Petland Job Application Guide

    If you have been looking for a job without success, you should definitely check out the Petland Job Application online. It’s pretty simple to fill out and chances of being shortlisted for a job are actually quite high if you do it right. Our guide has everything you need to successfully fill out the Petland Job Application!

    About Petland Job Application

    Petland is an industry leader in the pet retail niche with more than 100 pet-care outlets Worldwide. They are always on the lookout for experts in retail and pet-related matters to add to their team.

    Petland Job Application

    Petland Hiring Near Me

    Here are the steps for getting hired at Petland:

    • Visit Petland’s official website

    Visit Petland’s official website here

    • Find the store locator avatar

    You can find the store locator button on the top right corner

    • Enter your preferred location

    Enter the name of the location where you would like to work. This will load out the Petland outlets that are closest to the location that you entered.

    • Click on the name of the stores that come up

    Clicking on the name of the store will take you to the official website of that particular outlet. Here, you can see the open job positions that you can apply for. If an open job position interests you, just click on it to see details on how you can apply. Most of the applications can be completed online.

    What is Petland Franchise Opportunities

    It comes a time in your career when you feel that you are now confident enough for a complete career turnaround where you can no longer work as an employee but as an employer. If this is you, Petland Franchise opportunities are just what you need to take this huge step.

    The Petland Franchise program invites all those individuals who think that they are confident enough to open and manage their own pet store. After successfully applying for the franchise program, Petland’s corporate staff will offer you the training you need to ensure that your business launches successfully. You can apply for this program on their main website by clicking on the Franchise Opportunities tab.

    How much do Petland employees get paid?

    On top of their reasonable pay (more details in the job descriptions section); Petland employees enjoy a wide range of benefits which include:

    • Petland discounts job application

    Employees at Petland can always boost their monthly earnings using the cash bonus program, where achieving set milestones is rewarded with reasonable cash incentives.

    • Big opportunity for career advancement

    Virtually all of Petland’s spearheaders started off as low-level Kennel technicians. So one thing’s for sure when you are working at Petland, the opportunities for growing your professional repertoire are endless.

    • Advance your skills at Petland University

    Petland as a whole invests more than one million dollars every year towards the training and overall betterment of their workforce through free classes at their own University. Petland University offers top-quality training in pet-care knowledge, business management, retail, and other important courses.

    • Healthcare plan

    Petland has numerous healthcare packages for their employees including an RRSP program for their top managers.

    • Lots and lots of fun, especially if you are a pet lover

    Petland’s success is mostly attributed to their ability to let employees get the job done while they are still enjoying themselves. Working with pets and the awesome families that visit often, the opportunities to have ad create fun moments are endless.

    How old do you have to be to get a job at Petland

    You have to be at least 16 years of age to get a job at Petland. Specific ages might, however, be needed for supervisory positions.

    Petland Open Jobs and Careers

    From sign holder to store manager, the job opportunities and careers at Petland are limitless. Here are the positions that they offer:

    1.       Store manager

    The primary duty for this job position is to manage, train, and inspire other employees in the store. The ideal candidate for the job must possess exceptional leadership skills, have a background in sales, possess good communication skills, and most of all, be a natural when it comes to taking care of animals. The salary for this job position usually depends on the store. Starting salaries, however, usually range from $12-$16 per hour.

     2.  Fish and reptile department manager

    If you possess an inborn interest in scaly creatures, Petland might just be looking for you. Along with possessing great skills at ensuring that all the reptilian friends are well taken care of, this job position will require you to be a good communicator, possess great leadership skills, be a good learner, be patient, and be compassionate. The tasks of the job mainly involve taking guests around the store while educating them on how to take care of their pets.

    Similar Petcare job positions include The Bird Department Manager, The Small animal department manager, Head Pet Care Technician, Kennel Technician, and Groomer. All these job positions usually attract the minimum wage starting salary but will surely increase with workers experience.

    3.  Inventory control manager

    As the inventory control manager, the candidate will be in charge of ensuring that the physical demands of everyone in the store are met. You will be required to make orders and receive them accordingly. The inventory control manager earns around $8 to $12 per hour.

    Petland interview

    Petland interview questions will mostly rotate around evaluating whether or not the individual is comfortable working around animals. The interviewers will also use real life-like situations to establish whether or not the candidate knows how to handle customers well.

    Now that you have gone through our Petland Job Application guide, it’s time to get that job application ready!