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    If you have a passion for people and something of an unquenchable hunger for the finest chicken wings on the face of the earth, it’s safe to say that the Wingstop application was made for people just like you. Here’s a place that managed to enter a market already congested in a huge way and yet come up with something fresh, different, and appealing on a whole new level. As of right now, Wingstop has not only managed to branch out across the nation with a over six hundred units, but is also one of the fastest growing businesses of its type in all of the USA. They’ve sold over a billion wings since being established in 1994 and today maintain a solid reputation as the kind of brand that knows good food and good service. Looking for job security and total satisfaction in the most dynamic environment imaginable? The Wingstop application really is just the ticket.

    wingstop application

    Wingstop Job Application Online

    As Wingstop operates largely as a franchise business owned and operated by private investors, there is no central Wingstop application hub as such. Instead, it’s a case of having to get in touch with the location you’re interested in and seeing what they have to offer.

    There’s a form by which you can get in touch with the company’s head office over at, which is extremely helpful if you’re looking to ask any questions at all. In addition to this, you can use the website’s locations page ( to find out exactly where your nearest store is located in order to begin your Wingstop job application.

    As stated, you cannot fill out a Wingstop application online as such, so it’s a case of visiting the store you’d like to work at and seeing what’s on offer. This, in some respects, is a pretty useful alternative as not only can you be sure that your application goes right to those who matter, but you also get to make the kind of first impression you would not be able to do if you were to fill out a Wingstop online application. You have every opportunity to have a positive impact on management and set yourself ahead of the crowd from day 1, so be sure to head down to the store with plenty of drive and confidence.

    You will also need to contact a location directly if you’d like to apply to be a manager, though you can find more information online if you fancy yourself as a franchise owner.

    Wingstop Careers and Income

    The vast majority of individuals who pen a Wingstop application form intend to join at an entry-level. Luckily, the majority of job postings that become available are for the position of crew member, which, for the most part, does not demand any specific qualifications or prior experience. As a crew member, you’ll be tasked with a variety of duties, which include taking and filling orders, cash handling, basic housekeeping, greeting customers, answering telephone calls, and basically keeping things going on the frontline. Hourly rates usually fall in at around minimum wage, though there’s always the chance of taking home a few tips too.

    It’s also entirely possible to begin rewarding Wingstop careers at management level, which, again, should be applied for in person at the desired store. Duties vary in accordance with the needs and requests of the franchise owner but will more often than not include things like staff supervision and deployment, ordering of stock, managing the store’s overall budget, and recruiting new team members. Salary depends entirely on age, experience, store location, and the nature of the post taken up, but $16,000 is standard as an entry point for supervisors, and full store managers could go as high as $50,000+.

    Apply at Wingstop – Basic Advice

    Wingstop strives to deliver so much more than the standard fast-food experience you can get anywhere. What is it that makes this brand stand out from the crowd? You are 100 percent guaranteed to be asked this question if and when you go along for an interview, so be sure to find out what makes Wingstop such a success, and be ready to share your thoughts.

    When you go along to apply in person, be sure to pick a time that ideally will not be too busy. Head over when it’s quiet and the staff—and perhaps the manager too—will have more time to talk to you and won’t be quite so rushed and stressed. In addition, enter with a positive vibe and an optimistic outlook, wearing smart clothes and with your CV in hand, just in case they invite you for a casual chat there and then.

    As you will be filling out something of a traditional Wingstop application form rather than an online equivalent, you need to be extremely careful when it comes to your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There will be no spellchecker present to automatically make the necessary corrections, so be prepared to put your all into it.

    Apply at Wingstop – Advanced Tips

    If this is to be your first job, don’t worry too much about the fact that you don’t have a great deal of experience. Instead, focus on the “people” side of the whole affair, and be ready to talk yourself up as just the kind of person to fit in with the brand. You’ll be asked what it is that makes you stand out from the other applicants, so be ready to answer.

    As the company is composed largely of franchise units, and there’s no central application service, there’s nothing to stop you from applying to several Wingstop locations all at the same time to bump up your chances of success. If you’re the right person for the job, make sure they all know about it!

    Wingstop Benefits

    As mentioned right at the beginning, there are really no benefits on earth that come close to those of job security, a bright future, and a role in a team that’s every bit as dynamic as it is ambitious. However, rewards and benefits go so much further here, and your application for Wingstop really could bring home some serious benefits.  Staple benefits include competitive rates of pay, discounts on menu items, extremely flexible working hours, medical plans, life insurance plans, and enviable retirement options for those going the distance.

    Things to Know About Wingstop

    With over two billion wings served, Wingstop is by far and wide the biggest and most successful restaurant concept of its kind in the United States.

    It isn’t all about wings either. The brand offers a wide variety of other menu items like sublime sandwiches and frankly fantastic fries.

    You can always try getting hold of a Wingstop employment application for a store that’s yet to open by looking at the website and seeing what’s happening in terms of future openings—a brilliant way of getting a foot in the door.

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