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    Applebee’s growing number of locations in the United States and their global expansion creates more job opportunities for aspiring food service professionals. The fast-food chain with over three thousand locations nationwide and in fifteen other countries has the constant need to fill jobs, both full-time and part-time. Since the company focuses on a casual dining experience, aspiring employees need to have the passion to deliver total customer satisfaction and the ability to make quick decisions. To work in Applebee’s means having to work for an extended period and the need to constantly move around to attend to customers. The application for Applebee’s is now open for positions in guest services, kitchen staff, and management. Fill out your first ever Applebee’s application form, and be part of this growing food chain.

    Applebee’s Job Application Online

    Applebee’s believes in each individual’s talent, which is why the company fosters diversity in the workplace and respects everyone’s differences. The Applebee’s careers page allows more employment opportunities in different fields, namely hourly team members, restaurant managers, and corporate positions. The company adheres to a diverse working environment, which is a reflection of the neighborhood that surrounds their stores.

    Applebee’s Application

    To become part of this work-friendly team, you have to fill out an Applebee’s application form to be considered. To find out what are the available positions, you can check out Applebee’s online application portal to see whether you fit in their hourly team member positions, management job openings, or corporate positions.

    Applebee’s careers site allows you to learn more about each job category according to zip code. The process allows applicants to locate stores that are near their location for easy access. Management positions at Applebee’s will ask you to click whether you are a current team member or not, thus recognizing room for development for those who are currently on the team. Corporate openings are offered for both team and non-team members. Once you have filled out your Applebee’s job application form, you can submit it online or through a store near you. Note that this process is open for company-owned stores while employment screening for franchised operations fall under the individual company’s jurisdiction.

    Applebee’s Careers and Income                                                

    Applebee’s application for management positions is open for the roles of general manager, kitchen manager, assistant manager, and shift leader. Those who wish to apply for these positions carry out tasks such as hiring and training new employees and supervising daily operations.

    Aside from management-level positions, other open Applebee’s job application opportunities are in their corporate office. The job openings include customer service associates, administrative assistants, and other professional jobs.

    Successful applicants enjoy a myriad of benefits such as a competitive annual salary that range from $20,000 to $50,000, depending on previous managerial experience, management level, and competency. Eligible employees enjoy generous healthcare coverage, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement benefits. However, benefits may vary according to location and store operations.

    Apply at Applebee’s – Basic Advice

    If you want to be part of this diverse team of professionals, it is time you filled out an Applebee’s application online. Since Applebee’s is constantly continuing its expansion in the country and across the globe, hiring only the best is a must. Be sure to be comprehensive and accurate in completing your Applebee’s application online form.

    The Applebee’s careers page provides opportunities for those aspiring to become hourly team members or those applying for management level and corporate positions. If you want to apply for hourly team member jobs, simply key in your zip code to locate a restaurant in your area. This will make your application easier and faster. Management and corporate positions both have selections for current team members and new applications. Once you have clicked through the current team selection, you will be directed to a list of internal job openings that suit your eligibility. The same applies if applying for non–team member positions.

    If your application had piqued the hiring managers’ interest, you may be called in for an interview. It is imperative that you observe punctuality and also wear proper business attire on the day of your appointment. Punctuality demonstrates a good work ethic. Even if you have applied for the hourly team member position, professionalism will show with what you wear. Remember that initially, interviewers rely on physical appearance, and it is true that first impressions last.

    Apply at Applebee’s – Advanced Tips

    With the large number of applications received all year long, an Applebee’s employment application for a management position will need to highlight strong managerial background and traits, such as being a quick thinker and possessing excellent team leadership skills. Furthermore, the applicant should be goal oriented, have a proven track record in customer service, and have a keen eye for details.

    It also would work to your advantage to have a sufficient background on the company as a whole, along with its mission and vision. It is important to be able to speak knowledgeably about the values that Applebee’s espouses, and it would be good to bring up how your skills and experience can be a significant contribution to the company’s efforts and long-term goals.

    Applebee’s Benefits

    Being the largest casual dining chain in America, Applebee’s serves hundreds of customers daily. This opens up more doors for employment, hence the need to hire more people to accommodate their growing number of loyal customers. Those who have stayed in the Applebee’s company enjoy huge benefits, unlike in any other casual dining food chain. Eligible employees enjoy paid time off, pay raises, and insurance benefits. If you happen to be planning for your retirement, Applebee’s employees receive a 401 (k) retirement plans.

    Salary for an hourly team member starts at about $10 an hour. Those in the management level enjoy salaries ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 annually with insurance benefits and generous healthcare packages.

    Things to Know About Applebee’s

    Bill and T.J. Palmer in Decatur, Georgia, built Applebee’s in the 1980s. The restaurant was initially named, T. J. Applebee’s Rx for Edibles & Elixirs and was later sold to W. R Grace and Company. Bill Palmer was named the president of the company’s subsidiary as part of the selling contract. Palmer then took in his initiative to guide the restaurant in its initial operations until it became a full-fledged franchise system. Eventually, having the capacity to have his own Applebee’s, he would soon be owner of more than three dozen Applebee’s franchise restaurants.

    A couple of stores later, Applebee’s would soon find its ownership under Abe Gustin and John Hamra. They bought the concept of being a casual dining restaurant from W. R Grace and company and eventually changed its name to Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill. Again in 2007, the company was bought out to another business owner named the IHOP Company, where it changed its name to DineEquity. In spite of these company ownership transfers, Applebee’s continues to create innovations for the casual dining food experience.

    Applebee’s has continued to grow since it started some three decades ago. With over three thousand restaurants in the United States and in fifteen other countries, Applebee’s remains true to its customer service principle, which is, “Serving good food to good people.” To uphold this statement, Applebee’s continues its efforts to reach out to potential employees through their online portal.

    Applebee’s is home to unique innovations such as Carside to Go, which is available in select store locations. The mechanics of this marketing campaign makes life simpler, where a customer picks up his orders after making an advance call on the phone. Then a dedicated space for these orders is put up ,so when a customer parks, he gets his order quickly without waiting in line.

    The company also pioneered the Weight Watchers Agreement, which caters to health- and weight-conscious markets. One of its most recent campaigns, “It’s a Whole New Neighborhood,” was launched in 1998.

    To make sure that their restaurants are running smoothly, Applebee’s is always on the lookout for responsible and goal-oriented managers. These managers will have to oversee all store operations and be able to handle the pressures of customer service–oriented professions. Successful management applicants will have the responsibility to hire and train new team members and make quick—yet wise—decisions.

    The company’s secret on staying on top is a combination of different principles like integrity, excellence, innovation, accountability, inclusion, trust, and striving to make a difference in the community they serve. So what are you waiting for? Be part of the prestigious team of professionals at Applebee’s. Check out the link to their careers page, and start filling out your application online.



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