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    The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in any country. In the US, it is one of the most respected fields with billions of dollars in earnings each year. More and more pharmacies are built to meet the ever-growing demands of the buying public, as medicine should be readily available 24/7. With more than 7,600 stores, the CVS Pharmacy is the country’s largest chain. It also ranks second in terms of total value of prescriptions served. The company is considered an industry leader not just in size and in revenue, but also in terms of trends, corporate responsibility and in community relations. Being part of this prestigious company is not just a step up the corporate ladder, it is a public service. Becoming a CVS employee means committing oneself to dispensing professional care to the people in your area and ensuring that they get the right medicine at the right time.

    CVS Job Application Online

    There are thousands of individuals who aspire to become part of the CVS family. Each year, hundreds of positions need to be filled as the company constantly expands its service across the United States. The positions range from rank and file employees to upper management levels. Each one has its own requirements. To know more about it, applicants can search for an available CVS  job application online by going to the company website.

    The CVS application online form is hosted and managed by, but the application process starts at the CVS Pharmacy website’s job search page . For retail store CVS Pharmacy online application, there is a dedicated button on the Jobs Search page that opens a new window for CVS/Pharmacy page on There is a separate process that must be undertaken for this, and the form is filled up on the dedicated application page.

    For jobs that are not in the Retail Pharmacy segment, the same job search page has search options for Job Category or Work Environment, Search by State, City or Zip Code. The search results will show at the bottom of the page. The company will process the application for CVS Pharmacy, and the applicant will be informed of their eligibility via the contact information they provide. This means that as an applicant, you must double check the contact information you provide on the website and on your CVS application form. It would also be wise to indicate more than one email and mobile or home number in your contact details.

    CVS Careers And Income

    CVS careers are open for managers and executives to handle the day-to-day management and supervision of stores, and the company’s regional offices. The tasks include documentation, planning, marketing, sales and distribution. The individual jobs themselves include inventory control, ordering, process documentation and management, recruitment, and data analysis. Other tasks may include but are not limited to creating employee schedules, delivery scheduling, quality assurance, as well as personnel evaluation and coaching.

    In any job, training is the key to advancement, and in CVS Pharmacy, training is part of the employee’s initiative that the company supports. As an upper management employee, expect to receive different kinds of training on various areas concerning your work. There will be exposure to industry best practices and methods as well research and development. Managers will also be trained on how to handle staff more efficiently and how to increase both productivity and sales.

    It is not an easy job and long hours with plenty of patience are required. However, you will be pleased to note that your efforts will be rewarded handsomely. Entry-level Managers at the CVS earn from $25,000 to $45,000 annually excluding perks such as bonuses and other privileges. The income depends on the experience and the office or store location. Managers, on the other hand, earn an average of around $40,000 annually. Of course, the more years you spend with the company, the more you will earn. CVS Pharmacy’s experienced management staff make as much as $75,000. This also includes travel perks, bonuses and allowances.

    Other prerequisites and benefits include medical and dental plans, 401(K) retirement plan, life insurance and paid vacation leaves.

    If you want a management job that is exciting, challenging and financially rewarding, go ahead and fill out a CVS job application. Interested applicants can go online on the CVS Career home page and search the jobs for which they are qualified. The CVS job application form can be filled out online and is submitted by following the prompts on the page. From there, qualified applicants are contacted via email or phone and asked to come in for an interview. There can be more than one interview for upper management levels. The final interview may even be a panel interview where you will be asked to present your plans or ideas for CVS Pharmacy’s growth.

    CVS Job Application

    Apply at CVS – Basic Advice

    Working at CVS Pharmacy is a career move ideal for someone who is hardworking and has exceptional people skills. He or she should not be afraid to start from the bottom and work his way up. Store employees usually start either as Associates, Pharmacy Techs or Cashiers. These jobs entail direct contact with the customers and could mean long hours of standing behind the counter each day. It helps to have previous experience in providing excellent customer service as well as a pleasing personality. More than people skills, a strong background in a retail environment or in a retail company would help in landing this post. Prospective applicants can go to the CVS Career home page to file their CVS application. Expect a phone call if you qualify for an interview. Make sure that you have your resume and other documents ready when you come in to their office.

    In addition, because working at CVS Pharmacy would mean handling prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and filling prescriptions, having a clean police record and good references would also be beneficial. Having people who can readily vouch for your good moral character and excellent work ethic would certainly land more points in your favor.

    It should be noted that CVS has recently announced that they would no longer be selling tobacco in their stores. While it is not a requirement, it would boost the company’s image if the applicant were a non-smoker, although the company does not discriminate against people who smoke.

    To facilitate your CVS application, it is important to be thorough and detailed when filling out the CVS application online form. The information provided should be as comprehensive as possible in order to allow the company to better assess your skills and match these with their job requirements. List down your skills and previous experiences and highlight your achievements as a leader or as a sales person. This is the first step in getting hired by the retail chain.

