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    Are you trying to decide if you should fill out a Kmart application or one for another retail store? Weigh the opportunities that Kmart offers and compare them to your other possible positions. Nearly every employee review states that working for Kmart has been perfect for them and that they’ve made some great new friends. Most employees are either in community college, technical school or living at home taking classes online. They were happy that time passed quickly and the managers were helpful and tried to fill their scheduling needs. If you are ready to get into the workforce, just answer all the questions on the Kmart online application and hit the submit button.

    Kmart Job Application Online

    Kmart offers thousands of job opportunities attracting a huge wave of applicants vying for many of their positions. Unlike other companies, Kmart does not have a downloadable application form online.

    However, it does have a Careers homepage hosted by the Sears Holdings Corporation’s website ( where job seekers can check for new job openings and send in their applications. Sears Holdings Corporation is currently Kmart’s parent company and serves as the portal for filling Kmart application online. You can choose to register by using one of your social media profiles, or manually filling out your email address and password information.

    Job opportunities include everything from entry-level jobs up to executive and managerial positions all across the United States. Most every state has plenty of jobs for anyone who submits their Kmart application.

    The Careers page has links and tools that help you search for jobs. One way to go about it is to click one of the main four tabs on the Careers page – “Store”, “Home Services”, “Distribution”, and “Corporate”. Hover on each tab to see the available positions and select an appropriate posting. Clicking the tab will direct you to the next page where you can find the job categories. Select the category and it will load the job postings.

    Another way of finding jobs is by using the blue job search tool found at the right side of the website. Type in your job title and city/state or zip code and start searching for jobs. Refine your search by clicking the “Advanced” link to choose specific job details that give you targeted results. After clicking “Find Jobs”, you will be directed to the page with sorted results according to category and location. Click on your preferred link and see all the work opportunities.

    The next page displays the list and overview of available jobs. Since the Sears Holdings Corporation manages the page, it also lists some job opportunities for Sears and their other subsidiaries. Browse through the job opportunities that indicate Kmart and the store branch before checking full job details.

    If you are unsure about which job best suits your personality and skill set, use the Career Path Finder link and follow the arrows. If you are in college, check out the Collegiate Program information. There are opportunities for internships, full time positions and mentoring programs that support you as you make a new future for yourself.

    For military vets, especially those returning from our current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kmart is ready to offer you a career. Sears Holdings and all its subsidiaries are supporting returning vets with retail leadership development programs and hiring them with a commitment to their advancement.

    Kmart Careers and Income

    Kmart careers welcome future managers who are willing to work in various departments as their skills are needed. Available managerial and executive jobs include store managers, distribution managers, and corporate executives. Managers’ tasks usually include data and process analysis, strategy development, inventory management, support, market management, maintenance supervision, and many more according to the chosen divisions. In addition to writing documents required for reporting, managers will also act as team leader who will train, manage and support the entire store’s workforce.

    Executive level positions require excellent leadership and superb strategic skills focused on contributing to the company’s success. Nevertheless, executives must also possess remarkable people skills in order to get the best from all divisions and employees under their supervision. Being in a higher position, a manager is the person to consult for escalated complaints from customers. They come up with solutions that will solve the customers’ concerns.

    Contrary to popular opinion, managers do not only do their jobs behind the desk and complete reports and documents. Another part of a manager’s job description includes being a supporting staff whenever floor personnel need them. Floor personnel can be swamped with work and tend to be short staffed, especially during days when a large wave of customers shop the floor. Managers assist staff with customer inquiries and even cleaning if necessary.

    Filling out a Kmart job application for managerial positions will allow an applicant to take time to review their skills against those required of the position.  Whether working in a corporate office or in one of the many retail outlets, managing a team of colleagues can be challenging, and add to that the need to be on top of operational procedures and transactions. To ensure both aspects of managerial jobs are met, Kmart allots a training period for new managers working for the company. This training is mandatory even if you have experience managing a different store. Even executives must participate in the training program for managers and work in several stores as part of the management team in order to understand their job and that of those on the front lines.

    Apply At Kmart – Basic Advice

    An Application for Kmart is the first step to securing an interview for any position. Take a minute to visit the Careers website and fill out all the information asked for on the form – leave no section blank. If there are questions that do not apply to you, write “n/a” in that space.

    In today’s online world, everything that you put in your application will be checked out instantly using emails and web searches. Once you submit your application, wait a week and follow up to see if HR has reviewed your application. Do this weekly if you really want the job since HR handles all of the subsidiaries of Sears Holding.

