Hostess Job Description

    If you feel you have a knack for customer relations or service, you might want to look into a hostess’s job description. It takes a very particular person to become a successful hostess. You need to have a very inviting personality if you want to make an impression on your customers and leave them feeling welcome at your establishment.

    Hostess Job Description

    What is a hostess’s key responsibilities?

    A hostess’s job description revolves around the customers that walk in through the door. From the moment that they enter, to the moment that they leave, the hostess is responsible for their wellbeing. To ensure that the establishment runs smoothly, the hostess’s job description entails the following:

    • To start with, she needs to greet customers at the door and escort them to their seats.
    • She then needs to supply the customers with clean menus and communicate any specials or meals for the day.
    • In some cases, she might also be required to introduce the waitron to the customers and relay any order that they might have given her.
    • If the establishment becomes full, the hostess needs to take the names of customers and put them on a waiting list.
    • At all times, the customers need to feel that they are treated fairly and with care. To achieve this, the hostess needs to provide accurate waiting times for when there are no tables available.
    • While customers are waiting to be seated, the hostess needs to keep an eye on clean, dirty and available tables so as to seat the next customers in line.
    • The waiting and hosting area can sometimes become crowded or become messy. At all times, the hostess needs to ensure that these areas remain free from clutter and promote a relaxing atmosphere.
    • The hostess is responsible for answering the phones and provide the relevant information on any query that a customer might have.
    • In some cases, the hostess also has to complete to-go orders and have them ready for collection at the right times.
    • The hostess also needs to ensure that the restrooms are always in pristine condition.What skills will an employer look for in a hostess

    What skills will an employer look for in a hostess?

    A hostess’s job description requires her to think on her feet. A restaurant is constantly in flux and situations can change very quickly. A hostess needs to manage time well and also read into situations. It is her job to ensure that customers don’t wait longer than what they should or what was communicated to them when tables were not available.

    She needs to have an inviting personality and make every customer feel welcome and special. Regardless of how stressful it might become inside the establishment, she always needs to maintain her composure.

    What are the physical demands of a hostess?

    A hostess’s job description involves a whole lot of standing. From the moment her shift starts to when the last customer leaves, she needs to remain standing at her station. When escorting her customers to their seats, she might be required to stretch, reach and bend. Other than that, the job is not very physically demanding.

    What does the working hours and pay look like?

    Typically the hostess’s job description requires that she works 30 to 40 hours a week in a full-time capacity. Often times she will also be required to work weekends and evening shifts, depending on the establishment.

    Hostesses generally do not receive tips like waiters and waitresses, so their hourly wages will typically be more. On average, a hostess could look at earning between $8.42 and $12.00 an hour. The type of restaurant will be a good indicator of the wage you could expect. In certain rare cases, a hostess might actually get a share of the waiters’ tips, which usually amounts to between 3-5%.

    Hostesses will also receive discounted meal prices or in some cases, a meal allowance which she can spend whichever way she wants.

    What qualifications do hostesses need?

    A hostess’s job description does not require any special degree. Most restaurants will accept a high school education. However, if you want to climb the ranks, you will need a college degree in a relevant field like hospitality.

    If you have that million dollar smile and find it easy to talk to people, you might find that a hostess’s job description is right up your alley.