Produce careers, the ultimate guide for first-time job seekers

    If you are a first-time job seeker or just looking for a career change, produce careers are sure worth giving a try. This is because even when you have nothing to leverage in terms of experience, you will most definitely get a job that suits you there if you know what is expected. This guide will give you deep insight into the various produce job positions that you can apply for.

    1.     Produce Packer job description

    Due to its perishable nature, farm produce needs to be packed carefully. A produce packer packs the farm produce in baskets, cartons, crates, barrels, containers or treated paper to protect it from physical damage either during storage or transport. The packer must also sort out the produce in terms of size, grade, color, and many other aspects before packing.

    produce careers

    Produce packer requirements

    There are no specific educational requirements for a produce packer position. Preferable candidates should, however, have attained a high school diploma or its equivalent. Previous experience in produce handling will be a huge advantage.

    Produce packer skills

    A produce packer must possess several skills which include good communication, ability to lift heavy weights of up to 50 pounds, be well organized, and be a good listener.

    Produce packer salary

    The average hourly earnings for produce packers range from $12 to $20. The actual pay depends on the workload, the complexity of the job at hand, or the size organization itself.

    2.     Produce clerks/Produce workers/produce associates

    Those beautifully sliced pieces of watermelon, cucumber or pineapple and that beautifully set display of veggies, only one person gets all the credit- the produce clerk. He or she is responsible for displaying ready produce for customers to have their pick.

    Produce clerk responsibilities and duties

    The work of a produce clerk is quite complicated. Let us have a close look at each of the tasks:

    • Checking for freshness

    Rather than get something substandard in terms of freshness for a cheap price, customers would prefer to pay more for straight-out-of-the-farm produce. It is the duty of the produce clerk to check for produce that is not fresh. After identifying produce that is not in a presentable position, the produce clerk must then notify the manager. The manager can inquire for fresh produce or implement a quick sale measure to deplete the stock fast.

    • Customer assistance

    The produce clerk must help customers to locate produce, help them with the weighing, and answer all the questions that they might have.

    • Maintaining inventory

    It is the produce worker’s duty to report exactly how much is in the displays, the store, and how much is expected from deliveries.

    Produce clerk skills

    Among other skills, the suitable candidates must be good in communication, have attention to detail, and be good at calculations.

    Produce clerk salary

    The average hourly pay for expert produce clerks ranges from $15 to $20. Beginners’ salary ranges from $10 to $15.

    3.     Produce manager

    The produce clerk reports directly to the produce manager. Being in a managerial position, the produce manager oversees all the operations within the grocery store. A produce manager must ensure freshness and quality of all produce, regulate produce pricing, enquire for deliveries, train staff, and come up with schedules for all the employees.

    Produce manager skills

    The ideal candidate must possess excellent leadership skills. All the other employees will be looking up to him so he/she must also possess deep knowledgeable about farm produce.

    Produce manager salary

    Out of the produce careers, a produce manager’s position is the highest paying of them all. Produce managers hourly earnings can reach up to $40 per hour.

    4.     Produce sales representative

    Grocery stores are always looking for outgoing, friendly and goal-oriented produce sales representatives. Produce sales representatives are expected to work directly with employees and customers to effectively book orders, provide customer support, establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships, and most importantly, meet and exceed the set sales quotas.

    Produce sales representative requirements

    To be considered for the position, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

    • A high school diploma or its equivalent
    • Experience in dealing with produce (as an added advantage)
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Top-notch customer assistance skills
    • Expert negotiation skills
    • Understand basic computer software

    Produce sales representative salary

    Produce sales representatives can earn an average hourly salary of up to $15 per hour. In most cases, they are also entitled to commission on goods sold.


    Now that you have gone through the various produce careers and seen what is expected, it’s time to get that resume ready and get applying!

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