Job description guest service agent, what you need to ace that interview

    If you are a courteous, outgoing individual, you should definitely be looking at a job description guest service agent. Believe it or not, you are already qualified for a guest service agent job by possessing these two critical skills! Have you been wondering what is involved in the profession and what tips you should follow to land a job in the field? Read on because this comprehensive job description guest service agent is just what you need!

    Guest service agent meaning

    Guest service e agents greet and welcome guests as they arrive at the hotel. They, therefore, stay close to the hotel’s main entrance. Working as a guest service agent is quite beneficial as it offers on-the-job training in various areas including customer service, hotel hygiene, communication skills, and many others.

    job description guest service agent

    Duties and responsibilities of a guest service agent

    The primary role of a guest service agent is to handle customer issues professionally and in a courteous manner. Other duties mostly branch out of this role. They include:

    • Handling hotel reservations

    The guest service agent should answer calls from guests who want to either cancel or make hotel reservations. It is also their duty to ensure that the guests check in and check out as per the hotel’s regulations.

    • Receiving the guests

    The guest service agent welcomes arriving guests, assigns rooms and key cards, and then enquires what the guests need for a comfortable stay at the hotel. He/she must then courteously request the guests for their billing information.

    • Coordinate with the other departments to provide exceptional customer support

    A guest service agent must always be available to hear out guests. He/she must then follow up with the other departments to ensure that the issues are resolved in the least time possible.

    • Calming down guests

    Guests in the hotel are always looking to have a good time meaning that they can get out of hand sometimes. Agents must find peaceful ways to calm down irate guest so that they do not disturb the other guests residing in the hotel.

    • Bookkeeping duties

    Agents can also be responsible for bookkeeping duties. This basically includes posting charges for services ordered by the guests and clearing it with the cashier’s desk.

    • Promoting the hotel’s services

    Most guests who visit the hotel do not know about all the services offered by the hotel. The agent must use promotional techniques to convince the guests to purchase these services.

    • Health and safety

    The agent must ensure that all health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to. He/she must also make sure that the hotel’s surroundings are clean and maintained in good condition.

    Guest service agent skills

    The ideal candidate for a guest service agent position should possess the following skills:

    • Good communication skills

    Good communication skills will enable the agent to resolve customer issues, calm down irate guests, and make the guests feel comfortable throughout their stay.

    • Courteousness

    The agent is expected to be always polite when handling the guests. He/she must always aim to be composed even in stressful situations.

    • Problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

    The agent must proactively come up with solutions to problems that might come up.

    • Teamwork

    The job of a customer service agent involves working hand in hand with people from the other departments. Ideal candidates should demonstrate the ability to work in a team.

    • Computer skills

    A customer service agent is expected to carry out computer functions from the basic ones such as typing to more complex ones such as using accounting software.

     Guest service agent educational requirements

    There are no specific degrees for a customer service agent job. As mentioned before, most of the skills and training are acquired and sharpened while on the job. A high school diploma is the minimum educational qualification that is considered.

    Guest Service Agent Work Schedule

    The services of a guest service agent are needed around the clock. Service agents will mostly be assigned to 8-hour shifts.

    Guest Service Agent Salary

    The average hourly pay for a guest service agent is $11. On average, this sums up to a yearly pay of about $23000. Guest service agents can always increase your earnings by working extra shifts.


    Now that you have gone through our job description guest service agent, it’s time to apply to your dream job!