.

    Apply At Finish Line – Advanced Tips

    People that are filling out a Finish Line application for a management position will need to outline all of the experience they already have in this field. You will need to be able to train employees, set the schedule and act as a leader within the store. You will be responsible for overseeing all of the operations of the store location where you work so it is important to have a strong working knowledge of Finish Line policies that you can use to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

    There are training programs available for managers but these are typically used to promote people within the company into this new role. Those that are a manager in training will start at a lower pay grade, usually around $20,000 a year, and will move up as their skills and competence in the role grows. People that move from an assistant manager to general manager position will also get an increase in pay. While the company values experience when they are hiring managers, there are no specific requirements for training or other items that a manager must hit in order to be considered so long as they are able to do the job well.

    If you are applying for a corporate job, a four year degree of some kind will usually be required. The specific degree that they are looking for on an application for Finish Line will vary based on the position you are hoping to get into. Those with experience in loss prevention, customer service, inventory control, clerking and similar duties will be more likely to be considered for corporate positions with Finish Line because they will require less training once they get into the office.

    Finish Line Benefits

    Finish Line careers are supplemented with a lot of different benefits packages. The specific benefits available will vary based on how long you have been working with Finish Line, your employment status and the position within the company. You can learn more about what benefits will be available to you when you fill out your Finish Line employment application for a specific position.

    One of the main benefits of working at Finish Line is that you have paid time off which includes sick, personal and vacation days. There are a few restrictions on when these can be taken, but this usually revolves around sales or other busy times when all employees are valuable to the operation of the store. There are also paid holidays for employees throughout the year.

    A full medical insurance plan which includes prescription drug coverage is available to employees. You can also set up your coverage with a flexible spending account, vision and dental based on your needs and personal preferences. Those that are interested can sign up for life insurance coverage which includes a basic life insurance plan. You can also buy a dependent life insurance plan or supplemental life insurance plan based on your individual needs.

    Finish line works to provide their customers with financial bonuses including a stock purchase plan. You will get employee discounts on merchandise and be eligible for contests within the store throughout the year. Some employees are also eligible for a 401 (k) retirement reimbursement plan or an education reimbursement plan.

    Things To Know About Finish Line

    When you start your Finish Line application it is important to reflect on the experience you already have in similar roles. Finish Line is happy to hire people that don’t have much experience in retail, but they pride themselves on providing a premium presentation to their customers. This starts with providing quality customer service. They refer to their sales pitch as “resneakerization” which means that your goal should be to provide customers with a pair of shoes that will make their day and ultimately work to change their lifestyle.

    People that are looking into completing a Finish Line application form should focus on making themselves look competent and hard working. You want to show that you are able to be convincing while still listening to the needs of the customer. Familiarity with the brands sold at Finish Line is a huge plus and will definitely help you as you start to make your way within this company.

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