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Job Interview Tips

    Job Interview Tips

    Looking for a job nowadays is no longer easy, as companies or employers tend to look for certain qualifications and skills that could take their business to the next level. Being prepared is critical and the reason why researching job interview tips is so important. Applicants often forget one of the most important things to remember when job hunting: the fact that the employer isn’t just looking out for experience and skills, but for the applicant’s personality and willingness to learn as well.

    job interview tips

    The Goal of Setting an Interview

    Hiring managers set interview with applicants to verify their skills and experience, and to get a feel for their personality. It is therefore imperative to leave a good first impression. In the next section, you’ll find advice that should be followed in order to pass your interview with flying colors.

    Things that must be Considered before the Interview

    • Research

    No employer wants to interview an applicant who knows nothing about the company, and no employer wants to hire someone who barely knows about the position they’re applying for. This is why researching the company and their past works and achievements is important. Also, reviewing the job description you will be applying for won’t just help you in your job quest, but it’ll let the interviewer know you’re equipped with all necessary facts and details. Always research the company before stepping into the interview room, because showing them that you have knowledge about them is showing them how much you really care to get the job.

    • Rehearse

    It may seem silly to you,but practicing / rehearsing answers to possible interview questions is inordinately helpful. Practice in front of a mirror, practice out loud and just go on rehearsing until every word you say sounds natural, smooth and concise. If you practice, there will be fewer chances that you will ramble on and sound unsure. Also, think of the questions that HR may ask you and practice well on how you would answer it.

    • Dress to Impress

    The way you talk and the way you carry yourself are not the only things that can leave an impression with your interviewer. Always see to it that you are dressed to impress. Be presentable and be confident – what you wear will reflect on what kind of person you are, so be sure to dress professionally and be well-groomed. Button-down shirts/blouses and dress pants/skirts are good. Avoid wearing too much jewelry or accessories as they can be distracting. And most importantly, avoid wearing perfume – many people have chemical sensitivities, and the last thing you want is the HR manager coughing or having trouble breathing because you put on too much perfume.

    Things that must be Considered During the Interview

    • Stay Calm

    It’s fine to be nervous, but don’t let it show. Just stay calm and relax. Don’t fidget, don’t play with your hands too much – just be open and friendly.

    • Mimic the Interviewers with your presence

    If the interviewer/s are relaxed, relax. If the interviewers are formal, be formal. You can also mimic body posture to build connection and similarity between you and the interviewer. Just don’t overdo it.

    • Mind your posture

    Mind your posture during the interview. Don’t slough, keep your back straight and your shoulders squared. It’ll show professionalism and confidence.

    • Communicate clearly

    Avoid talking too much. Interviewers have a hard time discussing matters with someone who never stops talking. Also, it’s important to answer questions clearly and without stuttering. Just make yourself comfortable in conversing with the interviewer – clean sentences with professional answers, not just one-word answers that don’t really give the interviewer anything to go on.

    • Be thankful

    Lastly, thank your interviewer with a smile even if the interview did not come out positively.

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