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    The demand for daily medication pushed the pharmaceutical industry into a major global business. While some businesses experience downtimes in the number of welcomed customers daily, pharmacies, on the other hand, maintain high volume of buyers daily with all the individuals needing medication—either for treating long-term illnesses or minor accidents. Aside from pharmacy chains, other drug retailing chains, such as Walgreens, also contribute in solidifying the industry by offering accessible medications. The company is an esteemed brand in the retailing industry. They offer medications as well as consumer products. From its humble beginnings, Walgreens showed an impressive nationwide expansion, resulting to more than 8,500 stores established in all fifty states as of January 2013. With its solid reputation, working for Walgreens implies commitment in offering quality care and service to the community, which leads to a promising career path.

    Walgreens Job Application Online

    The company, driven by its devotion to quality drug distribution, is in search for individuals who share the same passion for service. Walgreens has a long list of applications for the administration to choose from. Job seekers search for a stable company that guarantees continuous employment while opening doors for career improvement. As for job opportunities, Walgreens welcomes applicants aiming for employment as pharmacists and even executive positions.

    As with other companies, Walgreens does not have a downloadable and printable application form. In contrast, the application process is more convenient with the Walgreens online application form found on the company’s Careers page (http://careers.walgreens.com/#welcome-tab). This page serves as a welcome page for applicants, with several links to the jobs offered by the company. To set your expectation, the site is fairly easy to navigate, although there are noticeable differences to the job search and application filing process depending on the offered position. It is highly recommended for job seekers to be aware of this now in preparation for the application process.

    If you are applying as a pharmacist or as an in-store staff, you are in for several clicks before reaching the actual application page. Although this may sound inconvenient, it is undeniable that the information presented on the pages will work to your benefit. Click the Pharmacy tab or In-Store tab, and a link will appear on learning more about the position. Click on this and you will get a list of jobs available. Choose your preferred job, and you will be directed to the page that details its job description. At this point, you should find an “Apply online” link. Click it to be redirected to the site where you can begin building your profile. Walgreens application online requires signing up for an account. Register by hitting the Register button, and start filling out your information on the Candidate Registration page. Provide basic information like full name, e-mail address, social security number, and birth date. At this point, you can continue filling out other information, like work and educational background, and answering some questions. Complete the Walgreens online application form, then continue with an initial skills assessment test. After this is done, hiring managers will evaluate all submissions; and if you qualify, expect a call arranging for an interview that forms part of the initial screening process.

    Applying online for a role in health and wellness, corporate, or distribution-related jobs is an easier process. Click on their corresponding buttons, and two links will appear instead of one. The first link shows the list of different job openings in each corresponding department. The other link is where you can start searching for related jobs, which saves you time going through each job description. Click on the Search Job option, and check the next page that displays search results according to category, location, or groups. Recent job postings are also displayed for easy access. Select your preferred job and read its details on the following page. Read details accordingly before hitting the Apply Now button, which will direct you to another page where you can file your application for Walgreens. Agree on the Privacy Agreement on the next page; then log in or sign up using your chosen username or with your Google, Yahoo, or Talent Exchange Universal profiles. Accomplish the form and wait for a representative to arrange your interview.

    Walgreens Careers and Income

    Due to their vast operations, interested applicants can launch their Walgreens career with a managerial or supervisory position. Walgreens requires several managers for its respective divisions, such as the pharmacy, store, or other departments. Assistant manager and shift lead positions are also offered as additional career options. Common tasks assigned to managers include screening and hiring new staff members, training new employees, shift scheduling, and overseeing daily operations.

    Some tasks may not be described in the actual job description, as the company expects more from its managers. As team leaders, the managers’ job is not limited to showing the ropes to new employees. Their role includes acting as a beacon of encouragement for the team to boost its morale and work together for everyone’s benefit. Furthermore, managers also master their people and service skills by attending to customers’ concerns. Being a leader, a manager also supports the team in assisting customers during peak seasons like holidays.

    The income of Walgreens managers ranges from $25,000 to $60,000. The deviation in between salary offers varies according to each manager’s experience, title, and store location served. As a reputable company, Walgreens understands all the hard work required of a manager in order to maintain smooth daily operations and consistent service quality, which prompted the brand to offer this salary range to team managers. With a simplified Walgreens online application form, more individuals with managerial skills and experience can get a chance to join this highly commended company.

    In addition to competitive pay rates, managers also receive benefits or bonuses from Walgreens. Benefits like health insurance and 401(k) plans are among the basic compensation package essentials often offered to these employees.

    Managerial positions are enticing because of the title and the salary. However, these positions come with great responsibility, which calls for brilliant managerial skills. To make this possible, Walgreens conducts initial and regular training to hone the new managers’ skills and knowledge of the business operations.

    Apply at Walgreens – Basic Advice

    You may be in for the waiting game after filing your Walgreens job application form online, but rest assured the hiring managers will look through each applicant’s submission. If your profile suits the skills and characteristics of the individual they are looking for, a representative will contact you for your interview. Give the company around 60 days to call you back. If you have not heard from the company during that time frame, you can re-apply for the same job or consider other available positions.

