Foodtown Job application- An exhaustive guide for rewarding grocery careers

    If you are passionate about the grocery industry, you should definitely be on the hunt for the best Foodtown Job Application guide. It will reveal the secrets of acing a dream job in any of the Foodtown outlets.

    Don’t overlook the Grocery industry

    Compared to other industries, the grocery industry is quite unpopular. As a result, most people tend to overlook it in their job search. If you are one of them, it’s time you changed that because the career options here are limitless. Reading this guide is a good start as it will give just what you need to successfully apply for a job in Foodtown, one of the best companies in the grocery industry.

    foodtown job application guide

    About Foodtown Job Application

    With their headquarters in Berlin Newjersey, Foodtown is a stream of independently owned stores that deal with exclusively with the fresh grocery products. Since it was started, the company has been providing employment to qualified candidates from all over the world, but mostly in the North Eastern region of the US.

    How did Foodtown start?

    The company was started back in the 1930s by Twin County Grocers, a group of retailers who dealt with dairy products, preserved foods, pharmacy, seafood, groceries, farm-fermented liquor, and medicine. Just like any other big corporation, Foodtown has had its own share of successes and struggles.

    Out of the absence of competition in the grocery industry in the 80s and the 90s, it emerged as the best grocery retailer in New Jersey and Long Island. At the prime of this most profitable season, the company was able to retain equities of up to $1 billion.

    In 1995, the company took a massive hit when Edwards, a company dealing with the same products acquired 45 of their stores. This led to the closure of other major stores and warehouses. As a result, Foodtown declared bankruptcy in 1998.

    The company later got back on its feet when it brought the earlier closed stores and warehouses back to life, renovated the existing ones and expanded their operations in new territories. Currently, the brand has over 60 operating stores, the majority of which are found in NY.

    Foodtown ownership

    Foodtown outlets are either operated by individuals or companies. To ensure the brand’s continued commitment to supplying healthy produce, health tips, food recipes, and other rare-to-find information to customers, having a team of registered health officials and dieticians in the workforce is the most critical requirement that must be met when you want to open an outlet.

    Recently, there has been an upgrade in terms of the services offered as some of the owners are now offering additional services such as online ordering, home delivery, and outside catering services to their customers.

    How to apply for a Foodtown job online

    Today, most job applications are done online. Hand-delivered job applications descriptions are becoming a thing of the past. Things are not different at Foodtown because virtually all applications are done online.

    If you are looking to join Foodtown as an employee, the first step is to visit their careers page online. How exactly do you do that? In their website, hover your cursor over the about us tab and scroll down to the Foodtown employment application tab. Clicking on it will take you to the careers page. Here, you can search and open the jobs which you think you are most qualified for.

    The current online employment form basically consists of four pages. You will be required to provide details such as the state you want to be posted in, your current residential address, and contact information. Make sure you are reachable 24/7 with the contact information you provide so that they do not miss you when they want to call you for an interview.

    Foodtown age requirement

    You must be of legal age (18) to get a job at Foodtown. If you are 16, you still have a shot at getting a job. Most of the stores will award you a job provided that you present all the necessary permits.

    Foodtown operation hours

    Like most grocery businesses, Foodtown customers can shop from 9am to 7pm during weekdays and from 11am to 4pm on weekends and holidays. As an employee, you will mostly be required to work from 7 am to around 9 pm daily. Due to these long working hours, most stores usually assign 8-hour shifts to their employees.

    Foodtown working environment

    Going online, you will find reviews of employees who have worked for Foodtown. As you will notice, virtually all of them have a positive thing to say about Foodtown. When working there, you get to interact with a dynamic team of fellow employees and an endless flow of easy-to-impress customers.

    Foodtown salary

    Foodtown has had a reputation of having some of the most competitive salaries with some of the top positions attracting monthly salaries of $6000. Salaries for entry-level positions will rarely be less than $8 per hour.

    Foodtown open Job applications

    If you are just starting out your career, you can try applying for entry-level jobs such as a cleaner, cashier or a stocker. If you are a more experienced candidate, you can seek out a top management position.


    Now that you have gone through our Foodtown Job Application guide, fill and submit your job application today and start enjoying the many rewards offered by the grocery industry.