Ford Application – Ford Employment Guide

    Ford is a company in America that develops and sells automobiles. One of the first companies in the US to make cars, they have grown into a global giant that produces millions of cars every year. Originally founded in Detroit, Michigan, Ford has factories all across the nation in various states. Many of their positions are located in the mid-west, especially in Michigan. With over 2.5 billion in annual sales, Ford looks to continue its upward growth and hiring new employees.

    Ford Job Application Online

    Ford job application guide As one of America’s premier automobile companies, Ford is always looking for new entry-level and skilled employees. Many of their positions are in their factories as well as headquarters. Because of the high demand for their vehicles and services, Ford is always looking for new talent and growth opportunities for prospective candidates. Ideal employees should have a strong work ethic and be willing to join a dedicated and hardworking team. To apply to the company, fill out an application online at their corporate website.

    Ford Careers and Income

    Applying to Ford is a simple and pain-free process. The easiest way to do so is to go to their website and fill out an application. The company offers many generous paying positions that can either start at entry-level or require a higher skill set. For most entry-level positions, all that is needed is a high school diploma. Ford hires most of these positions starting at 18-years-old. Many of these positions are production assemblers who work the floors of their plants.

    Employees starting out in this position can expect to make anywhere from $15 to $18 dollars per hour with guaranteed overtime and holiday bonuses. Entry-level employees will also be expected to join the United Automobile Works Union (UAW).

    More skilled positions, however, might require further education and work history. Examples of positions include manufacturing engineers, product design engineers, and business analysts. The salaries for a typical employee in one of these positions can range anywhere from $60,000 to $96,500 a year.

    Basic Expectations for All Ford Employees

    All employees, regardless of position, are expected to be punctual and able to show up to work on time. As an entry-level assembler, the right employee will be expected to work around and handle expensive machinery. Safety is a top priority, so candidates must be willing to hold themselves to a higher standard of responsibility. Along with showing up to work on time, all employees are expected to represent the brand. With that said, prospective employees should look forward to becoming a member of a family, rather than simply a team.

    There are also many opportunities for growth and development as a member of the Ford family. Many managerial positions are available to the most qualified candidates. As well, different teams have different bonuses along with shift differentials. Employees can expect to be fairly compensated for any overtime and holiday work hours.

    Apply at Ford – Basic Advice

    Interviews can only be scheduled once prospective employees fill out an application online. Expect to wait anywhere from two weeks to two months for a reply. All candidates should fill in their most-used phone number to ensure that hiring managers can get a hold of them.

    To apply, go to the website and click the apply link. From their, their website will guide you through the application process. You’ll be asked for prior work history and any relevant education and certifications. It’ll also help to have a few work references available.

    Once you submit your application, you’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail to let you know your application has been received. Normally, it takes a Human Resources department some time to process the application and review our credentials. During this time, be patient and consider future questions that will be asked during possible interviews. If you need to contact their HR department, be sure to be friendly and polite.

    Apply at Ford – Advanced Tips

    When applying to Ford, make sure you have all the relevant information on hand before you fill out the application. For skilled positions, this means having any required certifications and diplomas/degrees on hand to submit along with your application. Also, consider creating a CV/Resume to ensure the hiring department receives all of your credentials.

    When considering applying, make sure you have something to wear for future interviews. Most hiring departments will expect employees to dress appropriately, which for most will include business casual attire. When getting ready for your future interview, make sure you prepare in advance by answer mock interview questions and reviewing your own credentials. Interview managers will also want to know why you’re interested in applying at Ford. Managers will also want to know what your overall career goals are going to be. With this in mind, keep a calm mind and maintain confidence to ensure you do well during this process.

    Ford Benefits

    All employees at Ford should expect fair compensation and generous benefits packages. For many, this includes comprehensive healthcare and reasonable retirement options. The following describes their benefits.


    All full-time employees should expect a comprehensive medical package that provides quality healthcare. This should cover doctor’s visits and emergency care. To enroll, a most full-time employee will expect to have worked for the company for a minimal time period, depending on their position.

    Vision and dental are also offered for qualifying candidates.


    Ford offers to match 401(k) retirement plans to employees who choose to enroll. Again, depending on the position, employees will be able to have a set amount of contributions matched by the company.


    All employees will receive three to six weeks of vacation after a set amount of time. They will also qualify for FMLA and receive paid time off for emergencies and illnesses. More details can be found here.

    Things to Know About Ford

    Based in Detroit, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. One of the leading pioneers in the emerging auto-industry, Ford was a pioneer of what became known as the assembly line. Ford was also a leading employeer that made a concious decision to pay their employees enough money so that they could actually afford the cars they were helping to make.

    Now well over a hundred years old, Ford is still going strong. Part of the current line-ups of vehicles in production are the Ford Focus and pickup truck F-150. Employees can expect a fair compensation for one of the leading automakers in the country.

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