Looking for a Career in IT? Check Out IBM Job Application!

    If you want to be an active part of the invention in this new technology era, you should have a look at the IBM Job Application program. IBM, a transboundary IT Company, is committed to letting techies make an exceptional career by learning from their diverse, far-reaching work environment. There are a few things you know about IBM if you want to be part of their over 400000 people workforce so read on!

    What does IBM do?

    IBM job application

    IBM is an international IT company with outlets in more than 150 countries. Right from inception, IBM manufactures and sells computer components such as software and hardware. It also provides services such as research, consultancy, web hosting, business consulting, outsourcing, and financial services.

    What IBM stands for

    There have been many suggestions as to what the company name IBM stands for. These suggestions include I have Been Moved, I am By Myself, and I am Being Mentored. It, however, officially stands for International Business Machines. The company is also nicknamed The Big Blue because of its all-time steady stocks performance.

    What did IBM invent?

    IBM currently holds the record for the most US patents made by any business. Their premier original works include the ATM Machine, hard disk, magnetic stripe card, floppy disk, SQL, UPC, DRAM, and The Relational Database. As recognition for these revolutionary inventions, IBM has been crowned with 5 Nobel Prizes, 5 USA Medals of Science, 6 Turing Awards, and 10 National Medals of Technology.

    How do you apply for a job at IBM?

    All job application at IBM can be made through their careers page. All you have to do is click the Search All Jobs or Search Country Button. Doing so brings out an endless list of job positions that you can apply for. Clicking on each redirects you to the application page.

    IBM Job Application Positions

    The following are jobs you can apply for at IBM:

    • IBM Security Architect

    The Security Architect at IBM is the overall technical leader. He/she is responsible for customer solutions and driving software & SAAS revenue. Daily tasks include setting targets, gathering data, facilitating presentations, and driving sales.

    The ideal candidate must be able to teach, take control of workshops and discussions, drive sales, have several executive relationships, and capable of delivering results in security. Candidate must also be good in communication, have knowledge of architecture methodologies, have a Masters Degree, and also have supporting certifications such as CIISP and CISM.

    • SAS Engineer (Data Modeling)

    This job position involves coming up with new applications that support the automation of daily business processes. The ideal candidate must have good knowledge of SAS solution, Relational Databases, Oracle Databases, SQL, ETL, and a couple of modeling languages. Preferred candidates are those that have at least 3 years experience with SAS DI and a Bachelors Degree in related field.

    • Business Transformation Consultant, Talent & Digital Change

    A Business Transformation Consultant works with clients to help them identify shortcomings and later coming up with long-term solutions for each. The candidate must be an expert in communication, analytics, and business. Preferred candidates are those with 8 or more experience in various fields such as Organizational Change Strategy Consulting, Proposal Development, Project Management, and Sales activities.

    • Project Manager

    The project manager assumes the leading role in delivering complex projects to absolute perfection. He/she is responsible for stakeholder management and reporting, planning, budgeting, risk management, collaboration, judgment, and project communications. Preferred candidates are those with 5 years or more experience and a Bachelors Degree in Related field.

    • Brand Sales Specialist

    The Brand Sales Specialist works with teams to identify opportunities for data privacy solutions tailored towards the consumer’s needs. Ideal candidates are those with 5 years experience in IT & management, good communication skills, and those that are able to travel for at least 4 months a year. Skills for the job include HIPAA, ROI, TCO, and Basel II.

    How much do IBM employees make?

    There are so many full-time and intern job positions at IBM. It would be impossible to sample all the salaries for each. However, IBM has constantly been noted for offering competitive wages. A Senior Quality Assurance Manager, for instance, can earn up to $75 per hour! All in all, you will be assured of the most competitive rates in the market by working here. Check out IBM Job Application now!

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