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    Numerous businesses compose the retail industry. More than just consumer products, clothing companies contribute to the entire industry’s growth. Clothing nowadays goes beyond being a basic necessity among individuals. People’s understanding of the benefits of being fashionable has boosted the demand on clothing significantly, resulting in more retail stores that promote continuous supply for a growing number of buyers. Old Navy is among the top clothing retailers in the United States. Being a division of Gap Inc., a leading clothing brand, Old Navy has grown beyond being a clothing retailer as it also offers accessories. This stability gained the company an impressive wave of applicants to its different branches with the goal of landing a job in the organization. Read on to maximize your Old Navy Application! 

    Old Navy Job Application Online

    Statistics show that thousands of applicants are vying for any position offered by Old Navy yearly. The company also displays unstoppable expansion, which means it has numerous job openings that must be filled to continue extending high-quality service to its loyal buyers. Positions range from store sales staff to managerial positions for specific departments. Each job opportunity sets certain requirements to meet in filing out an Old Navy application in order to be considered for a position. Old Navy’s website lists these requirements that every applicant must read prior to launching an application.

    old navy application

    Sending an Old Navy application online is possible by logging on to its Careers page as managed by its parent company, Gap Inc. To set your expectations, Old Navy perhaps has the simplest job search process for its online applicants. On the Careers page, go to the Job Search tool found at the lower right corner of the website. Using the drop-down menu, select your country, your talent area or also known as the “job category” of your preference, and choose Old Navy as the brand. Your browser will open a new window showing the initial pages of Old Navy job application process hosted in Taleo.net. It displays the available jobs to choose from. Refine your search by using the Advanced Search tab or by clicking the job links, which will bring you to the page explaining the job in detail. Click Apply Online to create your online profile.

    Like other application pages, Old Navy requires logging in to your account within the network. If you do not have an account yet, signing up is very simple. Click New User to register and indicate your preferred user name and password. Although an e-mail address is not required, the company highly recommends registering using your e-mail address. Complete the registration process and continue to the Resume Parsing process.

    In Resume Parsing, you have an option to load personal information using your LinkedIn account or Taleo Universal Profile. You can also upload your resume from your hard drive. Should you wish to skip this process, you may opt to fill out an application for Old Navy manually. Click Continue and you are on your way to completing the online form.

    Old Navy Careers and Income

    Old Navy careers include openings for different managerial positions assigned to specific departments. Job titles include store manager, cashier lead, stock lead, shift supervisor, and many more. A managers’ responsibilities include talent selection, assessing performance and coaching team members, ensuring that standard operating procedures are met accordingly, boosting workplace productivity, and a lot more. As the main person held responsible in supervising a department, managers are also expected to communicate regularly with the higher-ups through regular report delivery. Coordinating with other divisions’ management may also be compulsory if the executives find it necessary.

    Qualifying for supervisory position often requires work experience in doing the  job. Nevertheless, the company may also consider individuals with solid experience in the same industry or line of work. Familiarity with the business coupled with comprehensive managerial training can produce an effective manager despite the lack of background in the job. In any case, training is also provided for experienced individuals. Training concentrates on Old Navy’s standard operating procedures and other regulations in the company. The job title may be the same, but the company is different, which highlights the importance of training new Old Navy managers.

    All the hard work in training and managing assigned department is rewarded generously with Old Navy’s competitive pay. A manager’s yearly salary is around $25,000 to $60,000 depending on certain factors like job title, work experience, branch location, and others. Furthermore, managers receive numerous benefit packages like health insurance coverage and other perks. Being a part of a multinational clothing company, Old Navy guarantees that employees receive their benefits as mandated by law.

    Apply at Old Navy – Basic Advice

    The Old Navy application system is open to every hardworking individual with a passion for customer service. Filling up its online form is easy, which is a good way to start the application process. In line with this, an important tip is to complete the form by typing your personal information. The Old Navy job application form may pose other questions, all of which you should answer truthfully and comprehensively. Your online profile is the first set of information the hiring staff will access to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the role and schedule your interview.

    Despite accomplishing the application form online, it is vital that you bring a printed copy of your completed form on the day of your interview. Another important document to take with you is your updated resume; however, do not forget to update it according to the details typed on the online form to guarantee consistency. Be sure to get this printed prior to your job interview. While the hiring manager may or may not ask for your resume, it would certainly work to your advantage if you are able to readily present this when asked.

    Unlike other companies, Old Navy conducts numerous interviews for sales associates and similar job titles. The process usually starts as a group interview, so expect to be interviewed with other applicants. Arm yourself with knowledge about Old Navy and Gap products as you may be asked to conduct a mock retailing scenario using certain products. Moreover, situations about common tasks or in-store occurrences may be asked of you, and you must answer each question according to your target position.

    Passing the initial group interview will direct you to a one-on-one interview, usually conducted by an HR representative. Common questions asked in this interview are the reasons on why you are applying for the role, details on your previous work history, educational background, and accessibility to the workplace. It is best to answer these questions truthfully and with confidence to assert your capability and readiness to take on your desired position.

