Johnson & Johnson Job Application Process

    Johnson & Johnson is one of the biggest companies in the world bragging a wide array of brands in industries such as baby products, medical tech, consumer health products, and pharmaceuticals.  The latter is its most successful segment, which accounts for almost half of its annual revenues.

    Do you want to know more about Johnson & Johnson job application and the career opportunities it has to offer? Then read on because it’s all here!

    What brands does Johnson & Johnson own?

    The Johnson & Johnson Company is one of the largest umbrella companies worldwide as it owns 150+ brands. Popular subsidiaries include Aveeno, Johnsons Baby, Cortaid, Rolaids, Imodium, Listerine, Band-Aid, Calpol, Clean & Clear, Lactaid, Motrin, Shower to Shower, Stayfree, Ultracet, Visine, Tylenol Baby & Children, and Sudacare.

    Johnson & Johnson Job Application

    Which careers can I find at Johnson & Johnson?

    Here are the major categories of the careers at J&J and some of the available job positions therein:

    J&J Career CategoryJ&J Job titles or job subcategories
    ·         Robotics & AutomationRobotics & Automation, Surgical Robotics, Robotics Scientists, and Automation Engineers.
    ·         Machine Learning and AIMachine Learning, AI
    ·         Data SciencesData Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Architects.
    ·         Digital DevelopmentFull Stack Engineers, Software Engineers, DevOps, Scrum Masters, and Mobile Developers.
    ·         Digital and Experience DesignEcommerce, Digital Product Managers, Experience Designers, and Digital Marketers.

    Where do I find Johnson & Johnson Careers

    To view the career opportunities at the Johnson & Johnson Company, visit their official job search page to search job listings based on location and profession-related keywords. If there aren’t any jobs suiting your qualifications and preferences at the moment, you can sign up to become a member of their Global Talent Hub, where you will receive custom job matches as they come.

    How do you get a job position at Johnson & Johnson?

    If you find a job that fits your qualifications and interests, just hit the “apply now” button to launch the J&J job application portal. Once you are there, create your account and go ahead to upload your cover letter, resume, and supporting documents. Depending on the job position, you can also be required to complete an online test.

    If you complete the application process successfully, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how long you have to wait to hear back from the recruiters. You may also receive a link leading to a page where you can track the progress of your application in real-time.

    Johnson & Johnson Interviews

    The hiring team will review your application after submission and decide whether to interview you. If they decide to, they will carry out the first series of interviews through phone or a video call platform such as Skype or Hangouts to get to know you. If you manage to convince them that you are the right candidate for the job, you will then be summoned for an interview in person at one of their offices.

    An offer letter detailing the job terms, perks, and other crucial details will be extended to the candidate who passes the face-to-face interview. Responding to this letter on time will be crucial.

    What are the benefits of working at Johnson & Johnson?

    Here is a table showing all the unique benefits of working at J&J:

    Worker Health BenefitsOn-site health centers & fitness centers, as well as programs such as Energy for Performance webinars & conferences and LGBTQ benefits such as sex-change surgery coverage for those found with Gender Identity Disorder.
    Healthy Family BenefitsParental leave, temperature-controlled delivery service for nursing mothers, childcare centers, pet insurance, enhanced military benefits, and coverage for fertility treatments.
    Healthy Finance PerksPension, 401K, and tuition reimbursement.


    Where is Johnson & Johnson located?

    Johnson & Johnson outlets are spread worldwide from the US to Vietnam. The company is, however, headquartered in New Brunswick NJ.

    How do I apply for an internship at Johnson & Johnson?

    If you are a student looking to launch your career off to a great start, Johnson & Johnson offers a diverse range of programs that might be beneficial to you. They include Leadership Development Programs, internships, Co-op Opportunities, and even full-time job opportunities.

    What is it like to work at Johnson & Johnson?

    Johnson and Johnson are among the few companies with a good credo in place, allowing the employees to enjoy the workplace. Theirs, in particular, believes in first responsibility to all the consumers & practitioners who use their products and services, reasonable wages, ethical management, and a work environment boosting innovation by hearing workers out.

    Does Johnson & Johnson drug test employees?

    Johnson & Johnson conducts pre-&-post-hiring drug tests on all employees in an attempt to maintain high-quality performance throughout the organization. All the incurred costs are catered for by the company.

    Parting Shot

    From time to time, job opportunities are also posted on their other official channels such as their official LinkedIn page. Make sure you keep in touch to avoid missing out!


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