    If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest account where you have posted something that may be offensive to an HR manager, remove it before submitting your application. Keep in mind that everything you have ever sent or posted virtually is online forever. If you know that you have said something that is unacceptable – even as a kid – let your interviewer know this as soon as you sit down. Then, explain what was going on and most importantly of all, what you have learned from it.

    Anticipate that you will be asked many of the standard job interview questions such as “why do you want to work here”, “where do you see yourself five years from now?”, “how do you deal with pressure and stress?”, and “why should we hire you?” Be prepared with answers that are as honest as possible without sounding disinterested.

    Stand straight and sit up straight during the interview. It shows respect, confidence and interest in what your interviewer is saying.

    In addition to the interview, skills tests are also conducted to gauge your ability in accomplishing tasks within the company. Examples of skill assessments are money handling, computer literacy, proper customer service, and more.

    With their reputation on the line, Kmart also conducts comprehensive background checks for people who successfully completed the first part of the Kmart application process. Background checks include criminal records or history of substance abuse. Kmart will subject applicants to drug testing to ensure sobriety and prevent substance-related issues once hired. Individuals found with criminal records will be dropped from the list of considered applicants.

    Apply At Kmart – Advanced Tips

    While the process starts by filling out a Kmart application form, the entire application process for prospective managers is much more complex than the one for entry-level job applicants.

    The application procedure for managers and supervisors begins with a phone screening followed by an on-site interview. Usually, the initial interview is conducted by the Kmart district manager. Once you have been given the green light by the district manager, an interview with a panel composed of Kmart corporate office executives and regional managers will take place.

    The grueling interview process will require your complete attention and strength. Make sure that you eat a good breakfast rather than just toast and juice and that you get to bed early enough for a good night’s sleep.

    During the interview with the round table, don’t shy away from telling them about your qualifications, and do share examples that demonstrate your ability to resolve problems efficiently and quickly. This is your moment to shine and strut your stuff – but do it without sounding arrogant. This is also a great time to tell them why Kmart is your first choice and to discuss their mission statement. Highlight the skills you possess that are best suited to corporate retail service and team building.

    As for interview questions, Kmart executives ensure that this part of the application process will bring out the best and the worst from the applicant to gauge if their temperament will suit the work environment.

    Executives will divert from the usual interview questions and ask hypothetical questions by setting up scenarios concerning the business. Scenarios may concentrate on complaint handling, customer service, following standard operating procedures, staff management, etc. Expect to answer tough questions and think through scenarios to suggest a resolution, stay focused, and be confident.

    Finally, leave a positive impression by remaining composed and professional. Avoid bashing your past company and concentrate more about how it helped you improve your skills and knowledge about the retail industry. Indicate that you are looking forward to learning more and mastering your learned skills to help the company towards success.

    Kmart Benefits

    Filling out a Kmart application online form is a great career move if you are looking for a stable company that offers generous compensation packages. Being the third leading discount department store in the country, Kmart understands the importance of extending benefits for employees on top of their salary.

    A typical package consists of these benefits:

    • Health insurance
    • Dental coverage
    • Vision insurance
    • Paid training
    • Prescription drug plans
    • Dependent care aid
    • 401(k) plans
    • Short-term and long-term disability coverage
    • Life insurance
    • Stock purchasing plans
    • Future planning bonuses
    • Paid time off allotted for holidays or personal leave
    • Tuition assistance

    Benefits are subject to employee eligibility. Furthermore, employees may need to follow certain policies to take advantage of these benefits, such as for life insurance. Know these details upon being offered a job in Kmart.

    Things to Know About Kmart

    As a Sears Company subsidiary, Kmart operates according to the standards and corporate ethics practiced by their parent company, which also extends to the Kmart employment application process.

    Kmart’s history traces back to 1899 when Sebastian Kruse founded his “five-and-dime” shop in Delaware. Since its establishment, the store has continued to expand and lists around 600 stores under Kruse, who retired in 1925.

    The store bearing the name “Kmart” was established in 1962 while Kmart Supercenters have received utmost attention from consumers since the 1990s. During that time, Kmart stores continued to establish a solid reputation in the retail industry.

    Kmart marked another milestone in its history by merging with Sears Corporation, giving way for the equally famous company to climb up from their financial troubles and continue operating for their loyal customers’ welfare.

    Many years have passed and Kmart understands the importance of employing modern technology to serve customers better. As a believer of social media’s advantages for businesses, Kmart uses Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook as a means of updating valued customers with the latest deals, new product launches, fresh campaigns, and more.

    In addition to maintaining their rank in the retail industry, Kmart is also committed to giving back to the community by organizing numerous outreach programs.

    Let the online Kmart application be your link toward a bright career path with a premier corporation in the retail industry!

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