Bashas Job Application Guide

    bashas job application guideBashas Job Application Guide – Bashas Employment

    Bashas is a large, ever expanding grocery store, primarily located in the Arizona state, but with stores in both California and New Mexico. This expansion means the possibility in the future of further stores, and therefore more employment. Despite that, Bashas is a big employer and one which offers plentiful benefits for staff. There are full time and part time opportunities, in posts which range from entry level, up to management and director posts. Development is actively encouraged for all members of staff, and those who display management potential and eagerness to learn will be supported to advance within the company.

    Bashas stores are open from 6am in the morning until 11pm at night, and works on a shift basis. Employment is flexible, with part time hours being offered for entry level posts, and full time for management or supervisory roles, with the chance to work up to a full time post with experience gained.

    Bashas recruit staff from 18 years old upwards, and no experience is needed for entry level positions. A full induction program will be given for new recruits, which covers everything about the company itself, as well as customer service and conflict management information. Health and safety information is also covered, as well as continuous training throughout the period of employment.

    Bashas Job Application Online: How to Apply

    The online application process for recruitment at Bashas is easy and very clear. Online is the only way to apply, and the best advice is to ensure you read every part of the process, as it guides you through the recruitment portal step by step. You do not need to upload a CV or resume, as all information is gained from the application form you complete online.

    It is not unusual to hear back within two days, however anything up to one month is possible. It is acceptable to call Head Office to enquire about the status of an application, if you don’t hear anything, and shows eagerness. Interviews are in person at a local store, and are usually conducted by management, often up to three panel members. Interviews are usually conducted in batches, so expect several potential recruits to be attending an interview session on the same day as you, although it will be done individually.

    Bashas Careers & Income

    There are a range of careers available at Bashas, which begin with entry level options. These are mostly part time, but can increase. For entry level jobs, there is no experience required, as this will be given, but any experience you do have will work in your favor. The in house training program is however very comprehensive, and continues throughout employment.

    Entry level candidates can expect flexible hours, working on a shift basis. Management positions are more scheduled and offer more benefits.

    The most popular entry level positions are:

    • Courtesy clerk
    • Produce clerk
    • Meat helper
    • Meat cutter
    • Cashier
    • Deli clerk
    • Bakery clerk

    None of these positions require prior experience, however positions such as meat cutter and bakery clerk will be reserved for those who do have some experience or those who are working up from another entry level position. It is not usual for a rotational arrangement across positions to be in place, however those who express a desire to move sideways into another entry level position will be supported, if there is scope to do so. Transfers across to other stores is also something which can be considered for the individual’s circumstances.

    These positions can expect a salary up to $10 per hour. Management positions can expect a yearly salary of between $45,000 to $50,000 over time, so there is certainly scope for development and growth.

    Benefits of Working at Bashas

    Part time workers and full time workers gain different benefits, but they all add up to a positive working experience. Part time workers (entry level) can expect flexible working hours on a shift basis, as well as a competitive wage, which is on part, if not higher, than similar grocery stores around. Training is comprehensive and given on a paid basis, and employees are sent on various training days throughout induction and beyond.

    Full time workers gain more benefits, including medical insurance, retirement benefits (pension), a set number of holiday days every year which is on a paid basis, and the possibility of housing arrangements, if needed. Training and development is also actively encouraged, as well as being expected. Employees will gain several certifications throughout full time employment at Bashas.

    What Else Do You Need to Know about Bashas?

    Bashas is a great company to work since they look after their staff, and provide extra support and training.The wage is, as we mentioned, competitive, and for some entry level positions, this is higher than other grocery stores in the same vein. Whilst stores are currently limited, and mainly focused in the Arizona state, Bashas remains a big employer in terms of numbers in that particular region, and actively encourages advancement.