Job description reception hotel- everything job seekers need to know

    There are so many reasons as to why every first-time job seeker wants to get all the deets when it comes to a job description reception hotel. It is one of those professions that don’t necessarily require you to have any prior job experience or any special educational certifications to ace the job. All that you have to do is display a masterly in communication skills and personal grooming. Read on to find out everything about job description reception hotel.

    Job description reception hotel, summary

    The work of a hotel receptionist is to welcome guests as they arrive at the hotel. He/she is, therefore, the face of the entire hotel. This being the case, all hotels are always looking for jovial, courteous, and well-groomed, individuals to fill this crucial position.Job description reception hotel

    Hotels usually place their reception office near the main entrance. The office is mostly laid out in a unique design, mostly an open design, to make sure that the receptionist has a clear view of the guests as they arrive.

    A hotel receptionist will normally be assigned to a 6-6 shift on a rotational basis. What are the duties of a receptionist?

    Roles and duties of a receptionist

    Receptionists play a crucial role in managing a hotel. It is the work of a hotel receptionist to carry out the following tasks:

    • Hotel receptionists are the face and voice of the hotel

    Hotel receptionists are essentially the first people whom the guests come into contact with. They are, therefore, the image of the hotel in terms of the service that the guests are going to receive. It is very easy for a guest to “fall in love” with the hotel, not because of the looks of it, but because of how they are received at the reception desk.

    It is also the work of a hotel receptionist to be the voice of the hotel. To carry out this duty, the receptionist is expected to receive and make calls through the hotel’s main line.

    • Directing guests to their areas of interest

    Big hotels offer a variety of services including catering, accommodation, and entertainment. It is the work of the receptionist to direct the guests to their area of interest.

    • After-service

    Guests usually check out of the hotel through the receptionist’s office. Most of these guests are usually on tour and might need information about nearby attractions, transport services, currency exchange and luggage storage services. It is the work of the receptionist to provide this information.

    • Liaising with the other departments to provide exceptional customer service

    All inquiries, complaints, and compliments from customers will be received at the reception desk. It is the work of the receptionist to ensure that they reach the concerned departments.

    • Bookkeeping duties

    A hotel receptionist is expected to process hotel reservations, receipts, and payments using simple bookkeeping software.

    Most common requirements for job description reception hotel

    To become a hotel receptionist, the following requirements are necessary:

    • You must be able to communicate or write fluently and politely in the language preferred by the hotel.
    • A degree in hotel management or other secretarial certifications is a plus
    • Display that you can comfortably handle basic computer software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
    • Previous work experience as a front office manager or virtual assistant will be an added advantage

    Hotel receptionist’s attributes/qualities

    To become a good receptionist, you must display the ability to multitask and communicate effectively. You must also possess technical prowess and a clear understanding of organizational duties.

    The most common interview questions for a hotel receptionist

    If you want to become a hotel receptionist, these will be the questions asked during the interview:

    • Describe past experience in customer service

    Although not a must, describing past experience in handling customers will be a plus

    • How would you handle an upset guest at the reception desk?

    The goal is to display that you are capable of calming down an upset guest so that he/she doesn’t leave with the wrong image of the hotel

    • What is your experience with computers?

    You must display a deep understanding of basic computer software

    Similar to these, the interviewer will ask you other questions all aimed at evaluating your ability to communicate with customers.

    Hotel receptionist salary

    On average, a hotel receptionist’s salary will not be anything below $8 per hour.

    Now that you have gone through all the details concerning job description reception hotel, it’s time to get searching and make sure you ace that job interview.