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    Victoria’s Secret ApplicationVictoria’s Secret Application – Victoria’s Secret Employment

    Victoria’s Secret is probably the worst-kept secret in the world when it comes to retail stores. As a worldwide brand that is part of the L Brands corporate structure, submitting a Victoria’s Secret job application is the first step to getting in the door to a very glamorous job. Having the opportunity to work in a store where everything around you is beautiful should be enough of an enticement to rush to download your own Victoria’s Secret online application right now. But if you need a better incentive, consider the benefits of working for a company with four other global retail outlets—Bath and Body Works, Pink, La Senza, and Henri Bendel of New York. With employment references from Victoria’s Secret, you have an edge in getting hired at any of the sister companies if you move and need to find another job.

    Victoria’s Secret Job Application Online

    Victoria’s Secret takes applications online for all positions. You can pick up a Victoria’s Secret employment application at your local store or download Victoria’s Secret application online form when you click on the Job Title link on the Career page.

    To apply for a job in any one of the other fifteen categories, select the career area you prefer ( Job areas include Design, IT, Merchandising, Marketing, Loss Prevention, and Customer Care Centers. Click on the category of your choice.

    Let’s say you are about to graduate with a Marketing degree, and you’d like to work for this company. You can log in to the website through your Facebook account and have access to Victoria’s Secret application form. You will also be asked to provide your resume, so be sure you have it updated and ready to send.

    Victoria’s Secret Careers and Income

    Regardless of the position you are hired for, your most important job at Victoria’s Secret is to make customers happy with their experience. As a sales associate, you will start at a minimum wage, unless you have been employed by L-Brands previously and are recommended by your previous manager. You can download a Victoria’s Secret job application form at the main link.

    Other areas of expertise include store manager, product manager, financial analyst, visual merchandising manager, and Internet project management, which require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in experience. Your experience and degree will influence your wages For these positions, fill out the Victoria’s Secret application online, and submit it with your updated resume.

    Apply at Victoria’s Secret – Basic Advice

    In filling out your application for Victoria’s Secret, be open and honest with all your answers. One of the key ingredients for this company’s decision to hire you is your respect for yourself and those you will work with, and this is judged first by your honesty on your application.

    In preparing your resume, concentrate on things that you have done that would make you a good fit for the company as well as the position—things that set you apart.

    L-Brands and Victoria’s Secret believe strongly in community participation and support. They depend on their employees at all levels, including associates, to bring ideas and needs of the community to their attention.

    If you volunteer with a local group to better your community or provide help to those who need it (such as Wounded Warriors, United Way, or Cancer associations), be sure to include it on your Victoria’s Secret application online and resume.

    When you go for your interview, be sure to wear makeup, but not overly exaggerated. Wear a current outfit, not one from your closet that’s five years old. And be sure that you are neat, clean, and well-groomed from head to toe.

    Apply at Victoria’s Secret – Advanced Tips

    For positions that allow you to submit the Victoria’s Secret application virtually, avoid submitting a generic, one-size-fits-all resume. Tweak your resume to highlight those experiences and talents that apply more to the company and really strut your stuff with your personality. If you aren’t sure how to do this, contact a friend who has taken a few journalism classes, and ask them to help you.

    Do an online search for pay scale and salary average in the area of the country and the position that you are seeking; then take 20 percent off the bottom number to get a realistic figure for that position.

    For some reason, the salary information you can find online is considerably higher than the real pay, no matter what the job. For example, pay scale calculators and websites state that attorney positions in New York City with major firms average $60,000 a year to start. Actually, they start at $35,000 a year with minimal experience.

    Victoria’s Secret Benefits

    Each position at Victoria’s Secret has its own benefits and job descriptions. Qualification requirements and benefits are provided in the Victoria’s Secret Careers page by occupation.

    L-Brands usually relocate newly hired associates for some of the corporate positions, such as marketing, design, merchandising, financial analysts, and overseas positions. There are other positions that also qualify. If you will be required to transfer more than two hundred miles from your current location, ask during the interview if you will be offered relocation assistance, or mention your question on your Victoria’s Secret application.

    Things to Know About Victoria’s Secret

    Did you know that Victoria’s Secret has three (yes, three) international brands? Victoria’s Secret , Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Accessories, and PINK. The beauty and accessories stores are part of the international franchise, and both PINK and Victoria’s Secret are operated by the L-Brands corporation.

    L-Brands stands for Limited Brands, but it could have just as easily been named after the company’s founder and CEO, Les Wexner. He graduated from Ohio State, started with one shop, and is now the “richest man in Ohio” according to Forbes.

    L-Brands and Victoria’s Secret rewards people who are passionate about the company, the products, and especially in providing the ultimate experience for its customers. If you have these qualities, you have a good start toward a long career with Victoria’s Secret.

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