    Apply At CVS – Advanced Tips

    Being the largest retail chain in the US, CVS Pharmacy has openings for management, technical and administrative personnel in different areas. There is a continuous need for CVS application for job positions in logistics and distribution, IT, Accounting and HR. These are not limited to the main offices located in Rhode Island. For the most part, some of these traditional main office positions are distributed across the country. There might be an open CVS Pharmacy management post for new stores in areas where the company is expanding.

    From the onset, CVS has been forward-looking and has kept growth as a positive influence. Its success and continued expansion can be attributed to the company’s ability to innovate and adapt to changing times. Currently, it is in the process of converting its non-pharmacy retail locations to a consolidated pharmacy and merchandise store. MinuteClinic and Diabetes Care Centers are also located in some CVS Pharmacy stores. In recent years, the company has made it a point to be a healthy workplace, not just in terms of the physical store environment, but also in adopting a laid back employee culture.

    As a pharmacy, one concern for a manager is keeping the supply of pharmaceutical drugs moving. Some have to be kept in a controlled temperature environment, while other drugs may not need to be refrigerated; their expiration dates have to be closely monitored. The in-house inventory system automatically keeps track of these; however, ensuring against spoilage is still a major responsibility of the store’s management. This is one of the reasons why one of the main requirements of job applicants is having keen attention to detail. One small mistake can cause severe repercussions in this industry.

    CVS Pharmacy would like to continue developing the image that a pharmacy should be a symbol of health, just as a hospital or a doctor’s clinic is perceived to be a center for health. Besides an easygoing attitude, the CVS  management applicant has to have an open mind and a creative approach when it comes to decision-making, and in management style.

    More importantly, because of the nature of the business, there is a continuous need for pharmacists. That should be self-evident. The company has different career paths for pharmacists who join them. Those who have enjoy a lucrative and fulfilling career at CVS. More pharmacists are always welcome to send their CVS application online as well as other credentials.

    CVS Benefits

    As a nationwide chain, CVS has a comprehensive package of benefits for its employees. The package ensures that all of its employees are well taken care of and that they enjoy a healthy work and life balance. There are company trips, lifestyle perks, fitness programs and other package inclusions to keep its employees thriving and productive.

    As CVS prides itself for being an establishment that no longer sells tobacco products, its offices, stores and facilities are also tobacco-free to promote a healthier lifestyle for employees, customers and guests.

    The CVS Pharmacy benefit packages include the following:

    • Competitive pay for experience, job level and performance;
    • Medical and dental insurance coverage, which includes a prescription plan and vision coverage;
    • Short and long-term disability coverage;
    • Flexible spending accounts for health and dependent care;
    • Life Insurance;
    • Business travel insurance;
    • Free medical screening and vaccinations at MinuteClinic (a subsidiary of CVS Pharmacy);
    • Discounts from CVS/Pharmacy;
    • 401(K) retirement plan;
    • Employee Stock Purchase plan;
    • Paid vacation leaves;
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Education reimbursement; and
    • Adoption coverage and assistance.

    The benefits package is not limited to the list above. As a rapidly expanding company, travel and leisure bonuses are also given to top performers.

    Things To Know About CVS

    As part of the CVS employment application process, the applicant is required to pass an interview. Therefore, it would be wise to know a few things about CVS Pharmacy prior to your scheduled interview. Here are some things you must know: CVS originally started as Consumer Value Store, a discount beauty and health store in 1963, in Lowell, MA. The following year, it became known as CVS, and expanded to 17 stores. By 1969, it had become a chain of 40 stores. It started its pharmacy operations in 1967. Melville Corp. bought the company in 1969.

    By the early 1970s, it had expanded to the Midwest with the acquisition of Clinton Drug and Discount stores. By 1974, CVS  had grown to 274 stores, its annual revenue reaching $100 million. By 1980, it already had more than 400 stores, with revenues in excess of $400 million. In 1988, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary, and ended the year with more than 750 stores and $1.6 billion in sales.

    In 1990, CVS Pharmacy changed trading names on the New York Stock Exchange. Instead of MVL, it traded under the name CVS. The 1990s saw a further jump in growth with the acquisition of People’s Drug, Rix Donnington chain and the Revco chain of stores, as well as 200 store locations from Arbor Drugs. It also bought, the first online drug store, renaming it in the process.

    CVS continued its expansion and acquisitions with the purchase of Eckerd drug stores, the freestanding store locations of Albertson drug stores (Osco Drug and Sav-on Drugs), and Longs Drugs.

    In 2006, CVS Pharmacy bought MinuteClinic, which is now integrated with some CVS stores. It also has Diabetes Care Centers located in some CVS stores. From there, the company continues to expand its reach. The millions of happy customers they serve each year are a testament to their unique brand of customer service and retail expertise.

    An excellent and rewarding pharmaceutical career awaits you at CVS Pharmacy.

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