InGenious Job Application- Careers for Website Design Geniuses

    The Ingenious job application program offers long-term careers for web design experts. It is a must-see for any website developer looking to expand his/her career. Before you check out the program, here is everything you need to know about Ingenious Careers and what you should do to get hired instantly.

    What does Ingenious do?


    Ingenious Job Application

    Ingenious offers specialized services in fields such as Web Design, Responsive Design, Web Development, Content Management Systems, Information Architecture, User Research, Website Hosting, and general Consultation Services. Some of their most recent website products already on offer include Screen Pop, CRM Screen Transfer, and Intelligent dialing. They have also come up with an integration solution linking Avaya, Asterisk, Genesys, Cisco, & Mitel Phone Systems to Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Service Now.

    Rather than try to reinvent Website Development, Ingenious constrains itself to the exact needs of the customer. This philosophy has earned them numerous contracts with top-tier companies looking for 100% customized websites.

    Who is the founder of Ingenious?

    The founder of Ingenious is Rich Leon. Rich Leon is one of the main anchors of the brand. He has largely been responsible for putting the company into the limelight by coming up with witty strategies for standing out in the corporate world. One of his most memorable successes is the red Converse Shoes, a symbol of Ingenious’ identity and values among employees, partners, and customers. Other members of the executive worth mentioning include Dale Gantous (CEO), Peter Hillier (Chief Technology Officer), Brian Jensen (SVP Business Development), Jonathan Black (Finance and Admin VP), Jeff Knight (VP Sales), and Kari Simpson (Product Management and Marketing VP).

    What Type of Employees does Ingenious Look for?

    Ingenious is always looking for collaborative experts who are open to new ideas and challenges. Anyone, including new graduates, is welcome to apply if they think they got what it takes to make a difference for the Ingenious’ customer base.

    Ingenious also prefers hiring fresh out of college job seekers. In fact, new graduates with a keen interest in learning new things have a better chance of securing a job at ingenious than their more experienced counterparts who have been in the industry for some time.

    How do you apply for a job at Ingenious?

    As an unbiased employer, Ingenious has bagged numerous awards including two consecutive Employees’ Choice Awards.  Their job application procedure is actually quite straight forward. All you have to do is send in your resume to

    The resume you send in should have your updated resume, supporting documents, and references. Make sure you are reachable through the contact details you provide in your resume.

    What to include in your Ingenious Job Application Resume

    The resume you send in determines whether or not the job recruiters will call you back. So, what should you send in at Ingenious?

    The ideal Ingenious resume should not exceed one page. It should highlight your professional achievements (only those relevant to the job you are applying for), skills relevant to the job, and your educational achievements. Among the things to avoid include cliché terms, too much personal information, too much editing in terms of the font and the like, and self-praise.

    Also quite important, make sure you use the keywords relevant to an Ingenious Job Application without over-repetition. Some of the keywords include Computer Telephony Integration, business value, and contact center technologies. These and other related keywords should especially be used when you are applying for a tech or managerial position. However, only use the keywords you understand and those that do not make the resume sound so complicated.

    Ingenious Job Application Format

    Here is a resume format to follow when writing your Ingenious Resume:

    • Introduction

    Keep this short; about one paragraph. Here is a good example of how you should start your introduction:

    “A Dedicated Web Developer with five years hands-on experience in the field. Seeking to help Ingenious Team through proven skills in Web Development…”

    • Experience

    Describe all your professional experiences shortly while highlighting the most important skills applied to each and the results. 3-4 experiences should be enough.

    • Education

    List all your educational accomplishments that are relevant to the job.

    • Certifications and Languages

    List the acquired certifications that might be relevant for the job. Examples of languages to include here include Java, C++, HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby.

    • Other activities

    List any other activities relevant to the job position you are applying for. This includes any published papers under your name, memberships to professional bodies, and links to online portfolio sites such as your LinkedIn page.

    What are the benefits of working at Ingenious?

    Some of the benefits of working at Ingenious include work-life balance, an enviable workplace culture, job security, mutual respect among employees & with management, and compensation/benefits. At ingenious, you do not have to be gloomy all through just to get the job done; the management recommends having fun while at it.

    With this information in mind, you are good to go. Prepare and send in your Ingenious Job Application now!