    As with other company’s hiring processes, Old Navy routinely conducts background checks, references inquiry, and drug testing. It is a traditional practice in hiring employees, and negative results or feedback on these inquiries may result to losing the opportunity to get the job.

    Contrary to popular belief, Old Navy does not hire individuals based on their flair for wearing fashionable or flamboyant clothing. They prefer candidates not based on their fashion-forward ways, but on their impeccable work ethics—hardworking, engaging, and fun-loving individuals who can relate with customers easily. Show off your bright personality during the interview to boost your chances in passing the application process.

    Apply at Old Navy – Advanced Tips

    An esteemed company like Old Navy conducts extended and comprehensive application process for candidates looking to assume a managerial position. This may sound nerve-racking, but it is important to understand where the company comes from. Managerial tasks are intimidating, and Old Navy hiring managers narrow the applicant choices to those who fit the character profile and who also have the aptitude and experience to handle all the responsibilities required in the job. It is important to set your expectations on the hiring process as you will be subjected to a comprehensive skills assessment test by answering a multiple choice exam. As for the interview process, customer service scenarios will be presented, and you must address each issue as a competent manager would. The interviewer may also ask you to sell a product to gauge your knowledge about retailing since managers also guide their teams in sales.

    Knowledge is key for every potential manager. Be familiar with the store where you are applying, and observe its operations. Buy some Old Navy clothing to acquaint yourself with the store’s product lines and quality. Your Old Navy application form may be appealing with your credentials, but letting the interviewer know that you are familiar with the products will certainly give you an edge over the others.

    Be prepared to answer questions regarding your managerial background. Describe your responsibilities as a manager in your previous company to let the interviewer know that you have a manager’s fundamental skills. Confidence will play an important role in selling your capabilities to the potential employer.

    Old Navy Benefits

    Accomplishing the Old Navy application online form is perhaps the best career move that you will do. You will have the opportunity to be a part of a reliable company that takes care of its employees by providing them the benefits and perks that they deserve, whether they work part-time or full-time.

    As with other companies, Old Navy grants employees health and wellness benefits to aid in covering medical-related expenses. Applicants searching for jobs in a company that helps workers in time of need will find Old Navy as the employer they dream of.

    Old Navy is not only devoted in expanding the company and providing businesses to thousands of individuals through Old Navy employment application. It is also committed in opening a bright future for workers by offering 401(k) plans and other future planning benefits for eligible employees. Registration for life and disability plans are available to give way to assistance should an unfortunate event occur.

    Joining the company will grant you a comprehensive compensation plan that may include several or all of the following components:

    • Health and wellness benefit with medical, dental, and vision coverage and private counseling
    • 401(k) retirement plans
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Stock purchasing plans
    • Discounts on non-Gap merchandise and vacation sites
    • Third-party gym memberships
    • On-site fitness facilities access
    • Paid vacation

    Aside from this basic coverage, you can also be eligible for the Gap Inc. Take Five initiative. This is a program offering five hours worth of pay by participating in community service or other volunteer works on other programs.

    Old Navy highlights the significance of employees’ effort for the company. To give back to its employees’ hard work, the company is likely to offer performance bonuses to those who excel in the workplace.

    Things to Know About Old Navy

    Employment with Old Navy is a great career start point for every entry-level worker as well as a good career step ladder towards higher positions for experienced individuals. Keep in mind, however, that gearing up with some trivia or information about the company can be helpful in boosting your chance in getting hired. Old Navy executives take notice of applicants who have sufficient knowledge about the company and its products as it leaves an impression that they are interested in being a part of the company’s workforce.

    Old Navy started as a Gap spin-off group, which eventually expanded and is now a full-fledged division of the Gap Inc. Statistical reports about the company showcased its 40 percent contribution to the parent company’s total yearly profit. Old Navy began its journey by gaining consumers’ approval for its high-quality and trendy yet budget-friendly clothing. Its clothing line is designed for the general American market, who often look for clothes that can be used for leisure purposes, work, or school.

    Old Navy clothing indeed dominated the market due to its products’ features. However, the brand also gained positive image by participating in numerous programs that local communities will find helpful. Among these programs are the Take Five Initiative and Shadow program.

    In Take Five Initiative, the company encourages employees to volunteer to community activities as a way to give back to its localities. To reward employees, Old Navy pays them salary worth five hours of work.

    On the other hand, the Shadow program allows disadvantaged children to explore the store with the assistance of Old Navy employees to give them an idea of how it feels working in a positive and productive retail establishment.

    Due to its commitment to selling topnotch products and quality service, Old Navy has won several awards recognizing its efforts. It is also a member of the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP).

    Deciding to send your Old Navy application through the company’s Careers page is a great career investment considering the company’s ranking in the industry.
    Old Navy Careers home page: http://www.gapinc.com/content/gapinc/html/careers/oldnavy-careers.html


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