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    Kroger is the United States’ largest supermarket chain in terms of revenue, the second largest general retailer chain, and the twenty-second largest company. It has stores in thirty-one states, with more than 2,400 branches, either directly owned or subsidiaries. A majority of Kroger employees are represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and have a collective bargaining agreement.

    Kroger has good community relations and is very much involved with charity work. It also has a program that recruits and employs veterans.

    Kroger Job Application Online

    Prospective applicants can file their Kroger job application online through the Kroger Careers web page ( Apart from filing their Kroger application, prospective applicants can also create a profile and submit it on the site. They can update their profile and Kroger online application at any time. Applicants can also search for job openings and signify their interest in the jobs posted.

    Kroger Careers and Income

    There are interesting details about Kroger and plenty of history. Kroger was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1883. Through the years, Kroger has been an industry leader in innovation and in community relations. Among other things, it was the first grocery chain to scientifically test products for freshness. It was also the first retailer chain to employ the use of a barcode scanner. During the 1970s, Kroger pioneered formal consumer and market research, with a survey of more than four thousand customers during the first year. In 2012, close to 2 million customers were polled in its market studies. Another innovation that had a great impact on community relations was the institution of a process where safe and edible fresh produce is donated to local food banks. This is a practice that has created the founding pillars of the food donation drives that we see all over the world today.

    Kroger has a great image to maintain and a reputation to uphold. As a company with a well-regarded reputation for innovation and community relations, it is expected that applicants would also be of the same mind-set—if not, with a more fervent desire to serve customers and their community. Those thinking of filing out their Kroger application for managerial positions are expected to show initiative and motivation in their jobs. Store managers are also expected to extend a hand to the local community. Kroger understands that the company has social responsibilities, and the manager is the contact person on the spot tasked to represent the company. The successful applicant must therefore be able to embody the ideals of the Kroger company and be its representative to the general public.

    Regular duties of a store manager include recruitment and training of personnel, manpower scheduling, managing the store, monitoring the inventory and deliveries, ensuring that the products are kept fresh and rolling, as well as making sure that the customers are happy. As a store manager for a countrywide chain, he also has customer relations functions. The store manager is expected to interact and communicate in person with customers as part of his daily duties, and at every opportunity. He or she must be the smiling face who amicably settles problems and prevents conflicts from arising within the store. He or she will be expected to think quickly on his feet, be unbiased and nonjudgmental, and have the best interests of the company at heart. Like all store managers in the retail industry, people skills are a premium skill. This is very much used in daily interaction with employees and associates, suppliers, management, customers, and the general public. Of course, it is also a requirement for store managers and other employees to have exceptional skills and memory, as you will be dealing with thousands of items in inventory, codes, suppliers, and a host of other things. Most of the time, there are concurrent projects that need to be attended to, so grace under pressure and the ability to focus to get things done is a premium bonus.

    Up to 75 percent of employees are members of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), and as a result, most of the salaries are under a collective bargaining agreement. Kroger’s employees, associates, and managers have a pay scale, which is relatively higher than the rest of the retail industry. Assistant managers at Kroger earn $37,000 to $69,000 per year. Comanagers earn $36,000 to $86,000 annually, while store managers earn $56,000 to $110,000 per year. Manager salaries differ by a large margin because salaries are based on experience, performance, and store location.

    Among other subsidiaries and businesses, Kroger also manages close to two thousand pharmacies located inside its stores. More than 160 million prescriptions per year are filled up in these in-store pharmacies. Kroger pharmacists earn between $94,000 to $129,000 per year. Pharmacy managers’ salaries range from $100,000 to $130,000 per year. There are also performance-based bonuses, allowances, cash or item gifts, travel perks, and many other incentives. Kroger employees are paid well and rewarded handsomely for great work and commitment. Since the company has been around for decades, it has learned that the best resource is human resource.

    Apply at Kroger – Basic Advice

    Kroger is in constant need of new employees, both for entry-level and management roles. As a retailer with more than 2,400 locations, the application process for entry-level positions is mostly at the store level. For store positions, the initial interview is a get-to-know-you stage. Like the Kroger application form, the interview is fairly easy and standard. After submitting their Kroger application online, the applicant would be invited to an exam and an interview at the store. One important thing to note is that there will be a drug test and an interview after the results have come out. The interview is like most other job interviews. For entry-level positions, the salaries are fixed, and the applicant is informed early on how much he will be paid. There is nothing to worry about really because as mentioned earlier, Kroger employees receive above–market average compensation. The benefits and other perks are also a cut above what you would receive in the industry.

    For the interview process, there are simple rules to remember. The applicant is advised to arrive on time and be truthful with the interview answers. This is a way for the company to see if the applicant is a good fit for the position. For some successful applicants, the interview may seem like a formality, with the main basis of acceptance being the Kroger job application form. This may be because in the judgment of the interviewer, they are a good fit for the job, and the management may have already decided early on to hire him. This makes the Kroger application online form even more important for the job applicant.

