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    Holiday Inn ApplicationHoliday Inn Application – Holiday Inn Employment

    A hotel can be a great place to kick start your career because there’s so much going on, and so many different roles you can take on. You can fill out a Holiday Inn application form to manage the front desk, assist with security, work in a restaurant, assist with housekeeping duties, manage finances, perform laundry service, work in a catering role, and much more. With dozens of opportunities in one building, it’s easy to find a career that offers upward mobility and can keep you satisfied in your employment for a long time.

    Holiday Inn Job Application Online

    Currently, there is a dedicated page for application and searching for roles at the Holiday Inn on the official website.  A few other career sites offer a copy of the Holiday Inn application form that you can print out and take in to your local hotel, but your best bet is to simply walk in to your local Holiday Inn and speak to someone about employment opportunities they might have.

    holiday inn application

    Holiday Inn Careers And Income

    Careers available with the company will vary based on the setup of your local hotel. If you fill out a Holiday Inn online application, you should check that the position that you are interested in is available at the hotel you plan on applying with. You can find a Holiday Inn application online form for some of the following positions: restaurant supervisor, hotel operations supervisor, catering supervisor, full time night auditor, senior recruiter, full time security officer, host/ess, on call host/ess, beverage associate, food associate, laundry associate, front desk worker, guest services worker, room service associate, catering coordinator, front desk supervisor, room service associate, front desk clerk, front desk supervisor, intern, laundry service attendant and general manager.

    Because of the nature of the business, a Holiday Inn runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While this means flexibility in your work schedule, you should be aware that you could be asked to work late night shifts, which some might not find ideal. Because of the long hours, you should be 18 or older to apply.

    A lot of positions at Holiday Inn start at minimum wage, but other positions pay more. Desk clerks make between $8-10 and housekeeping roles start at $14 an hour. Those in a management position can start at around $60,000 annually, but with experience or signing on at a busy location, you can easily make over $90,000 annually.

    Apply At Holiday Inn – Basic Advice

    The hiring process starts with filling out a Holiday Inn application, and all positions will require you to attend an interview before getting hired. During this interview you will be able to tell management when you are available and where your skills lie so you can be placed in the best possible position when you are hired. Make a point of telling them about any restrictions you might have so there are no surprises later. If at all possible, try to be flexible and make it clear that you are willing to take on any shift that will help keep the hotel running smoothly.

    It is not uncommon for people new to the hospitality field to start out on the night shift because there is less to do and it will be easier to learn the ropes. Keep this in mind when you fill out your Holiday Inn job application form so you can plan for this kind of schedule. Hotels also expect individuals to show a certain level of quality to everyone who walks in the door, so be sure to show a high level of cleanliness and good manners when you arrive for your interview.

    Apply At Holiday Inn – Advanced Tips

    There is no Holiday Inn application online so you will need to make a personal appearance if you are interested in working at the upper level positions available at Holiday Inn. Most people are expected to work their way up within the chain to make their way to management, so you should expect this when you arrive. If you fill out a Holiday Inn job application for a management position, make sure that you list as much experience in the hospitality business as possible. Experience with accounting and similar tasks is also helpful.

    Holiday Inn Benefits

    One of the top benefits of filling out a Holiday Inn application is the connections you’ll make. Hotels are often at the center of communities and host many events, which will allow you to meet others and advance your career. You will have a flexible schedule which is perfect for those still attending school or trying to juggle other responsibilities.

    Those that are planning long-term Holiday Inn careers can sign up for a comprehensive benefits package. There is a 401(k) investment program available, paid time off and healthcare coverage available to most full-time employees. Everyone who works at a Holiday Inn can also enjoy discounts on hotel stays and resorts within the Holiday Inn network which can make it much easier to travel on your time off. Specific perks such as discounts at restaurants or stays for family will vary based on your location and the policies at the hotel where you are employed.

    Things To Know About Holiday Inn

    When you fill out a Holiday Inn application, you need to remember that this is a corporate position. Every Holiday Inn will have its own management staff but the hotel will be inspected and held to the standards of the national chain. Hotels are very vulnerable to criticism from guests, so it is very important that you are patient and able to handle problems quickly, especially if you are planning on working directly with guests. When you fill out a Holiday Inn employment application, be sure to focus on your experience working in very public positions where you need to hold yourself to a certain standard of behavior. This will help show that you are good under pressure and will help keep up the reputation of the hotel.

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