    Prepare your documents during your waiting period. Take note of the documents that may be required, and keep them organized in a folder. Early preparation buys you time in preparing for your interview. Stay calm while considering potential questions the hiring managers may ask.

    Do not hesitate to ask questions upon receiving the call for an interview schedule. Ask about the documents to present on the interview and list them down. Typically, human resources staff informs applicants about the required documents, but most forget to do so and leave job seekers empty-handed when interviewed. Better ask now and be prepared on the day.

    Interview is done in person, which implies that impression is everything. It is highly recommended to look presentable by wearing business casual apparel, even if you are applying as a regular sales associate or staff.

    Walgreens is a customer-centered business. It means that having a good customer service skill can give you an edge in Walgreens employment application. Show the interviewer that you are a people person by being communicative, and make eye contact during the interview process to demonstrate confidence. Keep your composure and smile, and be comprehensive in detailing your background and your experience. Let them know that you will be an indispensable asset to their company.

    Apply at Walgreens – Advanced Tips

    People filing their Walgreens application for a managerial position may also need to wait for a considerable time before being called for an interview. Once scheduled, you can start preparing for the interview process and have all necessary documents.

    As a higher position compared to regular staff, expect that you might be interviewed several times. The interviewer can be a single person or a panel. Walgreens follows a certain standard when it comes to interview process, but it might have some differences depending on the store branch.

    Answer questions to the best of your ability. Be confident and show steadfast resolve in answering the inquiry. The interviewer may set specific scenarios like operational problems, customer challenges, and others that are often experienced in the business. The goal in setting these hypothetical scenarios is to gauge your managerial skills, which usually include decision making, customer and staff handling, and problem solving. If you get these situations as part of the interview, answer them in a way a manager should. The interviewer must see you as a manager at work in dealing with these situations, which is necessary in determining whether you deserve the position or not.

    Leave an impression of being a professional throughout the duration of the interview. Impress the interviewer with this characteristic, and see to it that you are a perfect fit for the company.

    Finally, present yourself as a leader and not as a boss. Top names like Walgreens know the difference between the two titles and how choosing a bossy type might not work best as a manager. Emphasize that you will grow together with the team, and instill the importance of teamwork in maintaining strong services for the community.

    Walgreens Benefits

    Walgreens is an esteemed company with billions in assets and equity, which makes it a firm and dependable company that can offer remarkable compensation packages for its employees. This fact alone attracts thousands of hopefuls sending their Walgreens job application through the company’s Careers page. Applying in the company, the compensation alone is a great career investment because sources commend Walgreens’s comprehensive package, naming it as one of the most competitive packages in the industry.

    The remuneration and benefits offered start with health insurance coverage for eligible employees to deal with their medical expenses. Several services or coverage are available in this package. What makes Walgreens’s health insurance remarkable is the company granting employees the choice to register for flexible spending account if they prefer to do so.

    Aside from health insurance, the company wants to make sure their valued employees will experience a pleasant retirement age or be covered for unfortunate events by offering the 401(k) plan. Employees have the choice to sign up for this plan or employee stock purchase plans.

    Walgreens’s comprehensive compensation package usually includes the following benefits and perks:

    • Health and wellness benefits with medical and dental coverage
    • Prescription drug plans
    • Paid job training
    • Vacation, sick, and bereavement leave of absences for eligible employees
    • Future planning bonuses
    • Life and disability insurance
    • 401(k) plans
    • Walgreens products and services discounts
    • Paid jury duty

    These are just some basic inclusions in Walgreens’s compensation pay. However, this customer-oriented company will not leave employees’ hard work unnoticed, which means the company may also have other bonuses to encourage staff to perform well.

    Things to Know About Walgreens

    Walgreens has an elaborate history after Charles Walgreen established his first Chicago-based drugstore in 1901. During that time, the father of all Walgreens stores gained fame for being the only store with wide aisle sizes and brighter appeal with a large amount of light entering the establishment. At this point, Walgreen put innovation and creativity to work in making the establishment look unique.

    However, it was its unrivaled customer service on top of its unique structure characteristic that brought Walgreens to its high ranks. The company devotes itself in extending top-quality customer service for everyone entering the store. Through this, Walgreens gained countless loyal buyers, and the rest is history.

    How did Walgreens provide services during its early years? According to sources, customers claim some instances of Walgreens’s fast service where they would receive their orders even before ending their call, given that they are near the store. This service quality assured the company’s high seat on the ranking and resulted to massive business expansion throughout the years.

    Since its establishment, Walgreens remained competing in the local market until 2008 when the company opened its Puerto Rico store, marking it as the first international store for the company. To make this expansion possible, Walgreens took over around twenty existing Puerto Rican establishments, like pharmacies.

    In addition to driving a huge volume of income through its quality products and superb customer service, Walgreens also commits itself in giving back to the community and the environment by participating in numerous campaigns in collaboration with several organizations.

    All you need is to file your Walgreens application to grab the opportunity to start a career with a well-respected drugstore chain in the United States.
    Walgreens Careers home page: http://careers.walgreens.com/#welcome-tab.


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