Halliburton Jobs- Careers in the Energy Industry

    Halliburton jobs are yet another of our top picks for those looking for those looking to build their careers in the oil and gas industry. Employing over 60000 employees, Halliburton looks out for organizations seeking to maximize the value of oil reservoirs right from locating hydrocarbons & analyzing the geological data obtained to the actual drilling & optimization of the value of the asset throughout its lifetime.

    What exactly does Halliburton do?

    Halliburton Jobs

    Halliburton is a multinational corporation based in the US. It is one of the leading giants in the oil field service business operating in nearly 100 jurisdictions. Halliburton’s major business segment is the ESG (Energy Services Group) which offers a wide range of energy services to customers through Drilling, Cementing, Artificial Lift, Production, Multi-Chem, Pipeline and other energy production solutions.

    Halliburton Locations

    You can see all Halliburton locations on the Halliburton locations Page. The locations are spread across all major regions on the continent including United States, UAE, Eurasia, Australia & Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

    How do I apply for Halliburton Jobs?

    All the open jobs positions at Halliburton can be found on Halliburton official jobs page. Here you can view the available jobs based on several factors such as location, job function, and categories such as professional, field operations, manufacturing, and students & recent graduates. You can also use the search button to find specific job openings based on location and job industry keywords. Once you find a job that interests you, just click on it to see the application details. If you meet the requirements, just hit the red “Apply Now” button to start the application process.

    What should I wear to a Halliburton Interview?

    If you possess the skills that the Halliburton job recruiters are looking for, you should be contacted within three weeks for a phone interview. After passing the phone interview, you will then be summoned for an interview in person. As with all job interviews, dressing respectably is a must. A business casual outfit is actually the lowest standard (that is if you are interviewing for a Halliburton field or construction position). You should also arrive in time for the interview, preferably 20-30 minutes early.

    Halliburton Interview Questions

    During a Halliburton interview session, be prepared to answer questions related to your job skills, work scenarios, and work experience. Some of the general questions you might come across include:

    Halliburton Interview QuestionHow to Answer
    What do you know about Halliburton?Mention what Halliburton does and some of its major accomplishments such as the most Halliburton Awards and Recognitions.
    Why should we hire you?Align your skills with those stated in the job position you applied for.
    How would you handle an extremely difficult client?Mention that a customer is always the king. Proceed to say that you would first listen to the customer and then provide counsel based on your qualifications and previous experience with aggressive customers.
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?Mention a higher-level position at Halliburton.

    Job applicants should also be prepared technical questions aimed at demonstrating their capabilities in a work setting, including solving puzzles in the quickest time possible. A professional tone should be maintained when answering all the questions while giving priority to workplace safety and quality customer service.

    Does Halliburton do a drug test prior to hiring?

    Yes. In addition to a thorough background check, all job candidates are required to undergo a drug test before earning a job position at Halliburton. Job candidates should remain cooperative and show appreciation to the area manager throughout these pre-hiring processes.

    How much does Halliburton pay?

    The average pay at Halliburton ranges from approximately $35000/yr for lower-level positions such as warehouse worker to $144000 for higher-level positions such as Senior Technical Advisor.

    The average hourly pay at Halliburton ranges from $10.50 for lower-level positions such as receptionist to $33 for higher-level employees such as Senior Mechanical Designer. Here are the salaries for some of the most popular job positions:

    • Principal Scientist: $109000/yr
    • Senior Consultant: $112000/yr
    • Technical Advisor: $103000/yr
    • Senior Operator: $70000/yr
    • Field Engineer: $75000/yr
    • R&D Engineer: $930000/yr
    • Assistant Operator: $60000/yr
    • Electronics Technician: $74000/yr
    • Laboratory Assistant: $25000/yr
    • Data Collector: $18/hr
    • Phone Operator: $66000/yr
    • Operations Associate: $73000/yr
    • Forklift Operator: $50000/yr
    • Halliburton Truck Driver Salary: $59000/yr

    What are the working hours at Halliburton?

    The working hours at Halliburton depend on the department you are working in. It can vary from on call 12+ hours a day for half a month straight to 6-8hrs a day with weekends off.

    Does Halliburton hire felons?

    Halliburton will not hire candidates with a criminal record (7 years from the date of conviction). On top of the background check, Halliburton also does a drug test prior to hiring a job candidate.

    How old do you have to be to be hired at Halliburton?

    As a minimum age requirement, most Halliburton jobs require you to be at least 18 years old.