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    Red Lobster is more than just a restaurant chain – it’s an America landmark in its own right. Since the company’s founding, Red Lobster has taken enormous pride in using the freshest seafood America has ever known, in conjunction with the skills of world-class grill chefs to bring their patrons a unique taste of the ocean. Red Lobster is a name dedicated to bringing superb dining together with the lowest possible prices, all in a family-friendly environment that always feels like a second home. From a career perspective, the company proudly states that any Red Lobster application can be the first step on the road to a fantastic career in a booming industry. Even those starting out at the most basic of entry-level positions can be move up the ranks if they demonstrate the necessary skills and commitment. Red Lobster careers can be quite spectacularly rewarding.

    Red Lobster application

    Red Lobster Job Application Online

    As mentioned, the great thing about a Red Lobster application is that where you start job-wise can quickly change into something better. Servers become floor supervisors, cashiers become managers, and shift leaders become executives. Getting ahead at Red Lobster is entirely within the realm of possibility, even bordering on probability!

    Of course, the majority of new recruits apply to join at an entry-level position, filling out their Red Lobster application for the roles of servers, cashiers or general team members. However, if you have experience in the food service industry, have worked as a manager before, or have any relevant qualifications, there’s a good chance you could join further up the ladder. The Red Lobster job application process, conducted online, is the same for every role.

    All of the information you need to fill in a Red Lobster job application can be found at where you’ll first need to decide whether you’re interested in a management position, hourly entry-level work, or perhaps a role suited for college students. After this, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll be given further details including what the company generally expects of you, the benefits you’ll have access to and how to go on with your Red Lobster application online. Click on the “How to Apply” tab and you’ll be taken to a page on which you’ll be able to search for specific positions. Finally, to actually apply to a position, you’ll need to register an account – which is easy to do and takes just a couple of minutes. This will make all future applications easier as your information will already be saved in their system.


    Red Lobster Careers And Income

    There are three roles that make up the lion’s share of Red Lobster employment application forms received by the company – those being the roles of server, cook and manager.

    Of course, server roles are perhaps the most abundant as these individuals address the vast majority of day to day tasks on the front-end of the restaurant. Responsibilities include welcoming guest and showing them to their table, taking orders, serving drinks, taking food to tables, collecting dishes, taking payments, basic housekeeping, bussing and more. The good news is that no specific experience or qualifications are needed to fill out a Red Lobster application form for this particular role, though hourly pay rates vary in accordance with age and experience. 16 years old employees just starting out in the workforce may earn around $6 per hour plus tips, while those at the upper end of the scale may pocket $10 plus tips.

    Red Lobster is always on the lookout for enthusiastic cooks, both with and without industry experience. Cooks are of course tasked with preparing all meals ordered by customers, but they also perform other odd jobs like quality control, keeping tabs on cleanliness,and maintaining inventory. Generally speaking, cooks are paid around $10 per hour, but  that can go as high a $14 per hour.

    Responsibilities for management positions vary hugely, but for them most part include things like staff scheduling and deployment, handling complaints, controlling the restaurant’s budget, hiring new staff and ensuring high standards across the board. Those at the very top of the food chain can expect to take home a salary in the $50,000 per annum range, sometimes even higher.

    Apply At Red Lobster – Basic Advice

    The most important thing you must remember when it comes to submitting your Red Lobster employment application is that you are NOT applying for a fast-food job. Red Lobster is a full service and high quality dining experience and is a million miles from most fast food joints, so be sure to tailor your application accordingly.

    Feeding diners isn’t a difficult thing to do, but providing them with a great experience they’ll come back to time and time again is a different thing altogether. This is precisely what Red Lobster stands for, so you need to be aware that it’s as much about the experience as the food itself. To fit in with the team and the brand, you’ll need to be outgoing, positive, confident and genuinely passionate for people – if this is not who you are, this is not the company for you.

    It’s in your best interest to eat at the restaurant a few times and try different menu items before completing your Red Lobster application online form, reason being that you won’t get very far in your interview if you try to sing Red Lobster’s praises only to reveal you’ve never actually tried the food. Find something you like and be ready to talk about why you like it.

    In the same vein, it’s crucial to know exactly what happens in a busy Red Lobster restaurant and how staff keeps everything moving. This can be done by visiting a restaurant during rush hour and paying special attention to what goes on with staff. As soon as you know what’s expected of you, you’ll be in a better position to apply.

    Apply At Red Lobster – Advanced Tips

    Prior to your interview, make sure you establish the answers to a few questions you are guaranteed to be asked. Why did you choose Red Lobster as the place to apply to? What is it about you that makes you the ideal candidate? Where would you like to see yourself in five or ten years from now? You don’t want to script off any robotic answers, but you need to be prepared.

    You might be asked to take part in some kind of role-play during your interview – they may ask you how you would sell a particular item or how you would diffuse an argument. You need to be both willing and enthusiastic when it comes to taking part – this is no time to crawl into your shell!

    If you’re short on experience and qualifications, focus on your character traits that make you perfect for this kind of work – they might prove to be of even greater value.

    Red Lobster Benefits

    The benefits you’ll be entitled to will vary with your age, experience and the position you take – and all can be found via the Careers webpage. However, all employees, including those at entry level, may be offered excellent pay, flexible working hours, paid vacations, discounts on menu items, health coverage, life insurance, disability insurance and more. A simple Red Lobster job application form that takes just a few minutes to fill out can open so many doors, it’s not even funny!

    Things To Know About Red Lobster

    It’s always possible to tip the balance in your favor during your interview simply by knowing a few additional details about the company that your competition may not know.

    For example, Red Lobster dates back to 1968 when the very first restaurant opened in Lakeland, Florida.

    As of right now, there are over 680 Red Lobster restaurants all over the US and Canada, while each year brings new locations and the expansion of existing restaurants.

    When applying to Red Lobster for company roles, you’re applying to part of the Darden Restaurants group, which also owns Bahama Breeze and Olive Garden.

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