    It is important to understand that Kroger is a retailer that works hard at maintaining good community relations. The applicant must know as much of the company as possible, including any local activities or interaction with the community the store is located in. It is recommended that the prospective associate do his/her best to impress the company with his application for Kroger.

    Besides being motivated, an eye for innovation, adaptability, and understanding orders are equally important. Entry-level store floor positions include tasks related to store cleanup, inventory, merchandising, stock keeping, packaging, and others. The tasks may be ad hoc, which is normal for shop floor retailer workers.

    Apply at Kroger – Advanced Tips

    Like most retailers, Kroger would promote from within the ranks for any position. However, every so often, there are openings for store management positions. Those who would be filing out a Kroger application for store management positions should know the company well before applying. As mentioned above, the manager will be the company’s representative and will be an extension of Kroger’s mission and vision. The interview is usually also done in-store or within the store’s region. The application starts on the Kroger Careers web page, but the decision will be done in-store. Getting a local for store positions, including managers, is advantageous for both the applicant and the company. If the applicant knows the community and Kroger’s activities to help the community, this can be raised as a discussion point during the interview.

    Kroger’s financial package is relatively higher than the industry average. The salary depends on the experience and the store location. Store manager applicants have to state in the Kroger employment application their prior store management experience. They would also probably be able to negotiate a better financial package.

    Besides the supermarket and grocery chain, Kroger also employs main office support personnel. As a company with locations across the country, it also has openings for various jobs in IT, accounting, HR, public relations and press, community relations, warehousing, pharmacy, inventory control, and other support and administration functions. The Kroger applicant can browse the Careers page and search for jobs that would best suit his/her qualifications.

    Kroger Benefits

    With most of its employees being members of the UFCW, Kroger’s collective bargaining agreement also affects other non-union employees. Kroger employees have a long list of items in their benefits package:

    • Medical Benefits and Prescription Drugs administered by Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Kroger offers three medical plans to its associates. Prescription drug benefits are included in all plans. Prescriptions can be filled at Kroger in-store pharmacies or by mail order.
    • Dental Plan. Administered by Aetna, Kroger has two dental plans—premier and standard.
    • Vision Plan. The plan is administered by Vision Service Plan and covers routine eye exams, eyeglasses, or contact lenses.
    • Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA). The FSA lets the employees set aside money for eligible health care expenses.
    • Wellness Resources. Associates can get discounts for fitness centers and gyms, as well as fitness challenges.
    • 401(K) Retirement Savings Account. Employees are enrolled in the retirement plan that deducts a portion of their pay and is matched by Kroger contributions.
    • Kroger Stock Exchange. Employees can set aside part of their income to buy Kroger stock without any commission fees.
    • Life Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. Kroger provides coverage of up to one-and-a-half times the associate’s annual base pay. Associates can purchase additional coverage up to ten times their annual base income up to $2 million. The associate also has the option to buy additional insurance coverage for his spouse and children, as well as personal accident insurance.
    • Short- and Long-Term Disability. Kroger employees have short-term disability coverage free of charge, and they also have the option for long-term disability coverage, which covers part of the income lost if the associate is unable to work for longer than 180 days.
    • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Associates can have tax savings by setting aside a part of their pre-tax salary for dependent day care expenses.
    • Group Life/Home Insurance. Associates get group discounts on insurance options.
    • Group Legal Insurance. Administered by ARAG, it pays all or part of routine legal services.
    • Employee Assistance Program. A third-party program administered by Magellan Health Services, where employees and their family can receive, for free, up to six counseling sessions and unlimited phone assistance.
    • Associate Discount Program. Associates get discounts on grocery and jewelry store purchases. They also get discounts on purchases of educational resources, computers, mobile service plans and vehicle purchases, personal finance resources, and others.

    There are also other perks and bonuses that an employee will be receiving during his stay at Kroger. Some are performance-based while others are incentives that help motivate employees and managers to meet a particular goal or target.

    Things to Know About Kroger

    Kroger was founded by Barney Kroger in 1883. Since the beginning, Kroger has lived by a simple motto: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.” From a small store in Cincinnati, Ohio, it has progressed to more than 2,400 branches across the United States. It is the second largest retail chain and the forty-fourth largest company in the country.

    Kroger has pursued innovation in order to better serve customers. It was the first grocery store to bake its own bread for sale to the public. It was also the first grocery to sell meat. Other innovations to its products include own branded and produced food items. Kroger branded merchandise is manufactured in more than thirty-five food processing facilities. As a result, about 40 percent of private label branded merchandise are from Kroger subsidiaries or Kroger-owned plants.

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